You retards realize PBoC is 100% happening right?

You retards realize PBoC is 100% happening right?

You know Jim Breyer the billionaire VC investor who is balls deep into Vechain as one of the only 2 crypto he personally invests in and suggests to his clients? Why do you think that is? Let’s take a look at his wife Angela Chao the director of the Bank of China. He knows PBoC is happening and his wife is the inside info

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who cares what the NoVen thinks, let them sell, doesn't really matter

comfy as fuck

Sell sell sell
I’m not Indian
Sell sell

I'm all in on VEN thanks to the FUD campaign


jfc i have 1/100th what you have and feel nice. are you constantly hard?

Check out the tweet. Amazing find.

Comfy af

Funny part is:
They aren’t “Noven”/“NoCoiners”
They are poor versions of whales
Spreading coordinated FUD in order to accumulate.
Normies and weakhands can’t control themselves...
Don’t make me use the word “pajeets”, please

its not even about the money. i just dont want to work for someone else anymore. if this hits $20. im quitting my job and just living a modest life.

This is fucking BULLSHIT. What happened? Why is VEN crashing? I thought we were going to see some fucking gains. Fuck you if you said that this would 10x or 100x. Yeah. Right. LAST TIME I TAKE ADVICE FROM ANYONE ON REDDIT AGAIN.

So much for that. I'll HODL until the rebranding, but if this shit doesn't pull a NEO, I'm dumping it all. Unbelievable. So much growth and for what? To have it all wiped out in a few hours? Horseshit.

Where are the gains? Where the fuck is the moon?

ho lee fuk

Let me hear your accent poor Pajeet

holy shit are you that fucking short sighted or am i getting trolled?

it 5xed in a month holy shit calm down

Big if gigantic!

Sell and Gtfo faggot

True true true dear non Indian friend, just like me, not Indian
He’s selling it, do it too

Loving this fud

Reminder that:

> Fortune named Breyer one of the 10 smartest people in technology, and the smartest investor in technology (2010)
>From 2011–13, Forbes has ranked Jim Breyer number one on the Forbes Midas List of Tech's Top Investors
>In 2014, Breyer was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by Venture Capital Journal.

stay in poverty motherfuckers

Got some insights.
Just fuckin hodl VEN.
EOM 'll be epic.

good thing pboc and bank of china are completely different pajeet

Great info user, if this guys in vechain regardless if PBoC happens why the fuck aren’t you biz? This is why biz is poor

Currently have 2k VEN worth $11k ish

Thinking of selling my 250 OMG about $5k for VEN since OMG has been steady and winter really do anything until Q3.

Currently about 30% in VEN. Doing this would put me about 45-50% in VEN.

I already know the answer but need to be coddled about my decision.

Yeah you're correct to enter VEN. Good time now as well with this healthy dip before leg up.

No shit retard but if you think his wife wouldn’t have inside information you’re a complete brainlet

Just go ALL IN. Diversification is a meme. I got my Mjolnir Masternode ready to go. Should give me a nice passive income.

Can you link the infograph showing how many VEN for each type of node and the resulting payouts? I saw it a week ago or so and never saved. Ty in advance

Here you go

Samefag here. Kicking myself for not getting a node when I got in at $1.30, but still considering sacking up and just going for it. Would literally be all in for me right now and I hate the idea of not being able to chase moon missions with at least 1btc on the side. Does it make sense to just go all in to get exactly 10l VEN and just sit on it for a year?

U da man


The moon mission that will be Vechain once this news is official will make everything else in crypto seem like babby shit

The fomo will lead to the biggest bull run in crypto history

we're gonna bounce back
r-right boys?

Yes pajeet

If this wife thing isnt just a meme seems like the PBC is only rumor.
Even for crypto its some serious insider trading.

It isn’t, and crypo is the Wild West, strap in bucko

The world fucking lives off of insider trading, what planet you from? I'm getting pretty sick of the FUD, SELLLLLL, I'll gladly buy your bags even for +10% market price
Some people just hate money lmao

Ive just managed to scrape together 2k Ven.

Were going to make it.

And if the news is shit? We will see the exact opposite

Pretty obvious his wife is giving him insider info that's why he's so deep in.

Literally retarded if you don't buy VEN desu.

Ooohhhhh fuck. It's time to all in isn't it? This is it.

What if it’s the opposite of the opposite
Get in or stay poor

Sunny said the news this month is bigger than the Chinese gov partnership, he said it will blow our minds I’m pretty confident in what it will be even if it’s not pboc user

I'm pretty sure its going to be Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu (BAT). which is fucking insane. or at least alibaba. I think we can expect some fucking massive international partnerships before pboc announces that its partnering with them, which i personally think that they will having done a bunch of research. it makes sense. it will either be that or HPB, but I guess HPB is partnered with Vechain as is.


She's an independent director:
Begun to serve as Independent Non-executive Director of the Bank, member
of the Audit Committee, member of the Risk Policy Committee and member of the Connected
Transactions Control Committee of the Board of Directors of the Bank.

Can someone explain how PBoC would use VEN?

I would literally take just BMW rn 2bh

To print money for those who hold ven

no shes not, stop lying

She's in BANK OF CHINA, not PEOPLES BANK OF CHINA you absolute retard. Still owned by the regime ofcourse, but not tied to peoples bank of china.

And ?

That's good because I hold VEN. Can someone explain how though?

Guess you missed this retard I’m well aware and never once said she worked for pboc... but if you can’t connect the dots then you need to be hospitalized

Qr payment processing I believe

Ok well i'm a little less concerned. Crypto so everythings sketch more or less. I have been in for a good while. Before the last couple weeks of pumping which have been fun. I do worry about too much chinkyness sometimes in these eastern coins.
Not going to ever sell since I want that sweet sweet Thor though.

They are standardizing QR code payments later this month. Every announcement Vechain releases basically inaugurates a whole new scope of their project that nobody had anticipated before. Nevertheless, there has bene ample suggestions that Vechain - more than just being used as a currency - will also function as a mode of payment at some level. While this is already the case somewhat (they are making physical exchanges for goods that use QR-code payments with VEN to pay for goods as well as authenticate them) - it has been suggested that they are looking to implement this at a wider level. They said the Vechain app will be much more than a wallet - I'm expecting Wechat integration, identification and much more. They also said that it will work with handheld terminals so yeah, speculate as to what that means. Also, they have the whole Bitocean partnership and a lot of projects in the pipelines in Japan (as already stated by Sunny) - I wouldn't hesitate that Vechain will be the currency that China chooses to rollout as either their national blockchain or one of their blockchains.
I think we can expect some adoption in Japan as well.

Great info

Why would they need users hoarding shitloads of VEN on their wallets other than make suckers FOMO early as much as possible? This combined with the whale sell walls make for some shady shit.

t ven holder

To get this fucking baby into outer space, that's why.

Thanks, would seem to back up this news article as well?

Best case I’ve seen is to keep the price suppressed so as many as possible can secure nodes and improve the network and lock up as much ven as possible


I really want to buy as much Ven as possible as I'm holding none. Should I buy it right now or wait for some dip?

this is the dip


what they said

Jim Breyer is also best friends with China's president

its currently dipping monkeyman

currently 40/60 eth/ven

seriously considering 100% ven during this dip

I think its just fomo though, this coin really has my emotions all fucked up more than anything else in 5 months of trading, except for bitcoin cash (emotion: hate)

You know he has the presidents war and the president respects his input, vechain is 100% on the president of China’s radar...


Jim breyer is the james franco of Kim jong un

>he doesnt realize VEN is just this month's hype coin and will fade away like ark, omg, wtc and other shitcoins

god fuck I have 5 eth just sitting there...I know eth will x3 in q1 or even more, but ven is such a fucking siren

maybe just a tiny bit more ven cant hurt...

i have 1k VEN am i going to make it

>implying the hype has even begun

>pink ID virgin shills shitcoin

>green ID recognizes the hype is over

checks out

How to you measure that the hype is over? Is the hype over because you missed literally every coin you stated? Is the hype over because you never invested in VEN and missed out?

This board is full with disgusting pajeets.

Yes, that is the general connection. A little more murky now that mainnet isn't releasing until June - but the article states that they are going to trial it in April - which would give time before mainnet. Vechain is also partnering with the top 2 NFC chip makers in the world, which is fucking huge. Look up what an NFC chip is if you don't already know.

Whether or not PBoC is true, this project is absolutely insane. Still a great buy at this price imho as I see it potentially doing some ethereum level shit in the future.

And I personally think that the PBoC rumor is true. If you do research it is very clear that the Chinese state is using this as an incubator project for logistics for the entire country - Vechain also translates to OneChain or OnlyChain in Mandarin. Given that they are using it for logisitcs and vechain consistently releases entirely new sections of their project which people didn't even imagine before (intellectual property being the most recent for example) - I don't think PBoC is all that unlikely.

>2 billion market cap
>No normie hype needed
>Hype is over

Imagine being this retarded

please do not bully me like that again

yup. literally if you research this coin and read/watch as much as you can about it you'll realize this is the only thing out there which can pull a run like eth. expect at least a neo type run imo.

he probably sold at 43k sats and is desperate for a dump lel

The rumor is that there is a lot of counterfeit money out there. So much, people just print it in there homes.

There might be a qr code on each banknote to prove it's legit

so a VEN node will be an actual money machine.

A ven node will be a lot of people’s retirement plan in a few years

you get VET passively without a node, so 1 VET per day s like 2386 VEN or something. I have enough for 2 VET a day after I sell a portion for profit and that is comfy enough for me. I couldn't get a node :(

i have 29k VEN am i going to make it?

I have 7 ven, am I gonna make it?

no sorry.

I have 666 VEN will Satan help me make it?

stop fudding waltoncuck

Only if you convert it into trx Justin money


Wabi bag holders are clinically insane