somethings brewing lads...

finally it stopped tanking

Whales buying. Veeky Forums is going to kill themselves once they miss another easy 10x

All the weak hands have been purged, get in.

If you are reading this just hold, after it goes up above 30k sats we aren't going to let it drop below that point again.

Who da fook is dis guy

please be real...maybe i can escape poverty tonight

get the fuck in here
its still not too late

whats the real market cap anyway? doesn't show on CMC

17 million circulating supply x current price of $3.54= $60.18 million market cap

Comfy with 500 AIX

Pls be real

its pumping!

All aboard motherfucker

I want to believe but iv been fucked before. Lets goooooo

ty daddy

I just want everyone to make some money, sorry to the people who bought in early doing our best to fix the price back to where it was yesterday.

TY user. Lets moon!

TY user, what's target today? I haven't sleep in 24h already, I just want put a sell order and make some ez gain

I bought in early, up a tiny bit now so thanks

If I told you that It wouldn't make it there, but we are aiming for close to yesterdays high in the coming day.

What reason do we have to believe you?

Already dumping

Holy shit my bahold through the depths of hell are actually paying off

Back up again

Last chance to get in

None this is the internet, take my advice as you would anyone else's. I just don't want the coin to die as I would lose quite a bit of money as well.

We are all on the same ship, so lets take this ship to the moon, together.

Scam coin scam coin

If we just get the volume and change up more on Kucoin the normies will follow

If the 19 ethereum sell wall goes away I'll believe it.

Just give us a head up(like 10s) if you start dumping user

I don't really dump I just put up smaller sell walls, I'm going to be a long term holder in this coin, I believe in the company.

Go read the website and try the working demo

Going UP now

lmao why is this a scamcoin
theres so many scamcoins
I bet u got burned on the dramatic entry dump

This is your last chance to get your coins under 30k take it while you can, if you want to get out get out now I could use some cheaper coins.

There my niggas at, Aigang or no gang
Chain hang with my gang gang

Got my 30 clip, let it bang bang

Fuck this bigger whale.


This is a proven scam from a scummy discord group I'm in. What happens when they suddenly decide to switch coins? There's no tech here. It dumps on all you fag bagholders that didn't believe us that it's a scam. Buy at your own risk and don't cry with your bags.

just bought in, hodl for how long?

whale fight!


What are you aiming for? 10% probably later tonight now with this new whale, 50% once the whale fight is over, 100% a week 200% 2 maybe 2.5 weeks.

no user. WHALE WARS.

Not mine. I have a few sell walls but only 500 coins each at 37-39k

stfu, old pasta
seen it

copy/paste trolls deserve death

>"proven scam"
>posts no proof
your type are so faggy

I just fucking fomo'd high

not selling tho

IoT + insurance + China???

HODL for dear life on this one boys

I think Im going to out, fuck that whale, ruin the fun for everyone


>20 shillpoints have been added to your account

go away already loser

DBC bag holder detected

tell me i'm wrong

Be patient this whale will be an asshole for a few hours now, don't sell, buy only if it goes to 25k just wait for this whale to get tired then we can keep going up.

He will lose interest and be forced to let the price goes, up I'm not going to pump the price again until that wall is down, So for the time being peace out. just hold this coin, it is worth more than what you own it at and that is why the whale is trying to get you to sell it to him.