The Deep Brainlets will have the last laugh. 1 dollar end of night

To me Brainlets! HOLD THE LINE

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Bags are too heavy. Died due to exhaustion

5 cents eom

>Tonight we dine at 0.2

Been dumping all my shit into DBC during the dip. Double the toilet visits. Better double my money.

i-i'm losing strength....50k bags are heavy......

Ive missed moon missions holding on to these brainy bags. Ught at 10cent so no big deal.

Follow the extreme FUD and thats where moon missions will go.

Newfag that got burnt hard on this from the shill threads 3 days ago when in mooned a bit.

My fault. Take your time, Do your own hard research, And don't get Pajeeted. If anything hold some eth until you find something good, But don't rush into anything.

Straighten that back soldier!


You pajeetd yourself fomoing.

Yes. Buying into hype is a bad rookie mistake and I've learnt my lesson. Just want this fucker to hit $0.60 so I can make back a bit of what I've lost





You got some nice girls in your ho folder partner

shoulda fuckin sold at 60 cents. fuckin HATE holding. can't wait to daytrade more

HODLing like my life depends on it

"Just sell, it doesn't matter if its at a loss. You'll be able to trade soon if you just sssssssell"

$1 by tomorrow. Selling right now would be the absolute dumbest thing you could ever do

>went up against 10,000 sandniggers with 300 feta males
nice, just sold 100k

perfect! haha

I'm 100% in on DBC, so no FUD here, but what makes you say that? I've been seeing that for 3 or 4 days now that "today we go to $1" but it stays at 38c

>1 dollar end of night
How the fuck?!?!?!

Are you just shills?

Veeky Forums told me this will moon but it it no moveeeeeee up

Probably going to hover around .3-.4 for another week.

but muh fistnigger shill threads

that fuckface better be right about this coin

I don't know if this will go up to $1 tonight, but the Disney news changed the tendency. So I believe we'll start seeing some recovery over here.

Guys, cut your losses and get the fuck into AIX immediately. It's also on Kucoin

Got a link to this shit show? So I know what shit coins to avoid.

looks good bro, preesh. gonna dyor on it, good buy time

It's still overbought from the pump. Meme lines suggest you should be closer to .20. Alot of people bought in at .04-.08 and the ico was actually a penny. Anyone who paid more than .25 at most should have taken profit. Normal trajectory isn't giving you .60 for a few months. Just hold if you want to break even or sell when it occasionally pumps .10 on these rumors.

Bad advice

>unironically call themselves the brainlets
never gonna make it

DeepBrain being over $1 defeats the whole purpose of the coin. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this.

Use your brain people. Are you seriously going to fucking buy this over $1?

Of course they are. $1 tonight? lol, no fucking chance.

Appearently UPF, but I'd say any coin shilled extensively on Veeky Forums

As far as DBC is concenred I tell you, this IS NOT a quick profit. There is a massive sellwall on Kucoin's DBC/EHT trade, 9 million tall. There is another DBC/ETH sellwall on Huobi now, both of these walls are around 60c. This is extremely obvious even to a noobtrader like me. This is how I know that anyone promising quick profit is a shill.

>RSI at 51


Let me lift you brother

I read the white paper. Please explain

>RSI at 51
where did you find that?

>meme indicators
It already 30x in the past 2 weeks and has no news, no working project, and was pumped to fuck. This is a long term hold. I'm comfy at .04, but lets be honest here m8

I've seen this copypasta so many times in these threads. Nice try faggot.

What difference does it make how much individual token costs. Are you assuming that the cost of AI processing will be less than 1$?

It's a new meme originated by some antiBAT shill

>Overbought and Oversold Levels

>The most basic RSI application is to use it to identify areas that are potentially overbought or oversold. Movements above 70 are interpreted as indicating overbought conditions; conversely, movements under 30 reflect oversold conditions. The level of 50 represents neutral market momentum and corresponds with the center line in other oscillators such as MACD.

In KuCoin click "indicators" and select Relative Strength Index

>open any exchange
>go on coin
>open indicators
>select RSI or Relative Strength Index
>use your mouse to hover over the RSI graph
>Look at the number
>over 70 overbought / under 30 oversold

Holy shit kid, how do you not know about indicators. Have you used an exchange before?

selling this shit before link moons

you can teach people stuff without being an unlovable fuckwad about it


fuck everyone like you

pshhhhht... nothing personnel... kid

Listen to the memelines God CryptoLain and cut your losses. Get the fuck into AIX right now! It's mooning!

Expecting a hand out just because you asked.

You'll never make it and if you find a wife she'll cheat on you.

>being this new on a mongolian knitting tutorial board

It's ok buddy, you'll soon get used to being called a faggot.

wew, the RSI was at 82 on Jan 9, just before the dip

Meh,...i t's Veeky Forums after all.

I didn't ask for shit

I was in it a few days ago, they are now shilling UFR till mid februari