Mfw i found the next 500x ico

>mfw i found the next 500x ico
Bros i dont know what to do with this. Am i ready for this wealth?

use it to learn how to not be a BITCH bro


what's the name?

you bought axpire? good man

Just tell us what it is. people here investing their lunch money won't hurt your gains but you'll get an army of shills

You can buy a rope and hang yourself with all that money

Im already in that but this one will blow axpire right out the water.

>op finds blow up doll
>bring doll to life
>he enjoyed it
>Mandela him

I see you like attention user. If you share it you get even more :D

help your biz bro out op!
what's the name?
also, is it out already?

To everyone who wants to know what it is. I cant say what it is for obvious reasons. I will say once im on the ground floor

the obvious reason is that you're a retarded kid who doesn't know what he's talking about and you have to borrow some allowance from mommy first

>Greedy fuck

This thread is gone from the homepage so you can tell it.

He is talking about the USI tech coin.


Tell me

Ok u fucks since biz has made me a lot of money im going to reveal the ico after i get off work. Make sure ur lurking all day or u might miss this once in a lifetime opportunity


Buy GEMS it's probably better than the shit that's coming out of OP mouth

This. Ive mentioned a few coins to biz and literal shill armies appear for you.

Spoiler: it's Matrix you dipshits
4 days left

but don't shill it until you fill your bags, this will go to fucking pluto


>it's another OP goes fishing for credible ICOs and retarded bizbros take the bait episode

these faggy "guess muh coin" threads should be bannable

How can u ban wut mods post

I told you im going to reveal after i get off work. Im too busy shopping for lambos

Must be nice living in NEVER LAND
We’ll call you when we get a break from reality

More like too busy sucking cocks for pennies faggot

Looking at their bitcointalk:
>Among the 70 billion people can write or speak, only ~20 million can do programing.
>70 billion people

This is mooning big time.

such a fat lip nigger

shhhhh dont tell them about adbank

noticed this with fun. saw a post that talked about fun being undervalued and then next week it blew up and is getting shilled everywhere