What the fuck is UPCoin?

What the fuck is UPCoin?
I'll tell you what it is. Straight up. It's yet another referral pyramid scheme a la KuCoin, even having the same kind of token as KCS where holders receive fee dividends generated and deposited daily. That coin is trading at less than 1/10th of a cent right now. But why? Because the fucking exchange isn't even open yet. It's got days left before it even breaks onto the scene, and if I've learned anything, it's best to hop on shit early and ride the beautiful pajeet and normie waves that are inevitable.

UI looks good, registration requires you to fill out a survey that inherently attacks all the potentially shitty things about current exchanges, which gives me reason to believe they actually give a fuck about their listings and how they go about business. If they list even the shittiest of shitcoins that are being shilled, you can guarantee people are going to flock to it. Don't waste time and just sign up. You get a $500 credit for exchange fees (notice how I didn't bullshit shill you by saying "OH MY GOD $500 FOR SIGNING UP GOGO") which is practically free money in the end when you're trading your dogshit doo doo coins for epic sick gains off the latest shill.

>implying you actually use the exchange and aren't just in it to ride the retard wave as I am

If they're doing the shit they say, like PrayPal deposits and withdrawals, credit/debit card purchases, and the such, this could put ConBase in the dirt, which we all would love to see deep down, because then normies are more free to pump their life savings into the shitcoins that Shitter and Leddit tell them to. Don't be wojaking up and down the board like you were when you were FUDding KuCoin's pajeet pants off. Get a move on retards.

I clicked a few buttons and now it says I have $500 on my account
what does this mean

Get those referrals going boys. This exchange seems like it will be pretty decent.
upcoin dot com slash ?ID=dd776150

Im registered but how do you buy the exchange coins?

from their site kek

tinyurl dot com slash justgetonupcoinalreadyyoudickhead

>if i have to explain to you how to replace and remove spaces from the link, you're too dumb to make money

Where to buy that 1/10th of a cent coin ??

I'm more interested in UpDog

man posting the referral link gets posts marked as spam lol
whatever that means
upcoin dot com slash ?ID=23060d90

Have to admit I keked at this too.

That's the $500 credit for exchange fees that will be used later in the game when the exchange is actually open. But I'm going to end up whittling through it buying the exchange coin considering those are obviously the profitable ones following KuCoin's lead.

Wait until the exchange is open. Goodness gracious.

Shit, I'd rather them find that out now rather than later. Plus at least they disclosed it, how much hack prevention testing have you heard about for other exchanges. Kek, this might be a shit mess but at the end of the day, since Veeky Forums is always fucking early to the party, we'll be the first to leave.

Current Roadmap for UPCoin Exchange:

>Team creation - June-July 2017 Completed
>Creating interface and exchange engine is being created - August-November 2017 Completed
>Research of market demand: 400 interviews with traders, finding out demands and common issues - October 2017 Completed
>Launch of Rest API & Socket API - October 2017 Completed
>Announcement and launch of pre-registration - December 2018 Completed
>Launch of referral campaign - December 2017 Completed
>Start of closed beta-testing - January-February 2018
>Closed bounty program at hackerone.com (security audits, Q1)
>Launch of exchange - Q1 2018
>Deployment of internal transfers - Q1 2018
>Margin trading - Q2 2018
>Deployment of automatic verification Q2 2018
>Registration and licensing in a jurisdiction with positive regulation of cryptos Q2 2018
>Deposit and withdrawal of fiat currencies - Q1-Q2 2018
>Mobile platform Q3 2018
>Launch of fiduciary management of digital assets Q3 2018

Do you know when the exchange is open ?

>wtf is up coin
Not much, coin, what about you?

Creators are aiming for a FairX style, and potential competitor, with possible fiat to crypto pairs, including alts and ICOs. Aiming for a starting listing of 1000 coins.

Yeah, you read that right fucktards. 1000 coins and ICOs. You won't have to scramble into street shitting exchange territory just to miss the moons and buy at an ATH anymore.


You bitchasses better be using my link.
tinyurl dot com slash justgetonupcoinalreadyyoudickhead

People obviously want to stay poor, even after watching KuCoin's dividend coin (KCS) doing fucking backflips to a near 100x

Are you the bit coin? I was told to contact you.


No way PayPal withdrawal is going to end well, at most it will be a limit of $500 a day or some shit like that.

That's what they're trying to circumvent. Likely though, for PayPal, they will be forced to limit it, but they're definitely against trying to limit the amount of money you can deposit and withdraw in a set time period. This could be good and potentially bad in some aspects depending on how you look at it. But allowing a FairX style fiat to crypto exchange with a multitude of ways to buy in is a pretty big deal, and if it all plays out, this is actually an exchange worth getting into early in case that happens.

Worst case scenario is that it all goes to shit and they sell your email, big whoop. But as far as I know, the only exchange that allows credit/debit card purchases is Coinbase, and that's assuming you can even call that an exchange. I'm thinking in the future when normies who are too stupid to figure out the mainstream trading pairs and are just going to try and buy into their favorite shilled shitcoin using their credit cards. That would be huge. Also looking forward to the fact that they're not going to be short in listing all kinds of coins for a better full access to the market, as well as ICOs. If things go as planned, nobody will have the excuse that they missed a moon mission because their exchange didn't list the coin. Plus with all those coins, liquidity and volume would skyrocket