omisego silently mooning...

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biz doesnt deserve omg

Get in before it reaches 23$

I love omg.

yes it does, and so do you

You should all really consider this easy money, moon incoming in next hour

Does this coin do ANYthing besides act as a currency? Isn't everyone clamoring to be the next "easy, safe, streamlined, decentralized payment method"?

There's nothing that makes this project stand out.

I have 3.3 OMG :3

No I don't see this mooning user

i gotz 2500 at 6 dollars sitting comfy

Its one of the only coins with a real financial valuation model.

Price = sum of expected future discounts gained by using it in transactions.

I dont have any but I appreciate that about it, inthink vitalik made this point

It does a lot more than a brainlet like you could possibly hope to understand.


It's a crypto fiat dex token that'll enable 1 million transactions a second, so kind of.

It literally does everything BESIDES act as a currency.

You fucking idiot

>four out of my five chins wobbled in excitation

I almost feel bad for you (((((I don't)))))
Go buy big blue brain coin.

>mfw only 500
feels pleb senpai

100 OMG minimum if you want to make it.
Veeky Forums doesn't deserve it.

DELET biz really doesn't deserve this

i have 700
by your calculations will i make it

bought 8 at 22.18

Only got 300. Not happy about then. When do I buy more?

Nice just sold 100 baht

we are not even sure even if 4k are going to make it

psshhh..hey kid,

OMG:Asia::RCN:South America

only 92. Feels bad

>OMG:Asia::RCN:South America
may you elaborate as I admit being completely noob and only following signals? I really want to learn..

>RCN:South America

Research yourself or stick to the signals. Fucking hell biz is fucked. If you wanna make it go buy a shit load of RCN. There's your signal.

What kind of price u expecting

Max 70c then a huge dump

If OMG doesn't hit $100 2018 I'll live stream cutting my dick off.

500+ EOY

Nice just bought 100k and cut my dick off

Reminder that in less than a year we're all going to have a small computer in our home that literally prints money for us.

1 OMG = 1 money printer

It's time boys.

This is the most frustrating hold I've ever had
Been in since 3$
What a fucking waste of time

-2% is not mooning you retard


OmiseGo is at an all time high on Google trends.



op lies as always

dont shill a coin with working product pls.

That is rough. For context, when you bought at $3, what was the value in sats/gwei?

>when you bought at $3, what was the value in sats/gwei?

No clue, don't care I'm at ath in sats
But fuck omg

what working product? not even a wallet yet.
muh sdk beta testing, muh plasma

If you can't see why this is the blue chip coin to hold then by all means keep chasing pump and dumps. Pajeet.

>If you can't see why this is the blue chip coin to hold then by all means keep chasing pump and dumps. Pajeet.
Fuck you nigger
I've been holding 1500 since 3$ longer than you.
now succ me fgt

OMG will have its time, and when it does, everyone will bow down and suck its cock

>doesnt have 4000 OMG.
>thinks he's gonna make it.

It fucking better
It fucking better

>>doesnt have 4000 OMG.
>>thinks he's gonna make it.

I hope that user is okay
Because these bags are heavy