Companies implementing Segwit, Lightning network

Companies implementing Segwit, Lightning network.

Fees getting obliterated.

Why the fuck aren't you all in BTC yet?

I've been slowly accumulating the last weeks on the dips just like everyone that isn't a complete brainlet. Gonna laugh at all the pink wojaks that will follow when we're on the bullrun again.

Segwit is a lie. LN is an even bigger lie.

> Segwit is a lie. LN is an even bigger lie.

Please explain these statements in greater detail.

>they still don't have batching

Why should he? Read into the theory of LN and you will find so many fucking flaws. Obviously everyone will find it epic when you try to shill it in one pic and sees random numbers.

DYOR I'm not your teacher.

I've researched both in depth. I don't understand how segregating the transaction witness is a 'lie'?

> just doesn't work. Believe me! I work with computers!

>why should I provide evidence for a claim when everybody already believes in what is being claimed?

expectations are kinda hard to meet sometimes. at least jesus died for my sins and I won't know about that till after I'm dead so I'll let you know about that fact when I'm dead. BTC will climb before then

Segwit isn't a lie. Segwit works as intended.
Lightning however will not fix anything, it just masks it and capitalizes off of it.

Did fees go down after segwit was implemented like core said they would? How many times are y'all gonna have the wool pulled over your eyes.

yep segwit was proven working by litecoin basically a year ago

it masks it from normies who don't give a fuck about the blockchain

>our shit is broken so we're forced to implement this terrible Segshit until people learn about BCH

>Blockstream Devs "Trust us, after segwit fees will be reduced because segwit is equivalent of 4mb block increase"
>Blockstream Devs "Trust us, after LN rolls out fees will be cheap and everything will fix itself"

I hope so, Bitcoin is fucking doomed but anything that can keep it on life support for a little longer is good, I need another year of this market to hit my goal.



Lightning network essentialy turns BTC into Ripple.

>thanks for bearing with us

why not just use any other coin? its not like anyone uses bitcoin for anything now a days, all vendors have stopped accepting it due to fees and shitty confirmation times

>makes [bold claim]
>heh, do your own research, I don't have to defend myself

>Does greentext
>instead of his own research

That's a nice gif.

>kek, DYOR