Menstrual cup and month long bleedout

MUH CUP AND HANDLE! It's fucking sad, really. Linkies keep repeating their "cup and handle" mantra when the reality is that LINK is officially on a downtrend again. We're looking at another 3 month bleedout, target is 45 cents. It's time to drop those heavy ass bags. I don't know how anyone is still holding this blatant scam. Do 15 minutes of research and you'll see that Steve Ellison isn't even a fucking real person and Sergey has a chronic issue with project abandonment. Word is he has severe depression and anxiety, hence the weight gain and inability to finish anything. I won't warn you newfags again, STAY AWAY FROM CHAINLINK.

I'll never sell my LINK to you. Go away!

Why does all Link FUD always seem to quotable?


*so quotable


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5/10, not subtle enough for effective fud.

This isn't FUD, I'm trying to help my /bizbros/ out. No one should lose their hard earned money on this shillcoin scam. They're better off investing in real coins with real futures, like XRP or TRX.

>real coins with real futures, like XRP or TRX.
You need to go back



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lmfao XRP or TRX. that says enough, you must really like the taste of chinese scrotum.

stopped reading at @ xrp & trx

the "this isn't FUD" FUD.

It's a truly sad state of affairs when Linkies stare cold hard facts dead in the eye and label them FUD. Chainlink has NO working model and won't have one for at least 4 months. They recently switched language and its become evident that Sergey can't even write a "Hello World" script in GO. What really made me laugh was the numerous job adverts in the EOY blog-post - as if speculators needed any further proof that Sergey and his pet monkey had made absolutely 0 progress asides from paying a handful of Fiver pajeets to clutter this shithouse with link shill threads like OP. I could throw a dart at the top 100 list and whatever it landed on (impossible to hit LINK lol) would outperform this shitcoin 1000x in the next year.

stop posting this in every thread retard

I love it all. Looks like someone's been paying the fud shills. Been buying every time it hits below $1. 95k reporting in.

This coin is absolute shit

5/10 not subtle enough for effective fud

LINK nocoiner here but I JUST LOVE LINK MEMES AND FUD. Going to buy as soon as possible this shit is making my sides hurt.

god bless sergey for scamming and robbing these retarded neets