>Being a libertarian

lolololol I'll bet that "journalist" knows all kinds of shit about economics and what libertarians don't know about it. lol

>the washington post

whats a librarian?


>The first thing they don't understand is that money isn't just a store of value. It's also a medium of exchange,
Something can be a form of currency AND be a store of value, while something can be a store of value and not a currency (and vice versa)
>Which, if it ever did replace the dollar, would bring the economy to a halt while everyone stopped buying anything other than the essentials and waited to become bitcoin millionaires.
no evidence of this happening in history ever
>To stop that from happening, you'd need to be able to increase the supply of bitcoins as the demand for them did. This is more or less what is known as “printing money,”
the infamous "well lets just print more money!!! the economy will collapse unless we print print print"
>they don't get is that trust makes economies more and not less efficient.
no one trust the governments you retards thats why crypto exists in the first place

and then the article goes on to shill for increasing the block size
there is no fucking escape from the jews, rich, rulers, powerful or whatever else you want to call them
we are going to be slave for eternity

This was retarded he said like one thing out libertarian economic theory and spent the rest of the article talking about the negatives of Bitcoin itself like that wasn’t already known.

Not to mention he said that money can’t be a store of value. I could use gold as a store of value or currency. This article is retarded

typical wapo
take a shot at people who dont want government? check
take a shot at the biggest threat in human history to the central banking system? check

The real slaves are the ones that dance like puppets. I like your summery.

underrated kek

This only exists to create bait threads on Veeky Forums and identify retards

>reading something called "Wonkblog"

He better come up with something academically proven

t. econ student

The only crypto thing is teaching them is that the game is (((rigged))) by the big players and free market is a lie.

It will just speed up the inevitable transition from lolbertarians into third-positionists.

/pol/ stop trying to shove politics down my throat, just because they regard crypto it doesn't mean I give a fuck. I just want to make gains in peace, please. I unironically don't even know what a libertaian is.

Nah. nobody in crypto seems to know shit about econ. Probably not as bad as "I took econ 103/105 and think that its all there is to it!" libertarians.

If you think something can only be a store of value without a second use case to ensure the value is maintained then you are delusional.

well sure, but it doesn't need to be a currency. If I buy 1000 lbs of iron ore, that stores value too even though I'm not going to use it as money


>Another deflation will stop people from buying goods episode

It teaches us the jews always fuck us over?

So butthurt by Trump's election victory that Washington post came up with a butthurt slogan

Just bought 100k

>Democracy Dies in Darkness
thas rayciss

Fuck the kikes

whenever prices are going down I never buy anything. I just wait until they are back to ATH and then FOMO in so I can see where they're coming from.