Passive income

What are some sources of passive income one can set in motion with low to moderate amounts of effort? I've heard some anons here program ad scripts or somesuch that makes them "beer money" but I'd like to try something a little more stable and effective.

Before anyone says it: yes I have invested in some crypto and no I don't have enough cash to go buy a parking lot.

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C'mon fagets stop pink-wojaking for a minute and let's have some actual discussion.


What the fug is that?


Stocks that pay dividends. If you can't program something (that will be automated and hands-off) the only way to get passive income is through investment

You can also own real estate and generate income through rental, but that's not very passive. Tenants always require work.

Set up a Masternode. Earns passive income without using excess power like mining.


Start businesses? The term passive income means different things to different people. I'm slowly building an online empire of small scale businesses that I eventually connect to cross-polinate audiences and share traffic. Right now it's very hands on but as time goes by it'll become increasingly passive. Although the size of it will mean there will still always be issues to solve and problems requiring my attention. But my first goal is making 3-4k a month comfortably, working a few days a week for 6-12 hours a day. Then I find my next goal.

ARK coin, buy it, put it in the wallet, register with delegate, get passive income every day/week/month.

This is the obvious one. I think I will actually learn how to do this with my old shitty laptop.

I once thought about getting into real estate but I don't feel like it would be fulfilling for my personality type. Been contemplating learning programming though, what sort of things can I do with that?

I was in the other passive income thread so here's what I said over there. I'm so glad we're talking about stuff other than crypto for once so I want to keep both threads alive.

>iOS app branded as a "cryptocurrency toolkit," has tickers, profit calculators, portfolio, and a forum, not out yet but I'm working on it as we speak.
>tai-lopez-esque website targeted towards high schoolers/college kids teaching people how to start businesses for cheap; each course either costs $15 or you can get a $35 monthly subscription.
>I have a website that offers free graphics templates for churches, all they need to download is an email. Sell the email list, populate the sites with ads.

My REAL job is website design and social media management, but for social media management I just schedule 10 tweets and facebook/instagram posts a week and still get paid $500 a month per client.

I want to get into even more, what are you guys doing for passive income?

Masternodes obviously

Save and buy a crypto miner. You can easily get $500 or more / month.

Whats the best type of miner. Should mine Eth or some random shitcoin?

yo how do I setup a mining operation on a shitty old laptop

Unironically this.

The COSS coin on the new exchange pays out 50% of fees to all COSS holders every week, forever.

It's a pretty new exchange, but if you have some capital put into the coin you could be getting some serious returns since the COSS coin is cheap right now.

nah bro mine on your phone!

Dunno if that's a good idea, my old shitty laptop was getting $0.02 a day!

It was a laptop from 2011 and had a Nvidia GT420M. I thought it would be worth more than that!

yo how do I setup a mining operation on a shitty old smartphone?

wouldnt a laptop be better it has more power

CEFS. Cryptopia userbase will only grow from now on as normies flood in and start buying shitcoins which are 90% + of what's listed on Cryptopia and you get 4.5% of their revenue. You got around $100-200 per one CEFS in December but the volume should be at least double if not triple with the influx coming in this month and the next. Consider the trading volume for Cryptopia is similar to that of Kukoin and the fact that CEFS wasn't even listed on CMC until a couple of days ago due to low volumes and it's dipping now following the market correction. I'd say jump in either COSS or CEFS now. There are only 6300 tokens so even owning one will hold immense value.

phone is fine, youll get about $500 a month if you mine around 4 hours each day

Dude too much hype is in mining now its not so profitable with a smart phone. I've been mining for precious metals with my phone and it pays ok but my phone is like really smart.

So can I make 500 a day mining precious metals if I upgrade to a smarter phone? Got any good guides?



FlypMe (FYP)

>shapeshift-like exchange, except not run by jews
>easy to use for normies
>50% profit sharing
>profit off normies
>only 28m market cap
>volume increasing every month, Oct: 16btc, Nov: 42btc, Dec: 168btc, first WEEK of january: 100btc

Yeah its all about silver, I know its cheap now but its going to go up x10. But thats all I can tell you, stop asking me to do the work for you, mine your own business!


thank me later

yea looks legit I'm googling it now. Hard to find good info tho DYOR

>Been contemplating learning programming though, what sort of things can I do with that?

a lot, but you have to be willing to put time in. Realistically if you're planing of passive income you best bet is making your mobile app, so not only do you have be good at programming (objective C/swift for iOS, java for Android) you'll have to think of something people will want to use, and also market it. I've made an android game app that makes a good amount but it took a lot of work to get it up and going.

take the intro to programming course in python on, it's an MIT course and it's free, it'll give you a good idea if your cut out for programming and is a really good intro to the python language and programming in general