Want to work for myself but suck at life

do any of you own small businesses? how did you do it?

I'm a wage slave for a large company and I just can't do it anymore, I can't deal with the bullshit, I can't read documents I don't care about, I can't keep grinding my ass for someone else and they don't even have the decency to recognize my hard work.

I know I can work, nose to the grindstone, but I have no friends, no fuck buddies, no work friends, I can't stand networking and hardly know how other people do it anyway.
My parents were wage slaves and I have no exposure to small business owners beyond being a customer. I don't know how they do it. Every time I ask google how to start a small business I get vague "just go for it"answers

I want to know more precisely:
1. what bullshit legal things do I need to get just for a business, any business
2. is there a way to "practice" just to see if I can do it without sinking a lot of money into legal stuff or a building or other similar costs

My first idea is freelancing as a software engineer, and if I go that route it absolutely will not be the kind that is just an employee by any other name but someone who works in their own office (maybe at home), not their office. My computer, not theirs. My source control, not their shitty source control and junky ass tools. My process, not their null process

alternately the thing in meat space (talking to physical people) I'm most comfortable doing is tech support/repairs/etc...

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I forgot about salad fingers. That guy was a creep.

Entrepreneurs are, in vast majority, children of rich parents.

They aren't special in any way. Don't be hard on yourself.

I'm running a cellphone and laptop repair center in russia.

It's tough as hell, because I don't repair myself and most of the time I can't control how my workers do the job.

The most important thing in this stuff is finding customers. By the

I was going to berate you for being a software engineer and not being a millionaire in crypto by now but then I felt bad so I’m gonna give you the actual answer.

Look through this podcast to find episodes related to your interests.

Im starting a craft beer business, its hard work, but still live with parents so dont have to worry about making it quickly

By the time you quit your job and rent an office or whatever, you'd better be sure that you already have orders and you will get paid.

Remember, there are a hundred other guys with more exp out there that will try to capture your customers

>freezes to death mid sentence.

This could be you OP

The phone laggy, i'll have to write small sentences

this still tells me nothing. I know how I approach things, I need to see the details, that's the problem. I'm afraid I'm going to accidentally brake some tax law or something and end up worse than just quitting my job and doing nothing

I own the smallest company on Veeky Forums. One man show, all I do is install screens on people's gutters. It was all very easy, now instead of working 5 days a week for some douche contractor I can work 3 days a week and make the same money. I did it because its easy, I'm a lazy fuck.

It also will improve your skills and you will meet a lot of people who work in this sphere with you. Because most of the time you

Also I never grew up with entrepreneurial goals or construction background. Gutter installation was my first job, I learned how to install the screens then immediately quit and started my own company.

find a business that solves problems
find a business that noone is doing
it really depends how much startup capital you have.
Most importantly find what you love to do. I love to make money but don't focus your business on this. It will eventually fail. Its going to be rough at first and if you don't love it you'll most likely give up. Do something meaningful
I started with a computer repair shop as well, sold it 5 years later,making great money but I wasn't loving it. Now running a company developing products that I love so much.It drives me.
If you need a mentor bro or more help email me at getbjacked @ gmail (ill send you my real email thru that)

not all software engineers are the same. By the time I learned about bitcoin it seemed kinda shady and expensively volatile. Thats one of those things you take a huge gamble on if that's an "investment". Great that some of you won that game but don't true investors (not the kind with future vision), investing in legit things, have some sort-of legal protection?

besides I'm in the world of embedded. Its what I learned in school and its what I do for work. I do have a toe into mobile development on Android, but I've never been interested in web stuff

Fuck, sorry guys, Android keyboard just switches off

You will meet people much more experienced than you, because most of the time you won't be able to complete the work yourself, so you will have to pay them, so they will help you to get the job done

Sounds like that phone repair business is going well for you Dimitri lmao

How would you go about leveraging your experience trading crypto to get a job as a market researcher or something for crypto. I'm starting to see positions like this but they're mostly in the usa and I'm a fucking leaf

That's true. If you don't love the sphere, you will give up eventually.

I'm looking for the way to give up repairing shit, cause it gives me nightmares, but am not very smart, so don't know what to do instead

in the end running a business is the most rewarding thing in the world. It teaches you so much about yourself and life. You meet tons of people, you gain connections which in return can expand your portfolio of opening several businesses. Not only do I have my company I own,but I am also starting up a nonprofit (don't get discouraged by "non" theres money) Theres so much you can do the limits are endless through hard work.

Idk, probably my keyboard app don't work correctly with 4ch.

Fuck you anyways, smartass. Guess your biggest achievment in life's that you're waking up in the morning, isn't it?

Agreed. But it's tiring af most of the time. And uncertain also.

Repair really is a nightmare. Im not very smart either but we both are way smarter than the average. We were able to create something out of nothing. I didnt know shit about computers when I started out but my dumbass learned through exp. If you want to ever brainstorm shoot me an email. I love to work on new business ideas with people

I agree since sometimes you will literally work for free. Another reason to love it until your established. Nothing is certain in life. Take risks because in the end we are all going to die. If it doesnt work out so what we are going die anyways, try again. But if it does work out youll be rewarded with a great life.

Actually I will text you in the morning) will be nice to talk more

sounds good email is getbjacked @ gmail from there illgive you my real email or prob just phone so we can text. look forward to it bro

"real investors" weigh risk and reward and make decisions based on that. Implying people who bought Bitcoin or Ethereum early aren't real investors because they didn't have legal protections is a very narrow-minded view of investing.

Make sure to broaden your views of what is possible if you want to succeed in small business. It's all about grabbing edges that no one else is grabbing.

this all day

Learn how to delegate. Seriously. Are you going to look for every change in law and dig into a pit of stuff not related to your core business? What for? Just hire an accountant. It's dirt cheap for basic service and it's their job to keep the legal stuff of you. Think about it are you going to do a 2 jobs at once? Sure it costs money, but thanks to the fact that someone else is doing this dirty stuff you can focus on doing things that bring money!

email me too much to explain on tax laws etc and it varies by state
getbjacked @ gmail

There are a lot of qualities you need for running a business.
Almost all can be learned by doing

There is just one prerequisite:
>ability to work 12h per day every day including weekends for years until things are popping. AKA self discipline

You have that you can do it.

Warning: just like with crypto gains, turbonormies will start hating you if you start making it

t. self employed for 13 years.

10/10 reminds me of an old Veeky Forums post

Thank you all. I actually feel reassured

and I've started watching those videos thank you