Buy the dip thank me later

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FUN being over ten cents defeats the whole purpose of the project.

Use your brains people, are you really going to buy FUN for more than ten cents?

Please explain the purpose of the project I would love to know why you think this.

Can't tell if bait or just an actual brainlet

You do realize that you aren't required to buy a whole token in order to use it, right?

You're the brainlet, is this your first day on Veeky Forums?

Don't you mean, thanks me later? Pajeet

It's a copypasta you morons

thanked and thanked

You have too much faith in humanity

A-user? Can I come to the moon with you?

Choooo chooo
All aboard The fun train
Next stop


I just need to hit 40 cents to be happy Veeky Forums
Is that a good target for end of January mid feb?

I dont care what happens as long as we get out of this 1k sat shithole

all on board!

should i sell my poe for fun?

yes it's fun turn now

Look at the funbags on that one

February is the month of fun, best accumulate now


Already bought 7k this dip nig

>The ads have a slideshow of our FUN memes
hahaha holy shit

He's right, and if he didn't, I would've scolded those replying retards the same way. It's literally in every other thread (though yesterday it was even worse).

>tfw listened to biz
tell me, will I have fun biz?

Brainlet detected!!! Have you ever been to an actual casino IRL? Have you ever seen a table game with a casino chip worth less than 1 dollar?

1 dollar per token is the natural price for FUN because that is the lowest denominator of actual casino chips. Of course you can fractionalize it if you want to play slots or don't want to bet a lot of money.

But think of how easy it would be to scale this if 1 FUN token was also equivalent to the lowest denominator of Casino chip. Casino's would be able to understand and implement it much better.

Seems like a good team and an actual use and since my whole portfolio is basically betting on an ethereum takeover I own almost 1k tokens, debating buying more but all the shilling on Veeky Forums has me worried.

So what do you guy's think it'll be end of year? Like a dollar or two?

Funfair is Satoshi's original vision.


inb4 hurr durr $.010

Try 5$

if only if posting image macros with an icon on it actually increased said icons representation's value.

Realistically speaking the EOY price could be anything from 2 dollars to 10 dollars. It all depends on how fast the public accepts blockchain based gambling, and if FunFair can become the industry standard.
Conservative estimates should lean closer to the 2 dollar mark obviously.
EOM is probably .6 to 1 dollar.

Thanks. That was the kind of answer I was looking for. I'm planning to hodl for the long run but I've just been trying to figure out how much I should put into this coin.

Don't really understand how you can dislike the coin, it has the team and the product

>purpose poster

and the memes

>.6-1 EOM
The February announcement will only make FUN recover back to what it was before the crash we just saw. .18-.22 EOM

I dont think people understand just how big a few things are

1. The top 10 bitcoin casinos, not counting all the other bitcoin casinos, and gambling sites for other coins, process just under $150 million, $1.74 billion a year, just for the top 10. Funfair can 100% grab at least that much. All of these crypto enthusiasts will be using it + the market will grow. So that market plus whatever percent of traditional investment
2. The licensing fees are brutal for traditional software platforms. They range from the flat fee of anywhere from $100,000 - $300,000 and a cut of annual profits to the tune of 10-35% +
3. Cut of player deposits to payment processors 2-5%
4. Chargebacks

The cryptocurrency gambling sites are going to be jumping on this, which is a huge chunk, but look at the percentages of the cut that traditional online gambling sites are paying right now. Minimum minimum fees are $100,000 + 12% and that’s way below what they probably are. Funfair will be charging next to nothing for people to use it’s software. These companies will be coming onboard in droves because they will be saving millions of dollars. I think Funfair will achieve massive market penetration way sooner than people think, and a lot of crypto casinos will switch to it and pop up once they’ve made it available and people start hearing about.


Nice, just bought 100k

I unironically did

not touching it until 900 sats

Some pajeet is going to every coin with the same copypasta


It will never be lower than it is now.

That's what you said at 1200 sats pajeet

>He's waiting for it to go even lower than it was when the entire market crashed so weak hands could try and ride the ETH wave.

It would have bomb and get denied its license and not be adopted for it to go lower than this, at which point its not even worth investing in.


Let it go back yo 5000 again I wanna buy more

You're delusional if you actually think that's going to happen.

You've heard it already but this isn't a pump and dump coin, there have been no moons followed by huge corrections. If you think that 1000 isn't the floor right now then you're mistaken. 1100 would have been the floor if not for the crash.

So here's a stupid question. One of the appeals is that this supposedly allows you to have "provably fair" odds.

How do you actually prove that?

You can look at the game's code.

transparency of code

walk into a casino in vegas and all the slots and shit are programmed with specific odds.

FUN will provide transparency for the games you play on the platform so the publishers can prove their shit is fair. Current generation online casinos you are literally just trusting that they aren't assfucking you with rigged odds

God I love this pasta, thank you BAT fudders

Look up Satoshi Dice and you'll understand how easy it can be.

I'm waiting for the ZCL/BTCP fork then dumping my ZCL and going balls deep in FUN. I hope to god this happens before the February release.

I can't do much more wagecucking brehs.

I will be honest. I bought into FUN at .10 thinking it was a pnd. I did some reading on the coin and it proved itself to me. I know we will be at a minimum $2 in the year. There is a need to be filled with FUN.

Makes sense. It's interesting that people would gamble online without that kind of security. But then again, of the people playing these casinos, who would actually take the trouble to pore over the game code?

Just bought 1k tokens. I don't gamble, but it sounds like it has potential.

why now? is there pending news? this is what I got from my research

>The team will be expanding from ~30 to ~50 by Q1 2018
>Stefan Kovanch (headed marketing for PokerStars) will be joining as a brand/marketing consultant.
>FunFair has cash on hand to operate for one year. Additionally, they have an 85,000 ETH war chest in their reserves.
>The team will have the tech completed Q1 2018, with a rollout to a casino operator for a full casino launch Q2 2018.
>They're in the process of acquiring licenses to be a casino tech licensing entity in three jurisdictions: UK (home state), Malta, and Gibraltar.

still, not a bad place to enter for a trade to go to the upper value of the range it is in currently

It only dropped this low because of korean FUD you moron.


Literally everything dropped you twat. Had it not been for the Korea situation, we'd still be at the 18c floor.
An outside, unpredictable circumstance is not proof that the coin should have gone down

I also thought FUN was a meme shitcoin until I actually did my research, read the whitepaper, saw the team they had, and realized this is a solid, long term hold.

third 60-MA price rejection in effect right now, prepare to go up after.

and i bought 999 for like 17 cents, FUCK THIS SHIT

I bought at .10 and then bought more when it dipped after the korean FUD. Good job buying high friend.

February is when they sit down and discuss contracts, just hold it will be fine.

Filled my funbags at 980 how high we going lads?

Needs a fun token shopped in place of the sun

There will be a pump in response to the launch at ICE in early Feb.

Ready for takeoff


>Knew it wasn't going to go higher than 20 cents
>Wanted to sell but decided to wait until it was "more stable 20 cents instead of right on the line"
>It quickly plummeted to 18 cents then 14 cents
Yeah try being me for a day

I think I will wait until 850

what are price expectations by tomorrow?

the same it is now

buying at $0.14 is a good deal or am I too late to the party

This dip is a result of Korea FUD, we're already recovering. I'd buy now.


its a great deal


It will be $1 by end of march.

kek. she made me lotsa money

she is prolly my fav pajeeta

I mean, this is a possibility, I guess. But February is still a few weeks away, and FUN has yet to break it's uptrend on the daily chart. This is all without mentioning the fact that the only reason we haven't mooned again is because the price has been held down by whales for the past week.

i wish the whales would step off my neck

>those bushy eyebrows
imagine her vagene and armpits

Stop dumping faggots

it already mooned at some point?


have a good evening all, will keep FUN on my radar

It went from .04 to .08, then to .2 in like a week and a half.

This is a useless shittoken shilled hard by a discord group called "/shill/". they get points for every post and comment they make here, if they don't post every day they get banned. That's why there are FUN posts here 24/7.

it's not because so many ppl like FUN; it's jsut because 50 retards have to shill for it. ...most of the comments being positive about FUN are all from the same group.

>20 shillpoints have been added to your account

But really in the long term, the price being kept in check by whales means that they're accumulating, which also means they believe the coin is promising and it'll have strong support after jumps.

This. As frustrating as it is, it's a positive sign.

Posts by uninformed brainlets like this retard should be a reminder that you should not listen to anyone unless they have actual points and arguments for or against a coin.

"hurr durrr it's just a shitcoin being shilled!" isn't an argument and just proves you actually know nothing about this project or this coin on even the most basic level.

all i know about this shit is that it has a nice logo and good memes kek even put my virgnitiy to invest on it mad shit

See you when you FOMO at 50 cents, poorfag!