Hi guys

Hi guys
I have recently tried to get into crypto but jumped the gun and copied my friends who had a lot more money to invest in it than me.
As a result I have a small portfolio that started as £500 and is now £440, spread so thin over many coins.

I now completely realise iv fucked it and that these tiny amounts are useless.
How can I recover my portfolio, any help would be appreciated thanks in advance

spread between 2 strong coins and 1 risky,

don't sell your current alts at a loss.

NEO, ETH, OMG, VEN, LTC are relatively safe holds

godspeed mate

If you only have a small amount go all in on a coin you think will have gud gains. Diversifying $500 means you never make anything meaningful if one of your coins moons.

I mean where do I go from here to get to there tho, should I sell all my altcoins into ethereum for a bigger loss or wait until things are on the rise again, which should be soon? Il post my portfolio details so yous helpful people can see just how much iv botched it




You put it all into ETH and don't ever touch it until you want to cash out. Recommended because you're retarded and will lose more money otherwise, I also know you'll never choose this. OR
You spend weeks researching low marketcap coins and go all in once you've decided you've found an actual gem. It won't work because even although the coin will be good and your entry point excellent you'll sell after 2 weeks of not mooning and will find another way to lose your money. OR
You chain chase moon missions. You won't beat a hold ETH strategy but the hormone rushes will be more powerful and maybe you can even start growing as long as you manage to avoid PnDs.



so transfer everything into ETH right now? will i lose lots more from trransfer costs? No chance I should wait for everything to go green? thanks

all in on btc for the next 2 days then all in on fun

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go XLM, RCN, and OMG

You need more capital to work with period. Flip some burgers or something idk. Try to get at least 2k together...

Put it all in KMD or XZC and then wait a couple of months.

bump, still not sure if i should sell all this shit into ehtereum and bitcoin right now or not

Dump it into ETH and wait a month, and avoid looking at crypto news. Make more money to dump into crypto later. And never EVER FOMO into anything.

> so transfer everything into ETH right now?
No need to rush it really.

> will i lose lots more from transfer costs?
The problem here is that pairs to fiat will never happen on most of these coins so eventually you'll have to take the hit, it's just delaying it. But for example, you can keep BTC and save yourself from that.

> No chance I should wait for everything to go green?
You could give yourself a timeframe, let's say a month and put some limits of what's the lowest and highest you'll be holding coins while you wait for them to go green. Then in a month you trade the rest.

What matters is that once you feel you've fixed your portfolio if you're going to trade you trade with a plan. I don't think ETH is the definitive coin, but if you hold it until December you'll definitely beat the market.

Eth isn't going to go 100x anytime soon

He wants to get rich, not make 300 bucks

What do you think is going to go 100x?


I have I just wanted anothers opinion. Raiblocks and Neo seem safe bets to put money in besides eth and btc

Nigger both of those coins have mooned already

Look at the market cap ffs


We're talking rank below 500 on CMC. You gotta do your research and find gems. Not old coins that are dead, not scams or cash grabs, but coins with good teams and actual good use of blockchain

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