Am I going to make it?

23 year old NEET. Put 2k into ethereum last year before the bullrun. Didn't take my shitcoin trading serious until recently. Many mistakes were made.

As you can see, I'm holding almost entirely VEN/ICX. Biz seems to believe these will both 10x. Based on my own research and past trends, I would be inclined to agree, if not for the fact that such events would make me a millionaire. This whole thing seems surreal to me still. I feel guilty in many ways.

First priority is giving my father enough money so that he can work at his preferred pace (self employed carpenter), rather than licking the boot of wealthy homeowners 70 hours a week at age 60. 300-500k for that. I myself am somewhat of a minimalist relative to many of the posters I see here. I'd like to walk with a clean 1m after taxes.

I know I'm going to be absolutely reemed by the IRS, so figure I'll need 2-2.5m pre-taxes. Does that sound right? Will I make it biz?

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and yes, this will be on a hardware wallet shortly

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how cheap did you buy ICX/VEN?

Vechain good investment, sir.

ICX between 2.5-5 dollars. VEN at 1.70.

holy shit desu, if the chinks go down you'll crash down too, diversify not only tech-wise, but idea-wise (this has future because of what? privacy? security? speed? real world use?) and origin-wise too

this is an advice I got trading in small stock markets, and I think applies to crypto too

tl:dr sell tron when it goes up again and buy ADA, XMR, XML or something like that when they dip

put it all inside a hardware wallet and get the fuck out of Veeky Forums so no pajeet will FOMO you into something else, you're all set for EOY millions

You will know very soon if ure gonna make it. VEN and ICX have big stuff coming in Jan. Fucking hell that amount of ICX make sme hard

> at age 60
He doesn't need that much money, at least not all at once.

this is exactly what i referred to at and why are gonna make it, OP

Nigger avoid taxes by doing whatever you can
FUCK them bro. If it means doing shady shit, then do it. FUCK PAYING TAXES

user, since you have over 10k Ven, make sure to check out the masternode programme - it can provide you with good passive income in the future

well today I heard one of those things you never want to hear. My dad texted me and asked if he could borrow money. 3000 dollars. I'm assuming it's for my siblings tuition. I have 3 of them and they all attend private universities. Between them and my cunt of a mother, my father is being cucked hard. I don't think he'll want to retire. He needs something to do with his time. But I want to remove whatever burden is over his head right now.

Thanks. I've been here long enough. I can identify pajeets and restrain FOMO at this point. Will look into possibly diversifying though.

Not much I can do bro. I got in last year with coinbase/bittrex, never thinking I would get to where I am now. They have all my information.

When we learn more about how much Thor is worth I'll entertain the idea a bit more. Right now I'm making about 1k per week passive income through something else crypto related. Not sure how long it will last. I'd rather just take a lump sum and GTFO desu

So buy Monero and disappear

if I didn't have family I would 100%

You're a good son

>leaving 300k on an exchange

ahh your father is a carpenter just like jesus very nice
good luck to you

Jesus christ mate. Don't leave all this money on Binance. Exchanges can be dodgy. Look up what happened with Mt Gox a few years back. At least dump all the VEN into a MyEtherWallet while you think about what else to do.

My advice for investment strategy:

- Depending on your risk preference, think about cashing out part of it already now. Even $100,000 is already life-changing money depending on your situation.

- Sell most of the VEN and turn it into other coins. VEN is a nice project but it has gone up x30 in the last month which seems excessive. (But then I didn't buy into VEN last month, so take my advice as just one guy with opinions.)

- Put half of your portfolio into major coins: BTC, ETH, maybe one or two others. You want a reasonable balance between major and high-risk coins.

- Maybe overall split: 25% BTC, 25% ETH, 50% high-risk high-growth coins (like VEN, WTC, ICX, also think about XLM, IOTA. I don't know anything about TRX.)

- Think about buying some WTC. I think WTC has better fundamentals and less shilling than VEN, for a similar product. So better long-term growth possibility.

- And then try to hold each coin as long as possible. Think 6-month timeframes. XRP decreased (in satoshis) from mid 2017 until Dec 2017, and then suddenly spiked. This can happen with any coin with good fundamentals. Good luck.

I think you are going to make it, user.
Good luck

Exchanges are dodgy places. Mt Gox and also BTC-e. Look at the BTC-e website now:

Good luck getting your money back from there if you left some LTC on there a year ago.