How we doing boys? We gonna make it.

Were going back up but memories of almost $13 are making me impatient, regardless I'll obv hold.

feeling comfy friendaroo

Is the peak supposed to be before the mainnet?


750 icon reporting in. Plan on holding through 2018. Hope I make it boys.

Will i make it if i have 1000 of these kimchi smelling bad boys ?

3200 holding strong

That's actually pretty interesting. I'm not entirely convinced this will be a sell the news situation. With the summit coming up a few days later and the mainnet proving the power of this beast there just may not be a dip.

Time will tell. I'd expect a dip sometime in February tho

imagine if we had tron like marketing
we would already be at 20$
either way we are getting there

Long time REQ hodler wojack reporting in

The reason I sold my REQ 1 day before the huge pump was REQ's price never reacted properly to news. REQ constantly maintained price even with news coming out, then you know the rest almost 3x in 3 days.

My lesson to tell is that for some reason the value of a coin might be priced in 2 weeks before news, or might take weeks to be priced in for all it's past news. You have to have you're own idea of what the price should be and where it's at. Personally I think ICX will atleast be at $15 by Feb 1st. After that point it's all up the market.

Got pajeeted by Korea fud
Fud was false so I figured might be a good opportunity to gather more etherium
Got pajeeted by APPC shillers, almost back at original investment
Was hoping I would be released by now
But I just keep dropping

Fuck I'm trying hard not to put a gun in my mouth
Good luck former icx bros, I hope you all get lambos

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I sold icx at a profit but now it's rising even more, do I rebuy in?

There may be other coins that will do better today, and you could gain more profit and buy back into ICX, but safe bet would to buy in the next dip (45min-1hr).

sold half my icx cuz i figured it would take awhile to recover from the korea thing, put that into ven

hopefully ven blows up and i can buy all my icx back and then some

>selling ICX

if we get above 7500 we are on our way to new ath

Oh noes! People are having FUN!" Get fucked, party pooper.

This is the new floor guys. Congratulations to the people who didnt buy the FUD but bought the dip!

Congratulations also to those who held but had no more yellenbucks to throw in.

Also this shit will pump even more once the chinks wake up. I love you iron hands brethren

It's a bad trade, not a bad life.

That's what I tell myself anyway

AHHHHHHHHHH stop rising

What was your sell price?


Went 80% of my Portfolio into ICX at 10.56usd one day before that Korea banning crypto thing. Holding still strong, ICX will make it.

it'll dip again within an hour or two. i'm waiting on the same thing, user

You'll be fine

6887 sats, just rebought, I know it'll hit 15 this month

I noticed that it always dips around 6 - 7PM (EST). I hope to hit the 1000 mark and then I'm done stressin' on swinging trades. Comfy time.

It wont dip anymore

Thats around morning time in South Korea.

>everything always goes at a perfect 45 degree parabolic angle

Got some ICX bags I wanna drop. How's it looking? Bought these during all dip thinking they usually stand well but just tanked. I want out.

It is what it is. I sold at 6300 and rebought at 6800 during the dumpening. You probably could have waited for a dip, I let FOMO get the best of me in a bull trap.

you're not cut out for making gains, good riddance

What was your buy in?

Honestly you should know what price you want to buy and sell before you get in

Start an imageboard where I can use this shit or fuck off

I got 80% VEN for that. These are what I use for doing 3-5 holds.


bought at 1.50, holding strong until this thing takes the fuck over