It's the future

Stop fighting it. Claim your gains.


5 USD when?

I need to unload my bags

Do you have a fucking life, dude?

In 30 minutes, goy.

this coin is done, Ripple Labs colluded with CNBC to make themselves billionares
0.1 EOY

yes 0.1 BTC, we know.

sure thing goy

BTC maybe, but not BCH.

once its $5, ty

just duped another 2.14 billion in cheat engine. thanks.

What more is needed I dont get people?

its a test.. a pilot

like their other partnerships.. an internal test..

its good news but its not overwhelmingly positive.

>have crypto currency
>use MoneyGram

I wish you'd all fuck off back to Twitter.

ew. holding xrp is like holding eth and btc. no more room for fast growth. see you in 6 months with your 2x lmao. can you tell me what more news can drive this price on overdrive?

If you drop this for less than $800 the Jew wins

>tries to appeal to normies
>does so by using a trusted and well know money transferring service.

Why be this dense

Get me one person using it. And don't even try this "huge in Europe" bullshit. I am European and never heard of it before.

>appealing to trusted authority
>crypto currency exists

>Get me one person using it

I love Ripple.
Ripple is love.

Yeah I figured as much. XRP holders literally don't understand how crypto works at all.

No I dont understand your argument

XRP is trash and you deserve to loose all your money when the jews come for it. The RIPPLE NETWORK does not use XRP.

"trusted" 3rd parties is a thing of the past. That's the whole entire point of crypto currencies. Ripple (not XRP) develops banking solutions, solutions for an irrelevant industry.

Still, I am a foreigner. I migrated from one EU country to another and have been living there for 3 years. Sending money back and forth. I study there and have plenty of international friends. NOBODY USES IT

>there are literal untouchable pajeets browsing this board who have 1+ btc


whales are accumulating hard right now

>whales accumulating

people who shit on ripple are dumb cunts



why is anki crasing into ripple

>centralized payment system has fast transactions

Todays bank transfers are cheaper and faster than all the Western Union Moneygram shit. KYS

"people" who shit on streets and collect XRP are pajeets and subhuman scum.

Not with these numbers

delet pls.


I've used western union before which is pretty much the same thing. You'd be surprised how many people don't have a bank and also they're closed at weekends.

WU, Paypal, Alipay, Alibaba. See you at the moon sucker




>You'd be surprised how many people don't have a bank
That's the entire point of crypto, banks don't matter in a world where crypto currency exist. You are the bank.

>banks don't matter in a world where crypto currency exist. You are the bank.
t. 12 yo

Average XRP buyers might have a problem calculating those gains.

t. incapable of processing new information, trends, and technology

You don't even know what a smart contract is, faggot. Now fuck off back to Twitter and hype up your shitcoin with other retards. #XRPthestandard :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

>Thinks the"blockchain" will give you a loan.


*breathes in*


Yeah, no, not this time.

>Thinks banks will give you a loan isntead of just inventing fake fiat and giving it to you, and doing the same thing to the next 10 guys.. while having 1/10th of the actual money to give those loans/Hold those deposits.

The reason why Ripple can never work is because Banks CANNOT work with 'real' money.

They need to be able to print/duplicate/double-lend/double-spend it. This is how they make money.

With Bitcoin if they lend you 1 bitcoin.. they no longer HAVE 1 bitcoin. This KILLS the jej.


u get it man, u really get it

Good post