every fucking coin

We share the suffering here at DBC, Bounty0x brother

Look faggot, we only need about 4500 people to go vote for BNTY to get on bit-z, this is a healthy correction but if you want it to stop hurry and vote, retweet their twitter for voting, and shill to friends and family.

Shill pump is over enjoy your bags

bought at .13, I could give a fuck desu

Have fun holding dem juicy bounty bags, lol what a shitty ass coin.

>TFW in both

The hype is over. $.20 24h from now screen cap this

It gonna go up dont worry, this is a pretty good coin.

Stop getting memed by icofags and get into a good ico FROM THE BEGINNING
Lol at you for buying a coin that already x60'd its ico price

Why didn’t you sell at 89 cents faggot? Oh, you thought it was going to $5 overnight? Lol join the link marines tard.

Sell at a loss now and recoup you manhood by buying CEFS shares if you have any self dignity or desire for future wealth.

>not buying the discount

Bountyx0 will actually be the one to get listed on binance asap..


glad i pulled out of this shit coin at .86

But I bought at ATL user. Are you criticizing me for still being above buy-in price?

Im going to say it now just like i said it when it went from 26c to 15 cents.

Hodl. This is going to be massive and these prices should be viewed as a discount not a crash.

Btw what about Bit-z crap exchange, isnt that gonna cause another dip ? since utter retards gonna try to move there to sell their coins at higher price

Looking like it’s not being listed on bit-z

thank god :DDD

Doesn't work out that way unless there's a presumption for the exchange

Prepump not presumption

Trying to base longer term estimations on which exchanges its going to be aint a good strategy.

Im basing this in the product/idea and roadmap.

Long term ez $5 if they deliver what they aim to. Being able to crowdsource real-life events in a decentralized manner is going to basically open up lobbying to the masses and disrupt it.

The political implications let alone the social implications will be huge.

I actually like their website and those meme videos they have, pretty well made unlike fucking DBC coin its fucking website wont even load....

That too they have a good design to it.

why is it droppin tho ;(

i bought the dip looks like it gonna dip even harder

fucking bogdanoffs

gettin' whaled out of it at the moment.

Because there's no volume. Only one selling is the autistic whale.

Why every Kucoin assets crash this hard...
bnty, dbc, snov all down by 40%-50%

if u are the whale hope you lose all your money

I'm buying the dip. There are literally no alts that are worth buying at the moment. Everything is pumped.

is this fucking coin gonna get back up to at least 80 cents by the end of the month? i actually need this money and am starting to think i should take profits now before this bleeds out to 20 cents...