Passive income crypto

Just lost $3k due to address bullshit. I have $9,000 to throw at some crypto. NEO:GAS shit seems like a good way to go since I'll passively gain extra income on top of NEO gains.
Any other coins like this? Staking/Masternodes/whatever the fuck these concepts are called
What should I throw this money at?

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>Just lost $3k due to address bullshit.
Oh yeah this part is relevant because I'm pissed so just going to throw all my money at something and kill myself. But if it fails and I wake up from a coma in 15 months at least I'll have some sick passive gains during that time

Passive income in crypto is still a meme with the current market fluctuations. Nobody is waiting for that.

It's better to go for a undervalued quality coin: XLM
A high potential low market cap coin: GTO
Or a coin with upcoming events and news: ICX

This retard is -30% on XLM
Just sold off my GTO for some sick gains. May rebuy in
Missed ICX so I don't want to get into it.

Literally an ICO
try to get into Pre-ICOs (ICO before the ICO) if you want serious gains.
There are a lot but seriously invest in MGXL
>30 cents each during preico
>10 mill supply
>binance listing in June
Probably the easiest 20x of all time if you have the patience.
Invest $2k and forget until June.

Stay far away if you hate money

Dumb fuck have you not been seeing CEFS shilled here for the past 2 weeks. Get the fuck in.

Here’s the rule for biz. You see a coin shilled lightly for a week, you watch it. If it continues for another week you fucking buy and hold. CEFS fits the bill for biz subliminal shilling, not too hard, not to soft. It’s just right. Now is the dip btw. Buy CEFS or stay poor forever? You’re choice. The option for wealth and monthly dividends (aka passive income) is right in front of your face, up to you to take advantage of it.

I actually bought my XLM below 3 cents.

I don't day trade really.

my dick gets hard thinking of the potential gains

thanks user

isn't this shit a scam? Threw $200 a while back but never got any tokens heh

Check etherscan.
Are your tokens there?
If you sent ETH from an exchange, you screwed up.

I got mine an hour ago and I invested last week kek

Yeah just checked that site again. 0 MGXL. No email and what not. I guess I got memed

Weird I got mine a few hours after

go all in on PFR

Check etherscan. The site is delayed.
I got mine here:

20% dividend in two companies
thank me later


Wait I'll give you my address to throw your money at.

Checked their site again. Saying 0 balance. Checked TX - nothing.
If this isn't a scam is there some email I can contact for support?

Now I think about it I don't think I ever made a bad trade.

Although I just participated in the ico, which will be interesting to see what's going to happen over the coming months as it gets listed on more exchanges.

Dnotes (Note) offers a guaranteed savings plan in their vault which yields .7% monthly, problem is, 5 year minimum plan. They will also be generating a new pos blockchain and offering a 1 to 1 swap this quarter, target February so it isn't a bad small cap to just hold. Still very under the radar.

Give it time before you dismiss it
I wouldn’t worry though

this was like 4 days ago xd


Vote biz_classic

Make 10% per year in staking rewards

if you're looking for a good coin with large room to grow then Myriad is the coin for you
>shills more

oh xd i did do it from an exchange. darn -$200 for me or can I do some shit about that?

pic related. 'floushish' - if the (native English-speaking) fuckers can't even proof-read their own whitepaper then what hope is there, really?

pic related: 'cooperation': yeah, a fantastic new portmanteau. psychologists warn us about those who use neologisms


check out SmartCash
If you hold over 1000coins you can earn interest every month, and if you hold 10,000 you can run a masternode, which earns block rewards + the interest.

Check out their website

Give it time before you dismiss it
I wouldn’t worry though

Sorry for this dumb question, but why doesnt a erher transaction occur when sent from an exchange?

muh XLM


crypto dividend. fire and forget

If you are looking for Passive Income, then buy COSS and keep it on to earn the fee split with the exchange.

KCS on Kucoin

You will receive a daily dividend based on 50% of that day’s recovered trading fees. It’s going to 10X by summer.

Use invitation bonus 7KvuRx for the free shit

ZCL is gonna have mastercode support when bitcoin private is released so good hold

that same with bnb?

So what's your line of thinking here?
That every coin multiplies itself by some factor (giving you a "dividend"), and that benefits you how exactly?

4.5% dividends

COLX. Super cheap, pos staking, masternodes.

ride one or two pumps and then buy a WTC masternode. Then live off the returns.