Priced in

>priced in


>he always know what to do

>priced out

>Opportunity cost of missed moon missions

>pump and dump retraces to halfway

>”it’s mooning!”
>graph is sideways

Priced In is a meme in this market.
Roadmap events almost always causes the price to skyrocket which if it was 'priced in' would not happen.


>frogposting greentext threads

>devs coins are locked

>Big announcement coming soon

>we moonin, strap in boys

>watermarked nignog
Is this some sort of meme?

>the oracle problem


>Waiting like a predator

>omg is mooning right now!!!!
>at -2%

Okay, you've got the frog in your sights. Make the shot

>bull market
>stable 3 months

Destabilize it

>pump it

>Ready on your call, sir.