What are the chances for hiring GDP girls as escorts...

What are the chances for hiring GDP girls as escorts? They are smoking hot and have already demonstrated that they will fuck for money. Or has the shame of being outed as a whore when their friends found their GDP video make them not want to fuck?

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>What are the chances for hiring GDP girls as escorts? They are smoking hot and have already demonstrated that they will fuck for money. Or has the shame of being outed as a whore when their friends found their GDP video make them not want to fuck?
whats the episode of this girl

What's a GDP

girls do porn


Bumping for a friend.

I fucked a GDP escort just by chance. I didn't see her vid until afterwards.

Most pornstars do escort services.
Like very large %.
Not even that expensive.

Which one?

Not sure about gdp only but other pornstars do offer escorting services. Not joking ,go to porn threads and ask

>trowled-on make up
>nail painting
>hair washed so long ago
>pointy knees
Thank god I can’t hear her. Maximum Roasty, wouldn’t touch her even with OPs cock


How do you know? Can you give an example?

ma man.. watched nearly every episode.

favorite are probably mormon girl holly ensign (ur pic) , e375 and this black girl in the pic. too bad they all only did one scene and thats it.

i am pretty sure they will fuck for money. every one of them.. u just really need to convince them that nothing will get leaked

what porn threads?

E157 was the very best.


How much did it cost? I imagine they are a pretty penny (over 500 USD)

FUCK that light skin ebony is the dream. She looks like a chick that wanted to fuck me throughout high school but I was to beta to make a move.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the broadest quantitative measure of a nation's total economic activity. More specifically, GDP represents the monetary value of all goods and services produced within a nation's geographic borders over a specified period of time.


Hnnnnnngh! My boner is raging!

$500 is a fair price if you are fucking a escort might as well get the best. You should only be fucking them once a month anyways and have a girlfriend for day to day.

This is a business board after all.

fuck poor guy man. But why would you fucking do porn in todays age. It will get out and hit you in the head. I remember some girl who had a boyfriend who was in the navy? and he dumped her right away when he cam home, so she returned to do one more shoot

Wounder how much the fuck the Mormon now that she is married lol.

Seems like a decent price. Any lower and I'd worry about incurable STDs

Seems about right but you can get the same quality but cheaper in Europe

I certainly think its diminishing returns when you start paying over 700 for an escort. At that point all you are paying for is a woman who only fucks guys who pay over $700

>But why would you fucking do porn in todays age

The guys photo is unedited in one of those.
He comes over as a cuck.

Only explanation if she only fucked that 1 dude

The husband's friends probably jack off to her vid everyday. I would.

Gross Domestic Product

+E409 &E431
Mainly because she has her youtube channel

I've fapped to this so many times you don't even know

>she has her youtube channel
do i have to say it you idiot.
tell us her youtube channel...

this one is hot too.

hopefully we all make it. then we can start our own bizraeli porn production featuring hot gdp girls.

I don't think that would be a smart idea senpai

Based, what episode was that army chick who cheated on her BF?

The fact that an incel like me can pay these whores a few hundred to fuck ia glorious. Women are worthless lol.

DESU this could be a case where the guy was more experienced than the girl and she wanted to have at least one wild moment before she got married to him. Not saying I'd agree to it but it sounds like a reasonable explanation.

Holy shit. She's gorgeous.


>that engagement ring still on.

Her husband is either cuck or retard.

Who is the girl, OP?

theeroticreview com. I think that's the legit site from what guys were talking about a while back.
I remember Vanessa/violet marcell, doing a review on othello and found her personal website, offer for companion services. Basically means escorts if u read the description.
Alexa grace said on one of her social media accounts she does not do. Shane desel does, cucks hire him as in one of the bts dogfart vids


If you think about it, her husband is buying low.

If he is smart he would have capitalised on her mistake and made her sign a pre-nup too.

This chick is amazing. This is the type of girl I’m trying to hire.

nigga why tf would I give a fuck about shane diesel?

Here is the navy girl lol

I dunno what shit u like.
Hiring pornstars as escorts is legit.
Have a go and respond with proof


nigga this is biz. GDP means gross domestic product around here. not gross dripping pussies

>her husband is buying low.
He is buying right at the very top. She is a couple months from being a used-up whore. He will end up selling for a massive loss when she bottoms at 38 and takes all his money only to become a hot cougar later on.

You can do it with SpankChain once it becomes mainstream.

You fags know the interview is scripted and a lot of them get cornered/tricked into doing it. I still fap to it though.

Fuck the thought of cougar 157 is too much. I hope one day my son can befriend her kids and have her take his virginity at a sleepover.

>You fags know the interview is scripted and a lot of them get cornered/tricked

That's the best part

We know and we don’t care, we just want to fuck them.


The bitch did that scene THAT FUCKING DAY.


Yup that’s the best part lol

>he thinks we care about women

getting tricked into doing 20-30 minute porn.
don't they sign a contract too?

They fly them out to Cali for a modeling gig. When they find out it’s porn they try to leave and the GDP guys tell them they have to repay them for the flight and hotel if they back out. The chicks are stupid and think it’s true plus they don’t have money for a flight back home so they end up fucking. Lots of them end up crying or having a meltdown during the shoot and they edit it out and keep fucking them while they cry.

I wonder if this abuse makes them more likely to whore out to us or if the damage turns them off from any sex?

>I wonder if this abuse makes them more likely to whore out to us or if the damage turns them off from any sex?

>light skin

pick one user, and only one

This chick came back twice and got creampied. Wonder how much for a night with her?

If that's true, shouldn't they not have been dragged to court at least a couple of times?

>watching pro porn and especially audition porn

There is a lawsuit

Protip: GDP girls not knowing they will be on the internet is a meme.
The whole contriversy about that one girl getting coerced into it was intzentionally planted by GDP.
genius marketing desu

Answer is yes

Oh you're right. I just found something about it.

Women are subhuman

yeah sure m8

Will this coin be the next XRP?


I would get this one desu.

you even read that shit? they consented

>According to the lawsuit, the women each entered into financial agreements with the three men for a few hours of filming them having sex for private collectors in Australia or South America

nothing like what you're saying about coercing into sex

Ok enough lawsuit talk. How do we go about actualy getting in contact with these girls?

I'm not that guy, i just shared it because of the lawsuit talk

I can't find GDP on coin market cap.

Also, 404 is best

never gotten an escort but I find the concept of looking for online pretty interesting. regardless, I've heard that EROS is a good website (google eros escort). I've found a few porn stars (Amy Anderssen, Osa Lovely) on there for fairly good prices. Aside from actual porn stars, tons of good looking girls on there.

>interview is scripted

>a lot of them get cornered/tricked into doing it
pretty sure that's a legend they made up themselves.

Which ep?

Oh shit

good taste

239, enjoy

>actual man hands
what the fuck?

which episode?

If your hands are like that I'm sorry that you're not a real man.
Do you have money?
Do you own GDP studio, audit the girls yourself and make money selling it online?

you realize people wear same outfits over again right?

I fucked Emma butt today! Top blowjob

so i went on backpage to find escorts and its just phone numbers and pictures this shit is feds right

That's terrible. How are they not in jail?

no but there are a rare few scammers, a bunch of fake pictures/bait and switch and low quality providers. Find your cities review site.

>Emma butt
Googled that and I wonder why would you pay extra to fuck a old hag?