WTF?? Cardano is mooning? Why?!

what do you mean "why" you fuckface ?
>newfag, you know you looking at ETH replacement right?

called by palm beach today, buy up to 90 cents.

>called by palm beach today, buy up to 90 cents.
Lol proof

Because that indian pajeet shilled it in his newsletter.



what up my fellow cardashians?

In since .12. Loving it.

>Go to your next site that shows graphs
>You will see bottom support and top support
>Top support was hit today

Mooning was imminent because of this and after the reconsidalation or whatever the english word is

teeka street shitter pnd

.02 here :)

my only regret is not throwing more in. ah well.

It's just recovering, nowhere near ath yet.

is it still safe or too late?

still a long way to go until it reaches its ATH

What was the ATH?

just let the prophecy happen

I fractalled pretty hard to this graph

PBC fucks

Are you retarded, give me all your coin now, you aren't good enough for it

Wew lad

bought at 75.
thinking to go to sleep. should i sleep? where should limit order be?
u think it is at peak now? any ideas?

I bought in at 0.64. I'm a new ADA holder

>selling when Teeka just said buy up to 0.9
Lol, the guy might be an egghead but he's right on all calls.

bought at 1.1 :)

Ada has horrible volume for its market cap lol.. like 1% volume to market cap ratio

well. he said to buy it until 0.9. you can still get some more value out of it?
do you think correction will come hard soon?
should i make sell order at 1 dollar maybe and stop loss at 80 cents? what u think? rly wanna go sleep

this is cordana dude, you don't need to set a sell order and you DEFINITELY don't need to set a stop loss

Noob here. Is ADA a comfy hold or better used for day trading? I'm more of a HODL kinda guy. I've done some reading on it and it looks good.

I had a choice between ADA and VLM, I went with VLM and now I hate myself. ADA is so much better.

well i care more about short term trading.
i dont want to wait for ada to rise up again like this.

well depends on ur risk. cardano is probably the best in the top 10 to hold.
however you can always trade at the peaks. and i feel like we're close to a peak again. you could buy it again once it dips.

Isn't this just from the comfy japanese hodlers though

Thanks dude. Definitely gonna drop a bunch of my next pay into ADA I reckon. I just want comfy hodls.

well better read more about it.
i've heard about cardano when it was at 0.07. luckily i wasnt into crypto at that point. so couldnt have catched this train anyways.

but what the fuck to do now. sleep? limit order? i dont know QQ

got in at .08 am I becoming a shark overnight?

I think right now Ada is more of a comfyhodler crypto, but it may turn into a dailywojakhell in about 4 months after it reaches the $10 dollars mark.

u came 1 hour ago?
muchos 2 late for this night i think.

who cares about 4 months?
i call selling 1/3 at 6.99 satoschi and keep rest for the night.
limit sell at 0.84$ maybe? maybe none.

sleep tight gals


Bought in at 71 cents and its bout to hit a dollar. Feels good man

>but what the fuck to do now. sleep? limit order? i dont know QQ

Lmao I know that feel user.

Up 35% today. /comfy

Do they have no target price to sell it?

I wasn’t expecting ADA to do anything for a long time. Was swinging trades to get more before March.


Should hit $1 in a few hours and then back up to $1.20+ in a day or so.

>pumping a 20b coin