2 hours till bch fork

2 hours till bch fork

This is getting ridiculous

you can't fork a shit



yeah, my time guess was a bit off

Why isnt BCH mooning?

cause nobody gives a damn about this fork, its just a good opportunity to get your cpy if you own any bch


what's taking them so long lol

bitcoin candy

no one cares about either BCH or CDY


> Shitcoin fork of a shitcoin fork
Make it stop already

Wait until the next flippening attempt. It might moon for a time and then return back to the cozy 0.18 BTC.


Still better than ETH
Yep we CDY now

Can I sell now?

I think so, I don't see the reason why not.

Is this only on a specific exchange?
Where do I get my gibs?

I got it my wallet already but don't see in trade yet.

Guess have to wait a while.

coinex has it

totally, it's just for free money, isn't it?

Did it happen already? I thought it was happening tomorrow

yes the block happened

>Coinex server is busy
they're exit scaming kek

yes its in my wallet

you got it i ur coinex wallet? i see nothing

also seing nothing yet, probably takes a while

coinex wallet

got it now, nice! moving my bch out there now and leaving the cpy to see how it developes

its mooning

Did any of you manage to get in on the token sale yesterday? This is the real fuckin moon mission

Sold out in 40 hours, chinks bought it all up from 80-100% in a couple hours they know the potential this has.

read this before but where can i buy, might put my bch into this

why would cdy want bch

You'll have to wait til the coins go up on etherdelta they haven't been released from their website yet

It's called cny for some reason.

someone is buying 1,291,455 cny

>Open: 0.01 BTC
>Close: 0.00002480 BTC

holy shit

there is no reason for it to ever sell at 0.01 btc, it must have just been a default number

if anything it would sell at 0.001 bch because 1 bch gave 1000 cny. but there is not much reason for that either

currently at 0.000035
easiest 50$ i ever made