This is the next 1000x

This is the next 1000x

This is your chance to be a whale

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Where to buy?


Use XMR stak unified miner

that pump and dump is probalbly targeting it soon: discord ((ddoott)) gg/sSjY9Z

Fuck off trying to accumulate

>Supply cap of 1 trillion
>Only goes to two decimal places
This is literally going to be the go-to coin for normies within the year.

confirmed trojan don't attempt to mine

you mine it with a monero miner you brainlet

This guy has been fudding all say ignore him

am dumb plz giv step by step

Wallet here follow instructions:

Miner instructions:

Step 3 have fun

gets flagged by windows antivirus.. im too neet for this shit

>no unique use
>trash website
>no white paper

A pump and dump coin for sure, accumulate but HODL at your own risk.

Huh mine didn't flag it and I'm on windows 10. Try disabling defender or adding it to the whitelist.

Open Windows defender, go to Virus & Threat protection settings, then scroll down and click add/remove exclusion. Then Add an exclusion, File, then locate and add simplewallet and Turtlecoind or whichever one is giving you issues.

You realize how few successful coins had any of these?
Whitepapers don't mean shit if it doesn't exist.

The idea here was to start with simple idea and expand on it. Not trying to reinvent the wheel.

Xmrig makes my PC lock up. What's the deal? I have a 970 and a 2500k.

Never tried mining anything before but this clearly isn't working for me.

Someone give me a quick rundown on this coin

im not convinced that it issnt some pajeets stealing everyones info

I'm mining it right now, normie SCUM


The true mind can weather all the FOMO and FUD without being lost.
The true heart can touch the poison of dips without being JUST'd.
Since beginning of crypto, shitcoins thrives in the void, but always yields to legitimate projects.

What info could they steal?
This is more or less a fork of Monero. The only thing you create is the wallet file like any other crypto.