Crypto for cam whores?

Have they figured out a way to directly pay cam whores with crypto? Seems like a good market. Fat losers like myself who spend all their time on the internet jerking off could use a stealthy way to tip sluts online.


SPANK is gonna moon out of absolutely nowhere and people won't even realized they missed it

Porncoins not needed. They will accept BAT.

is this a basic attention joke

>tfw i bought FapCoin
i learned from my mistake

This was my initial thought. BAT works perfectly for this.

Can't even buy this shitcoin on Bittrex


There is actually a bit need for this. Right now cam whores only get like a 10% commission from what ever betas are throwing at them. The cam sites and payment processors take insane fees. Middlemen are making it 10x as expensive as it should be. Also, camming is heavily moderated and cucked. Chaturbate recently banned large or non-human shaped dildos from being used.

Anyone who could make a decentralized crpyto cammign service would literally make billions.


Mlk truk jst arive

SPANKS, bought 100k

BAT is perhaps the biggest sleeper in all of crypto. The companies with the best futures are those who intentionally fight volatility of their coin. Look at XLM and ZRX for examples of this. BAT is following a similar strategy. Coinbase addition in March will send us to $10.


Agreed, but why would such a service not be compatible with BAT?

well if it wasn't a joke, I'll say this

Spankchain is building the platform on which performers can set up a stream,

>SPANK is a staking token which can be utilized to mint alternative tokens, offering specific payment and governance rights throughout the SpankChain ecosystem. The >multi-token model is designed to abstract away ecosystem-wide coordination >processes from mechanisms which meter platform usage rights.

Performers will be paid in ETH

You’re a fuckin loser KEK

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