Crypto signalling

Whats a classy way to tell others when I make it with crypto?

Thinking buying pic related and engrave some crypto image on it.

Don't advertise wealth. That only leads to trouble. Don't even tell your girlfriend unless you think she's a keeper.

1. why would you want to?
2. don't

Get yourself a nice diamond encrusted coffin for when you kys

>buy some expensive wine
>put gourmet cyanide in it

wow user youre so rich and dead


>Don't advertise wealth.
Retard thats something poor people are spreading. If people think you are rich they will respect you more. Plus, you get better service at every establishment.

>having a girlfriend

You can buy T-shirts with a print on it which you select. I suggest you find a gay pornographic picture, where a guy perform oral sex on another guy. Then replace the oral performers face with your face with your mouth open; then replace the guy's head which it looks like you are fellating, with a picture of Roger Ver's head.

OP why does it need to be crypto? You should just try to advertise you are rich. Stop being so specific lmao.

t. poorfag

>they will respect you more
no, they just want your money

Richfag here. I wear only clothing I buy at big box stores. I Look like I make 30k a year. I do not shop or do business with anyone that looks down on me for "being poor"

>pic related


Look closer linkies

Why do you need someone else's respect? Don't you respect yourself?

get your sleeves tatooed with crypto

Only insecure people flaunt their wealth.

"So I just bought some rental properties."

You don’t ever need to tell anyone you made it with crypto. Ever.


Buy a royal oak

Don't, fuck the doubting normies, they are so smug when the market dips, don't hint to them that you can make money here.

Don't tell anyone

This. A guy I know posted on facebook recently about all the crypto gains he's made and now he has half of his friendslist harassing him with "H-hey bro, can you show me how to make free money too? haha. Can I have a couple of coins to get started? haha"

That"s the ugliest fucking pajeet watch I've ever seen.

>don't hint to them that you can make money here.
Wrong, the more new stupid money the better