These sell walls are phenomenal. Does this mean it will break out when these faggots are done accumulating?

These sell walls are phenomenal. Does this mean it will break out when these faggots are done accumulating?

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hahaha no faggot it means back to 20 sats with this shitcoin

Kek what makes you say that faggot? Its like 5% of my holdings so im just seeimg if it will pump

>dem sellwalls

its a pos coin right? the price is being kept artificially low by whales/bots in order to distribute more nodes quickly

if it was allowed to skyrocket the rate of nodes appearing would slow down dramatically, which would hurt the project in the long run

This shit is unusable. Have you ever tried?


because its useless and barely works, and has been dead ever since they released that retarded asic miner

>retarded asic miner
thanks bought 150k

I don't want to diminish your hopes, because I'm mostly in SIA, but those sell walls have always been there. They were there when I bought in under 200 sats. The price of this is and has been kept down for a long time. It's just how this coin is. Very hard for it to break out but when it does it's great.

Wallet issues have been completely fixed and they are in talks to list it on binance. When it does it will probably moon

yes and it does work, it's just the UI is not super user-friendly if you aren't a techy person. Devs have said they are working on that. They want a fully functional, beautiful product and interface before they do any marketing.

> they are in talks to list it on binance

developer's post on reddit the other day:

Here's an image in case you don't want to go to reddit

It's going to reach or surpass ATH soon since it's been low for a while and the devs are planning a lot of cool features for the new year.

Stop making Sia, Dgb and but an threads. Veeky Forums memers don't care about non meme coins.

holy fucking checked my dude. new ATH of 999 sats when?

>not 4999 sats

Buy now for a 2x profit? I bought at 212 sats, heh.

But this is big if true. Looking at 36k sats as ath, correction to 1k

Yeah it has been years and it's shit.

Eth is going to have their storage solution out by the time this comes to market and no one will care. Don't be delusional and put your money somewhere else that is actually moving forward

I think now would be a good time to buy but keep an eye on it. Frankly I expected it to dump much lower once the wallet issues were fixed, but it seems to have bottomed out. Anything below 470 sats is a very strong buy IMO. Under 500 still good. I'm so dumb, when I saw it was going to dump I sold at 506 sats, I watched it dip all the way 450 at one point but thought it would go to 420 or 400. Then it just creeped back up and went over 500 and I thought the dip was over an rebought at 502. I still made tiny profit but it pisses me off. Since then it's dipped and I can't sell lol.

Also why do you think it would moon to 36k if listed on binance? That's a massive increase but I hope you're right. Did you mean 36,000 satoshi or just 3600 satoshi?

Hahahah calling Binance's bluff.

They will list Sia or else this will taint their image yet again.

yeah, I think the main issue is that Binance usually can make fat stacks because you have people like Justin Sun who hoards 30% of Tron using profits to pay for binance listing. Since SIA is not an ICO and has been out for years now, the devs don't have a ton of it and don't have tons of money either. They are going to be trying to hard bargain for a deal. I think it's ultimately a matter of time though. SIAcoin is a big coin now with a lot of people trading it. Price would at minimum double if it got on binance. Why would the people at Binance not want all that money in the form of transaction fees?


I meant 3.6k, sorry. As in 50 cents because that's fair for storage price and the features of the platform once enacted. Cheap video hosting is balls, Google Drive's biggest incumbent competitor.

Also don't be autistic. It has huge potential, whether or not it drops to 200 sats if you buy @ 500 is irrelevant because it's last ath is like 840k and could go higher.

Both TA and FA points to up. But don't make too many threads about this coin. Coins like this dgb, bitb and fldc are supposed to moon quitely to avoid pnd whales from shitting it up.

Emc2 and bay for instance did great and will be great holds in the long run if the hype stays the same.

Fees aren't good enough apparently