Lets have an honest discussion on RLC. When to buy, sell, and why. Predictions.

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dont buy it right now as the base on this is around 2.5$


this thing will explode in 2018 no matter what.

my SERIOUS guess: 30€ EOY

Accumulate for sure. Now that it's on binance hopefully it will get more normie shilling. They will have some visibility at a conference later this month too,

I got in at ~$3, :comfy: af

Got in at ~.50 awhile ago, been hodling like everything else I have.

Wouldn't be too excited about the price at the moment to be totally honest as it's mostly due to the binance listing.

Do we see large companies actually adopting this, though? It seems like more of a 2019 breakout coin. Which is a great. Just doubting my hands.

RLC being over 3 bucks defeats the whole purpose of the coin. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this.

Use your brain people. Are you seriously going to fucking buy this over 75 cents?

Got in late as fuck. I don't care though, shit is going to be a monster.

Is this gonna waddle down back to 17k sats now?

Explain? I like feeling dumb.

You could argue that for literally every crypto including ethereum, cardano, stellar yet normies love this stuff

is this a new meme? Read that shit about REQ today too


what are you talking about ?

RLC is a sleeping giant. 2018 Rlc is going to explode. This is on of the most undervaluated coin.

They just entered Openfog consortium, they are going to announce a new partenrship, and more are coming.

They are the creator of the first dappstore.

And they have one of the best team of the game. They are all specialize, have full contacts with big companies etc.

LOL not only REQ but also some faggot wrote it into LINK thread


It's one of the few "hold and trust that the devs can achieve what they promise" tokens.

1. Team is comprised of scientists and researchers with a proven career histories
2. The token itself has been relatively stable, with almost no real brief pumps up until the one yesterday (due to binance listing)
3. Whitepaper is legit
4. Not a single pajeet on the entire team
5. Current marketcap realistically has room for 10-15x

Holy fucking kys newfag. Stfu and lurk for a year before posting again

Honestly the most impressive whitepaper I have ever seen.

Im here since june and made a 70X already since then, autismo.

I am considering 4 part portfolio of


Recommendation is to lurk at least 1 year before posting, newfriend.

I am also surprised by the relative lack of threads on this. That is usually a good sign.

Not having ETH, NEO & OMG.

not gonna make it.

Great picks, but I don't want to over-diversify.

iExec is a big-time sleeper. 5 PHDs and a team of super computing rockstars, a real company that was in stealth for years. Very much off the radar but soon to be running the majority of DAPPS and off-chain processing in the crypto space. They even do legacy processing. This framework is beyond Golem, Sonm or any other cloud-based blockchain out there (The competition is vaporware in comparison). The scientists on the iExec team already have numerous patents, countless research papers published over the last decade and code running in grid/supercomputing systems across the world. This is working infrastructure by a real company, and it does appear IBM is lurking around this team quite a lot recently. Partnerships are already rolling in and the moment iExec partners with an 'IBM' or such it will go parabolic. V1 is already out, V2 imminent. Token supply is low and there will be many many token use cases with staking and consensus mechanisms. Expect $35-60 by end of Q2 2018 and long-term potential well over $500. Buy up to $25 and hold considering long-term potential.

I'm very high on RLC. Was able to dump my stack for .007 eth last night and rebought today. Nice to see a legitimate project out there

This fucking copypasta again

holy fack I want to believe

i put in an order for around 1570 sats, im sure itll go even lower than that after the new listing dies down a bit and then back up over the course of the year

Its logo is the only reason why I haven't invested. It's so low quality and gross looking

Don't miss the dip, Pajeet. Look at the price, market cap, and tech behind this coin and tell every Patel on your designated loo lane about it.

But the word rolls around in your mouth like a metal ring. And the logo makes it look like gold foil. Why would you invest in this jewelry?

You want to hold ETH, user. Otherwise your picks look good. No LINK, though, what a shame. Seriously don't get how people don't see that without something like LINK, smart contracts will never be mainstream.

I am holding probably 30% ETH. I always forget to list it. I kind of keep the mains and alts separate in my head.

Lol my portfolio is literally ETH, RLC, and OMG

Remember a coin called AntShares people felt the same way about?

Prescient. See you in the future

Buy, Hold, Accumulate..most promising real use case coin for 2018. Partnerships will start flying in...

Lel, it's probably true. Been a favorite project of mine for months now.