Look at the 12hr MACD, stack buys now for pre-correction buy opportunity. Currently slowly consolidating. Calm before the storm, do you feel it /biz??????

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to the moon bois

yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Any of you tronfags speak chink? And want to tell me if google translate is semi correct?
If so it sounds like your homie is actually a huge chink piece of shit.

showing the same obvious pattern as XLM, buy or stay poor


i would still say 1 to 2 weeks for full market recovery.. pack your bags now, the pump will be real!!!!

Get in now idiots we're breaking 1000 soon


cool story bro! Maybe you can copypasta that in every thread tonight?

800 break soon boys get in here

how high are we going tonight lads

not very high tonight.. but stack your buys, and hold for 2 weeks.. see you on the moon!

I'll settle for breaking even, but you go ahead and dream your dream.

this thing is going to fucking dump at $.20 with the sound as twatter and leddit faggots performing mass exodus. Either way, cheaper shitcoins for me. If this thing takes 4 years to hit $1, I'm cool with that. That will put me in the 9 figure club

1300 if we break 1000 resistance.

Wow this is sad, thanks god I sold mine at 1600

But I just bought? Looks bullish as fuck, sell wall was just moved to a buy wall.

god the absolute state of trontards

I earned nice profit, maybe you gonna be lucky or this shit will be 500 sat next week

tron is easy money

I have my targets and stop-losses. But TRX looks like a very good bet right now.

any one trading on binance can tell me how a limit and stop limit trade works?


We can still see the pic in the archive.

stop: if the market price goes up or bellow this price it puts a sell order by the price of your limit.

Sell or buy order.

so IF TRX went to 1400 sats and i set a limit for 1500 sats it would sell if it reached the 1500

what does the limit order do?

Yes. The limit order is the sell price of 1500 in this case.

he should honestly be arrested for securities fraud

pretty much everything he does is illegal and now hes on US soil

I mean limit order is the regular sell order. The one hat goes directly to the order book.

I've already bought in. if i'm right, this next wave up for Tron will send it past ATH, and you can be damn sure the many of the nay-sayers and fud-faggots will FOMO in at market prices like the retards they are.

Thank you user. There were a bunch of phrases in there that didn’t make any sense I do to translation errors, but I got the general sense. And I came to the same conclusion.

God I hope so. I went in with 50% of my portfolio like 20 ETH at 9000. If I could triple off of this next week I'll literally be set.

so i could set a sell order for 750 sats to protect my self from losing AND
i could set one for selling at a high price if i was away from my computer correct?

I counting on that too, but don't forget to set your stop losses. Higher and higher as you reach your targets, don't let the whales get your money in planned panic sells.

seems to be consolidating pretty nicely seems like about .10 is the bottom. hoping to see .20 by tomorrow

If you sell your order lower than lower ask, the book will put yours in front and you will sell instantaneously. Put stop-losses both ways. For example: if the price drop bellows 751, put an sell order at 750.
example: if the price reaches 1400, put an sell order at 1500 (this wont go to the front of the order book)
example: if the price drops to 750, put a buy order at 749 (this is how bots and whales steal your money in panic-selling)
example: of the price reaches 1000, put a buy order at 1001 (useful for buying coins that break resistance)

>hoping to see .20 by tomorrow
Why would you set yourself up for disappointment like that? I'd be shocked if we hit .15 tomorrow. maybe we'll see .2 in a couple weeks.

I am riding these waves, increasing my position. This thing is going to blow up this week. I think most of these fudders were paid DESU.

I own 2 businesses, I know a good investment when I see one. There's just this gut feeling. Who knows what Tron will be doing in 5 years, but I do know for a fact that .25 cents is NOT the all time high of this.

This is a useless shittoken shilled hard by a discord group. they get points for every post and comment they make here, if they don't post every day they get banned. That's why there are TRX posts here 24/7.

it's not because so many ppl like TRX; it's jsut because 50 retards have to shill for it. ...most of the comments being positive about TRX are all from the same group.

It's obviously nothing than a scam.

shhh, dont let them know about the AWS partnership. we need to buy some more bags first.

>t. amazon employee

I sold mine for FUN...hmm decisions..


To the moon my friends!

lmfao this fucking pic

Non-discord Tron investor here.

MFW when youre from the Discord group that FUDs Tron all day. GET THEM POINTS, BITCH!

1d chart

just sold my ethereum for this, i can see this thing is about to absolutely launch, and i know ethereum will just go up about 10% or so

after 6 days of the market going down, this thing is going to rebound so hard, its been panic sold down way to low, get ready

>missed the moon mission
Fuck me right

I'm already hard


only gone 6% so far, get in fast.

Ahh I knew holding a 26k bag of these through the dip would pay off

did anyone see the 67 btc sell wall a single dude was throwing up at 850 over and over again??

What time is his livestream tonight?

I feel like I will regret this

did you just stay quiet about your bags until it started to move?

I was looking at ETH chart

i just wanna fucking breake even at this point C'mon baby daddy needs his money!

Be brave where other are fearful.

Hodling 25k here.

I have 1.1mm

So ready.

67 btc? lel, that's a speed bump. Watch the volume explode if we breakout. I have 4 million tron.

Holding 22K, just want to make some more profit till i piss off

Is Justin going to do another livestream?

I too am a fellow whale

Airbnb & Uber?! Pic related...

nice larp

fuck off both of you!

I saw it blipped over its daily high, time to jump back in? I got in at .02, got out just over .25, been waiting before getting back in...

Holy. Shit. 4 million Tron. This will inevitably hit a dollar... you're going to be rich. Fucking hell, any tips on coins other than tron? I thought I had some decent bread but damn there are some whales here

we moonin

>7 billion dollar market cap
Fuck off with this chink coin


I would call it a larp usually, but I've been looking at the buy orders this last week, some of them have been well over 4 million coins, some were over 16 million, there were a ton of million+ buys. So it's not that improbable that a whale might be on biz

>This will inevitably hit a dollar.

it'd have to reach #4 on CMC. I don't think it could get there but it could definitely hit a c.50

There's lots of whales here. They don't hang out on reddit. My friend has about $1.5MM in crypto right now, and he's not even a big shot.

Ready for the money so I can get a trophy wife

TRXxTesla partnership new week, ss this

Do you agree the whales have seriously been buying in this past week? The buy orders were insane, I've never seen so much coin being bought up at once again and again

Oh absolutely. They were feeding on the krill. It was really consistent. I was too much of a pussy to ride the waves at first, I did it today and made 5000 TRX. Then I tried doing it again right as the pump happened a few minutes ago, and got reamed. Still came out ahead though.

you guys sure like ugly tramps

>made 5000 TRX
Wow 500 dollars. Investing in any non chink coin would have gotten you at least double that. BUY AMERICAN RETARDS STOP GETTING CHINKED AND PAJEETED AMERICA FIRST, AMERICA FIRST

At what price do I sell this piece of shit coin?

Fuck it was mooning for a bit, it seems like every attempt right now to breakout is being controlled (or just annoyed holders trying to get out)

how much longer do you think the whales want this coin to keep fluctuating between 10 and 12 cents?

kys paid pajeet shiller

meh doesn't matter either way to me i'm up since a long time ago


Realistically it's really hard for Tron to properly break resistance and moon. This is because of all the scared bagholders that will sell immediatelly once they come close to breaking even... Glad I got out of this shit. ICX is the coin to be at right now.

we have a new deweoper from ari bah bah

>tfw we this bear trap

Uber, ss this

>coin burn this year

The only thing I feel is your radioactive autism.

what the fuck yall. There are many 1000 ETH+ sell orders all of a sudden. a 1000 ETH is a million dollars, you'd have to be rich as hell to throw a million into a volatile coin like tron. idk man im seeing serious whale price manipulation

the BTC side is even worse, so much fucking sell, this shit is going no where right now.