HUSH / BTCH Airdrop

Has anyone seen this shit? The BTCH airdrop is going down Jan 16 Noon (UTC), so for every HUSH you get 1 BTCH

Im interested cuz it's a very promising project with relatively low market cap compared to a lot of other alts ($40.2million USD), so it really does have the potential to blow TF up maybe even as much as ZCL.

The dev team's not all about marketing and money-grabbing so info about BTCH tech is still not very common knowledge with the crypto 'community.’ But once it is I think it becomes more public, everyone is gonna hop on the moving train. And volume is pickin up.

The tech behind it is actually what prompted my interest to begin with. It’s not a BTC fork, but a big asset on Komodo lining up over 4-5 coins and connecting them. It’s completely new tech. Also, BTCH has been developed to facilitate user exchange on BarterDEX (a decentralized p2p exchange), which IMO is the kinda shit that makes crypto appealing in the first place (anonymity, not having wealth controlled by and centralized in few hands, etc etc).

Scam shit coin copy

In b4 zcl scared trolls

How do I get my airdrop? I have my Hush in a hush wallet, but how do I know if it’s transparent (t address) or shielded (z address)?

will cryptopia support the airdrop?

I would not trust them to do that, put it into a web or windows wallet


lmfao nice scamcoin, the dev team will do an exit scam on your gay asses, this is not even an official bitcoin fork, btfo

I bought some hush. I bought some ZCL too. free money.

Komodo's autistic virgin Head developer, check github faggot. This is an incredible hodl

I started mining this coin after I heard about the fork - having said that, this seems like a scam. One of their head devs is active on Twitter and he just shits all over ZCL. For a quick 2x, I think HUSH is good, long term? God no.

I just don't trust a Dev who is openly a piece of shit

he wrote zcl's code bro... and obvz zcl fanboys and shillers giving him shit.

> literally bitch coin

The name is stupid af but jl777 thinks its hot shit so it's gonna fucking moon

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also lol at zcl shills calling jl777 a scammer lmao he's playing the long con: invent KMD, become a big name in zksnark world, and then after maintaining for its entire life, THEN make a scam coin so that you can destroy your entire professional reputation


Airdrop da bitch

You will get ZGold too

HUSH/BTCH devs are literally the people the zcl team have to pay to code zcl for them. ZCL team can't even keep track of their own marketcap.

I'm aboard the hushrocket to btchville

>an incredible hodl

I like the logo.