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>buying NIO at ATH

Fuck it good for satan

Wuddup senpaitachi

you need riskier coins than nebulas at this stage user


QLink? You know that’s not the link you’re thinking it is...

>tfw fell for biz memecoins

if you want to be poorer user you will keep railblocks. once this hits bigger exchanges it will go into single digits

tell me some

I also have 4 enigma lmao. Feeling pretty good about this folio desu

Kek yeah

the rebranding will wipe it out

I'm new to crypto. What apps are you guys using? Are you able to control your wallets from it? Or does it just display the holdings from whatever accounts you tell it to?



Pls no bully

Might as well go all on on a shitcoin with that portfolio

raiblocks is a 5x
nebulas and NIO are potential 10x

On the contrary, Nebulas hasn't even received it's fair share of hype yet. Until it does, it's a top 10 short term hold.

How do you find these riskier coins? nub here

you are beyond over diversified. God Speed.

That NAV gotta go. No marketing with a good project will end up with slow growth. Dumped mine last month

Qlink is low market cap and cheap I don't even know what that shit means but it's lit

Get in the Orchid Protocol ICO, buy Zen Protocol when it hits the markets. Buy PRIX or ITNS after you decide which is better.

Hush is a risky bet, but airdrops always increase near the date. ALQO is solid. I would also advise a DYOR session on OPT, EBET, VRM/VRC, UFR, PROPY, PASC, GSV, COSS, XBY and ZEN.

If you think any of them are buys, make sure to look at upcoming roadmap milestones, and buy those which are more likely to give the highest short term returns (and of course, sell at the top and move, only to rinse and repeat).


Do you all want to stay poor or why is none of you all in on VEN?

how long till 2x?

i lost all my gains with TNB but i dont want to sell with a loss :(

I consider this being poor

fucking hell, look at all these israelis on PRIX team

I'll sell all my NIO to buy this shit kek

I turned 8 dollars of BNB into 29 dollars BNB

Can not wait to dump ripple


Bumping thread for me tomorrow i wilk post mine, its very diversifiee, i cant decide to few cryptos

am i gonna make it

BAT being over $1 defeats the whole purpose of the token. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this.

Use your brain people. Are you seriously going to fucking buy this over $1?

That ETH is gonna pay off
fellow ETH holding here

most of biz oldfags bought kneepads and sucked dicks in 2015-2016 to build the portfolios they have today, if you want to make it you have to work for it.

Personally I'm a poorfag too, and I'm all in NAS until it gets it turn being hyped (should begin literaly ANY second now that it's listed on CMC accurately). After that, I'm likely moving everything into ZCL and tentatively swing trading it (tentatively in case the fork date is pushed off into February, but I highly doubt it). Obv dumping ZCL after the fork and holding BTCP, and with ZCL profits I plan to get a much more reasonable portfolio once my portfolio is a bit bigger, and will likely grab some long term holds like BCH, GBYTE, REQ, LINK, AST, etc

Wish I had more money

Also, Zen Protocol is appealing to Israelis too, they had a few meetings there and are largely a jewish team iirc

6 fig guy here, you and i both know we're still relatively poor. no showboating.

You need 100x and 1000x coins

If you are trading 5000 and below. You boys need to be going all in on coins not spreading it that thing.

what's with the beaner coin? WTF is that?

Then act like it. Take it out of BTC and ETH.

And sell your ADA right this fucking second. Buy back after the sell off if you really believe in it (I do, despite it being overbought AF).

>my nigga

Moon or doom?

too all poorfags, please just put all of that money into a good ico. do you want to wait til the end of 2018 to have 10k by betting on top 10 coins?

name some then nigger, I named mine out here Also, for all you poorfags like myself, ZenCash is movign toward DAG tech. Get ready for the first full blown DAG tech privacy coin and all the hype associated with it.

Is taking it out of BTC really a good idea? That's kind of what I believe in the most

damn I'm in

what do i do...


Reddit tier pleb checking in

What is a good ICO that is still open?


will i ever make it?


I'm bleeding pretty bad

i lost like 30% of my portfolio with TNB ... should i sell at loss or hodl that shit?

Fuck yes it is man, just look at the decreasing market adoption and the technical merits of other coins over it. It might pump a few more times, but IMHO it's the most overbought coin on the market. How long have you 'believed' in BTC anyway? If before Summer 2017, then you should believe in BCH even more, since it's what BTC was before that date.

Orchid Protocol isn't open yet, but I might get in when it is.

Started Jan 1st. New years resolution to become a millionaire. Will I make it?


fuck off normie

Are you expecting BAT to break $1? I don't know if you heard user, but...

What site is that my dude

NAS will make you rich brother

I've heard someone say exactly that.

What stops people from using just a fraction of a coin?

Why does $1 suddenly make it unuseful?

So what? Move it into Litecoin?

That's why I posted kekek


I seriously love it, if only it had the option to put in the buying price as satoshis and not USD. I had to element inspect the total invested to reflect that i only have $135 invested because entering the numbers manually in USD had it showing as like 170. So that's why the total gain and such is a bit off in the bottom right. Other than that it's so useful.

Have you guys seen the charts for neo? It looks like it's ready to take off again!!


That is really diverse. Say a coin goes up 2x. You only make 10-50 dollars? If you put it all in a few coins, if a coin mooned, you would make way more. Yeah, it's riskier, but it would take forever to reach 10k let alone a million dollars.

USDT is actually amount of money I have in ICO’s (28,000 CoinMetro) and 3200 axpire.
Thoughts? Just wanna pay off a 400k mortgage in a few years!

Started at 1.2k

based on this survey yesterday, not really

Bitcoin Cash and ByteBall. Maybe XMR and/or ZEN as a privacy option too. I listed my opinions here: and less importantly .

But honestly, with us poorfags, I'd recommend doing what I outlined about going all in Nebulas and then moving that to ZCL (or alternatively, just go all in on ZCL). Diversification and risk-avoidance will keep us poor, so we need to take educated and calculated risks.

You don't know real poverty

its copypasta newfriend, similarly

BTC being over $10 defeats the whole purpose of the coin. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this.

Use your brain people. Are you seriously going to fucking buy this over $10?

Go on coinmarket cap click 'Show all' and then try and something that doesn't show a hockeystick graph.

dude at least hold lottery-candidate coins like rai, lnk has literally nothing behind it beside link shills. do your research and NEVER base your buys on Veeky Forums only. Veeky Forums shills CAN help a coin if it's already good / has lotsa traction outside of Veeky Forums, but Veeky Forums alone will never actually make a >$50m marketcap coin anywhere near moon. at best it will make the earliest shills be able to sell with some decent games to latter ones.

Check it out:

Will I make it bro's?

Literally cant buy anything that has been mentioned in Veeky Forums or else you get called meme chasers. Lel

lolol, do you just buy every shitcoin that's shilled at you?

$3mil by EOY. at least. guaranteed.

(just kidding that portfolio sucks, LTC is the only one that could make sense even mid-term because of existing infrastructure, but even that's highly questionable)

What are your thoughts on Electra?

Rate it boys

Neither. Boring limbo.

Sell all of them except Link and put the rest in Lamden whilst it's still going sideways

Bought in on the recent dips in ETH
Buying more KCS, and FUN over the next few days.
Looking in to buying some XBY in the near future.

nah, Veeky Forums is not a bad source, just know that >90% of comments are made to profit the authour (same every else, but e.g. news channels have to pay attention to their reputation, they can't tell you blatant lies, keeping the image of reliability also serves their interest).

but there are comments here that really worth reading, just always research behind them and if the outside world doesn't reflect what they say, learn ignore them

advice? thx

how do i stop having such a diversified portfolio and which coin/s would you recommend? Also is MDS too long term for my shitty initiial investment? I think it's a solid project but it's been a week and it's only gone down.

I bought CAN at the dip aka 19k6
I'm I gonna make it?

maybe ill make $100 more... :(

I believe link potential. My money is up in the air, because luno wallet is taking too long to transfer money

>1 BAT

my nigga.