/passive income/ general

/passive income/ general

One way I know of to make passive income right now is by building up a referral pool on Kucoin. They share 40% of trade fees with those who gather referrals. I am currently making about $200-$300 a week doing this, and it’s pretty easy.

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Anyone else know of any ways to earn passive income?

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this is not true passive income
it will not last more than few months

best way to make passive income is to be developer and copy already tested ideas that can be fully automated

Holy shit user, you may have just inspired the next Amazon.

Post BTC wallet for future use.

kucoin.com / # /? r = 7P7QaN

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Invest in ICOs like MGXL
>low cap, low supply, guaranteed to moon
Easy 20x, somewhat passive income.

Other options would be to create bots, sell scripts, post them on rocketr and pay people to advertise your bots as long as the profit outweighs marketing costs.

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Binance has a similar system

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It's a scam

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He can trade his shit and I will get rich.

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Don’t invest in this scam anons

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And no it doesn't. Everyone I would suggest you read the threads. It's the same people.

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I run the Kucoin_invest twitter that has over 39k followers. I only make $50 a day right now so this stupid fucking poor pajeet is lying

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you're wasting your time though.
waste your energy on a scam like UFR lol
the more FUD you spread, the more people who buy in. You're a loser and clearly new to crypto. You don't realize how shit works around here.

I'm not and I know it's driving you crazy that you can't shill your scam here without people getting at the very least a chance to read about all the shit you people have tried.

yea when I was gaining my 39k following over the past 7 years I made sure to tell them to sign up to Kucoin genius.

Welcome to the real life of referral programs, you only need 1000 people under you to make it, try to get to where I'm at in a month, You won't

Vechain THOR baby

sorry it took so long, my trip changed because I reopened my broswer. glad to help

Kucoin is good, but there are new passive income coins being developed right now like WCXT


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Binance referral program is meant to be something that can work. Only started trying it today, but have been with Binance since August and I genuinely think it's a great site


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How long does kucoin take... Yeah it's been 10 minutes but never waited this long for activation emails


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easy passive income

own a shit ton of XLM

earn inflation every week

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To be honest, I have no real reason for you to use this code, here's a nifty comic tho for taking your time if you do.