Whats up with this shitcoin? Everything is recovering except this .

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OPT hodler here, not much news since the spike in interest a few days ago. Dev team is holding off trying to list on exchanges until they have finished more work on their product. This is a mid- to long-term hold. Accumulate now and forget about it for a while. Enjoy your 20x gains when they get listed on KC/Binance/whatever hasn't been hacked by Q2 2018.

no one seems to care about some coins......


OPUS is a scam. They blocked me from telegram and slack when I asked about development.

Nothing in GitHub.
Bunch of fresh-out-of-college faggots looking for a quick buck.

Not FUD, facts.

Have fun with your bags man, sorry

Glad I got into AudioCoin instead.

It's a fucking vaporware.

Biggest scam here.

I made $1000 of this shit coin. Glad to be out.

I heard on Resetera that devs are selling off their coins, wouldn't personally take a risk

nice just bought 100k

No you didn't, nice shilling

Don't know why anyone would invest in a proven scam, you're just trying to sell your bags

Can you show me proof?

Just check their Github and Telegram

I'm out

With even just a little fact checking you can see the shit on this page isn't true. Join their telegram/discord yourself, people ask questions about the development all the time, and they get answered. Dev Q&A sessions happen regularly. Devs selling coins, proof?
They just signed on several new artists and hired several new devs. Their whitepaper actually has substance, unlike most of their competition.

DYOR. If you're looking for a quick 10x in under a week, pass on this one, but I think we'll be pleasantly surprised in a couple months by this one.

you gotta dig further than that faggot. the dev team said they arent publishing code yet while competition is high. they have a working product unlike most. miss out on the 20x retard



have you checked the team previous experience?
the lead guy was handling some faggot rpg game servers and that's it. Half of the fags on /g/ has more chances to pull off the whole OPUS thing.
They just made up some nice front end and landing page and started getting money.

The reason their github is bare is because unlike the other music coins out there, opus is the only one which has a sound technological whitepaper which has substance. If they were to post their code online only leaves their hard work to be stolen. Plagarism that is starting to become rife in crypto (see: SONM and DADI)

The devs are on discord daily asking questions and updating regarding progress. In fact they are actually AHEAD of schedule.

I wouldn't trust this made by COLLEGE DROPOUTS

so many shills selling their bags to us

Enjoy being stupid

Definition of a scam

Should be arrested for fraud

I warned you but you didn’t want to listen.

Meh I'm not going to shill this coin. I think it speaks for itself. If all your research on this is a Veeky Forums thread or two and checking a LinkedIn profile, you probably are just chasing pumps anyway. Have fun with that.

Just sold all I had in this pile of shit


>checking a LinkedIn profile
yeah because running a runescape server is pretty much all you need to run a successful product



Goodbye OPUS

You were always just a fancy looking concept

Let's sell those bags somewhere now

the devs literally said they arent trying to get onto other exchanges. no point in holding a coin for years.

There's no sense in applying blockchain tech to a music streaming platform. It's a dumb idea meant to appeal to dumb people who don't understand what blockchains do. Sell your opus, and if you're holding voise or audiocoin sell those too. These are the kinds of "products" that are going to whither away and die as the digital asset market grows up.

The devs literally said their plan is to get onto more exchanges before Q2 this year

Fuck off pajeet

They could just pay a fee to get on a normal exchange, but they spent all of that on a fancy website

Hope you didn't get scammed for a lot of money

>they spent all of that on a fancy website
actually I believe they went on vacation as soon as the ICO ended. They made money, they fuck off to party and the coin tanked short after.
I don't know if it is retards or just a huge effort from various retards bagholding that the coin actually went up a bit the past week.

Fucking college student

How did I even get inti this shit?

Worse shit here, now when I think about it

Got JUST'd

Damn I just spent an hour researching them, jumped in before I did because I'm a musician but holy fuck something just feels off between the discord answers, the young inexperienced team, and q&a videos. I'm not paranoid right?

Get into Audiocoin user aka Bjorkcoin

They got real deals, tech and musicians

Market cap is still low enough, supporter by a lot of insiders

hardcore fudding from faggots that bought ATH

>posts evidence, gets called pajeet
>they could have spent money so I can flip for an easy 2x, but instead they're actually working on their project

Sorry bro, I'm already in the green with this, even if it continues to drop. Still holding. Enjoy your PnD groups.

i cant believe i threw $1000 in @ 10 cents this is fucked

audiocoin is the next PnD shitcoin (do the bare-minimum research to discover this)

PnD groups are heavily fudding opus. the people that actually want to succeed and take their time will see the obvious gem hold here

I believe this


OPT can't even get their audio mix levels straight, it's another shitcoin. Get into VOISE, they actually have a working product. Once an artist shills VOISE we will moon.

>no github because deluded whitepaper promises shit they don't show

>crypto everyone uses posts their code online, like ETH, XMR, BTC, but not OPUS, they are much better

>they are ahead of schedule because they say they are

>devs are always on discord because they aren't programming shit


The second this coin hits literally any non-shit exchange, it will at LEAST double, and go x10 within 30 days.

The only reason I have any is because of the ICO. I'll hold this FUDded hidden gem however long necessary,

Not going to buy your bags pajeet, go find a place to shit outside

> takes 10 minutes out of his day to FUD
> obviously got REKT

>no github, closed source
Private repository; although if we're being unbiased, it is a red flag

>ahead of schedule because they say they are
Behind schedule because you say they are

>devs always on discord
90% of the time the only guy on is Phillip, the community manager

I don't think this coin is a scam, but it's irresponsible to say there aren't red flags. The pros seem to outweigh the cons. I would definitely advise someone to do their own research and not buy at the ATH (for the love of god biz, you always do this). At the very least it's a mid to long term hold so don't expect quick gains.

Fuck off, you made this profit because bought this shit before Veeky Forums

Don't buy these stories

Shit's gonna stay shitty

I really like EGAS, it looks like a scamcoin but even if it is, at this price it can still go 10x before it gets dumped. check it out.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

I bought a good music coin instead.

You can tell me how good this crypto is by its wonderful performance in this chart here

If they don't show proof they're ahead, I don't believe them, especially with a private repo

I thought we would agree that the cons outweight the pros, but I expect one extra element: dumb money.

I remember reading about them talking about frank ocean, as if frank ocean would use their platform. That alone may make it moon.

They stopped putting their work out in the open on github, obviously there is going to be some centralized components here to stop people from running away with their work and setting up their own music ecosystems

I was in on opus boy am I glad I got out. I found major red flags after I fomod in. They organize shilling on their discord because boy these are some heavy bags.

We organize shilling because we see this as a good project. We're not trying to dump on you, we're trying to actually help you guys out. I'm in this over other projects because I trust young people more when it comes to changing things in music.

But this is Veeky Forums and y'all want instant moon missions. Please keep selling your bags so I can buy even more at a cheaper price.

Considering they're not focusing on marketing, their CMC performance isn't surprising. If you like getting in on coins that have already mooned, this definitely isn't for you.

This is literally a lie, there is none of this happening in any form.

There is no organized shilling, wtf are you talking about? Anyone can join the discord or telegram and look back at previous posts and see that. Some people have taken it upon themselves to promote the project but that's far from organized.