While ETH is dethroning BTC this year, what are you picks to dethrone ETH?

While ETH is dethroning BTC this year, what are you picks to dethrone ETH?

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Nothing. Ethereum's a platform. There might be a "Chinese Ethereum", but nothing will fundamentally replace Ethereum.

The big gainers this year will be Dapps that run on the EVM... Request comes to mind.

Stellar Lumens of course

probably the most complete coin out there atm

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stellar is better than ETH in so many ways it is ridiculous

really its a shot in the dark to think what will dethrone ETH no one would have ever guessed ETH would potentially overthrow btc in its early days.

Unironicly Lisk


Deluded ethcuck

Stellar and ADA both can, but ETH has to fuck up badly. BTC was extremely slow to implement ethereum's technological advancement due to how their consensus works. You can easily copy tech from other coins but it is very difficult to replace an ecosystem.

Tezos, eventually

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I agree Stellar appears to be the best tech/most complete package. It could wallow in mediocrity because the logo makes normal people think its a joke though.

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doesnt matter if they are better products if their branding sucks, ethereum is slick, its icon is hot, its ticker is sexy, and it fucking works

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yes, always judge a book by its cover. it's always worked for me.

short of a complete rebrand I think Stellar would be better off as Stellar Network and drop the rocket for some kind of star logo


We are going to worlds beyond this year


XLM cant dethrone ETH you dumb retards. It cant do anything aside ICOs. Its not turing complete. Only EOS and ADA are dangerous competition for ETH.

BCH might surpass ETH market cap if exchanges keep adding BCHshitcoin pairs

it's cheaper to transfer

I will shoot myself in the fucking head live on twitch if buttcoin ass goes to #1 market cap, screenshot this

it won't, Bitcoin will remain #1 for the time being

it's just BCH might replace ETH as #2, or it might not