For real Veeky Forumsbros, how much longer do you see crypto being the goldmine that it is...

For real Veeky Forumsbros, how much longer do you see crypto being the goldmine that it is? I feel like if this can stretch another 12 months I can get enough to retire happily. Just have this constant feeling of the time running out on this thing.

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crypto is here to stay, the shitcoins will get cleansed tho

I feel the same way. I don't even care about enough to retire I just wanna buy a house free and clear

can we stop having this same fucking shit thread posted on an hourly basis?

Do you think these insane daily moons of over 100% are going to stay too? Or are things going to slow down to the 2% ups and downs of the stock market.

Do you really believe a market where you can make 100% gains every other week is even remotely sustainable. It's a time bomb user.

The problem is that more and more people are starting to feel this way, now that crypto is not as hot as it used to be (for normies).

Like the iPad represents tablets, Bitcoin represents crypto. And it has stalled. Less news coverage -> less new money.

I think a cleanse will happen somewhere this year. 99% of the coins will take a massive hit.

What's your personal estimate before this time bomb sets off?

Just stop being lazy and daytrade. You can 1000x with 2% gains per day in one year.

Give me sauce on that video and I’ll give my predictions.
Hint, crypto is not going anywhere but it will have competition in the future (hashgraph) there will be a correction and a lot of altcoins will be obliterated but we will only reach that point once.....
Sauce me

That is a skill I don't have. How do I go about learning it?

crypto easily has another 15x in it. that'd put the valuation of ALL CRYPTOCURRENCIES it slightly above 10 tril marketcap.
NSYE stocks alone have over 20 tril marketcap

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$20 trillion marketcap...ill say a about 1 -2 years left since the b ig insituational players liek goldman sachs and wall st hasnt entered yet

Sometime this year. I'm looking for another 20% bump on my portfolio (looking at you ETH) and I'm out.

Good coins and tech will rise from the ashes though.

The NYSE trades companies that have proven business models and produce, transport, and manage trillions of dollars worth of goods annually.

Crypto still has room to go up, but I doubt it's going to reach $20 Trillion. Maybe $5-8 Trillion?

Expect the number of coins on coinmarketcap to double or triple by the end of the year with most of them being worthless shit/scamcoins. The huge diversity and difficulty picking the right ones for fast gains will cause people to stop investing in smaller unproven ones and slow down everything.

this is what an alleged $12 mil (in 2017 july prices, $2k bitcoin..) net-worth whale said in july:

Wanna get in here? It sounds boring but its like this: Put just 1000$ knowing you are gonna lose them and try the patterns you think you find (Hey, when this goes down, this goes up, hey when THIS one reaches 32% over the typical average value, THIS OTHER goes -21% in his average value, and then recovers, it happened every X months! Lets try it!, something like that), only 2 every 10 will be at least a bit valid, but once you find them, you will start making serious gains.

That kid looks like he is going to kill his mom's boyfriend.

did th he NYSE disappear after a few years?

goldman sachs is entering this summer

theres nothing to worry about if you are holding coins with solid fundamentals and an actual project behind it. chances are tho the majority of Veeky Forums holders will be completely wiped out in the next crash. greed doesnt pay off longterm

Shitcoin WIPE is in 2020.

i wish it were true. but even now, it just seems so damn unsustainable. for this reason i have over half my portfolio now in the established coins, with the other in projects and tokens. otherwise i would be 100% in shitcoins. dont fall for the memes, the market is in a very unsure state right now

Well the fees to get listed help.
Then it's up to us to pick the right ones on the future EtherDelta.

Can confirm. Also, 100% staged (paid actor came out on video in a h3h3 interview)

One year. Maybe two. We are still early and far away from the dot com bubble status.

Thing is, the bubble popping is not about the numbers. Investing bubbles pop when companies start to prove they can't deliver on their products and their earnings (or in this case the real world usage of the tokens/coins) do not match the market's valuation.

Most companies are still way too early and will not have working products for a year or so. At that point the market will be able to assess how much they are really worth.

This also applies to things like ETH, BCH and XMR that will have to start proving real world usage or they are going to devalue, but for now they get a pass while they are still in early development.

Sounds like something that a bot can easily do

What are your go to day trading pairs?

I made 2k from 200, day trading VTC.

fucking a man I have missed every 100x moon mission the last 2 weeks.

Ever since I started spending all my time on biz looking for good coins.


>in b4 newfag I been on Veeky Forums and on off for 10 years kids

this is the dumbest thing I've ever read. day trading with dumb chart patterns is how you get rekt

if you really want to trade as a 'skill', your options are arbitrage, market making, and scalping. And they're all tedious and not as profitable as you think when averaged out over a long period. Most "day traders" don't actually trade every day.