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Pentagram coin, gross. Id buy Ripple before I bought Satancoin


>there's six sides even if it was flat

Checked and Kek'd

Praise Kek!!

Also, I've been telling you fags to invest in NEO, ETH, EOS, and ICX.

I bought ETH at $12, and Neo at $10, so this is deja vu for me :).

thanks just sold 100k

special announcement tonight from Seoul South Korea

What time is the announcement EST? Just bought in to this at the ATH.

good luck to you my friend

is this one of those moments where i should sell the news because it'll be some stupid partnership with a bicycle rental company in malaysia

its 50/50, but knowing this team it will be a lot more important that a bro partnership - whether people will sell the news anyway I don't know. The upside is that the coin is going to $100 so you can't really be stuck with bags

6 hours

Good Lord look at that guy.

How can you believe a guy like that is going to create anything great?

At least Vitalik has good aesthetics

>The upside is that the coin is going to $100 so you can't really be stuck with bags

You seem really comfy user. What makes you so sure?


that is why he creates great things. through computer code he can create a perfect reality that is supreme to the real reality where he is a nerd


He literally looks like a cave troll.

Enjoy some disgusting subhuman being the face of your shitcoin

Well this 'cave troll' just made me a fuckton of money in the last couple days.

Dan Larimer created Bitshares, which today does more transactions than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined. It's not sexy so Veeky Forums never talks about it, but BTS announces new partnerships every month and is still extremely busllish

He created SteemIt as a side project, and its a top 1500 website in a few months. It's still the killer app for blockchain technology so far. There are literal normies on Steemit, some which likely don't comprehend how it even works.

EOS is Dan Larimer's magnus opus. It has password recovery, KYC stuff can be built into trading wallets, future proof.....

His goal is to bring the most normies in as possible. He's the king so far and EOS will have apps on it that your mom uses.

It won't be a straight shot up --- but should be the #1 or #2 coin eventually and should stay for the rest of our lives


Dan Larimer has consistently lied about his capabilities and those of his projects. Recently he's taken to attacking Cardano because Cardano is actually accomplishing what he claims he can accomplish with EOS. Dan Larimer has been caught out numberous times making impossible claims to what EOS can do, for example being able to confirm transactions in milliseconds when that's literally physically impossible on a globally distributed ledger being routed through the internet as we know it.

If you think EOS is a cool project, just buy ADA. EOS has no actual long term future, just like Steemit and Bitshares.


Kek, i hold ETH, ADA, and EOS with 70%/20%/10% of my folio respectively. I want them to fight this 2018 making me rich.

So for the full story from an objective party, Charles and Dan were both working on BitShares, then Charles left with Dan claiming he's a snake. Two fairly intelligent con artists, plenty of bad blood, should make for interesting drama.

Bitshares, where he was a whiney little bitch and fucked off from.

Steemit, where he was a whiney little bitch and fucked off from.

EOS, where he was a whiney little bitch and...

Notice a pattern user.

Bitshares is extremely successful. My investment in it outpaced bitcoin in the same span (2014-present)

And I am not even selling BTS for EOS. BTS should see a larger percentage gain in 2018 - EOS has a huge marketcap and it will take a lot of time for the decentralized apps to be built and be used. There will be sell-offs.

But you can swing-trade it. I plan to hodl

I just care about making money

Investments in those projects are fruitful.

Dan is a hardcore libertarian, he intends all the apps to be truly decentralized (meaning he doesn't "run" them). Naturally he will walk away from EOS too.

I just want to make money.

EOS is opensource, btw, doesn't even need DAN anymore.

Anyone else believe the rumors saying they are announcing a partnership with either Alphabet, Naver, or Samsung?

Its confirmed the event is at a hotel with 900 participants. Not some TRX level type of livestream.

That cave troll is 100x smarter than you

What do you think should I hold into this announcement? Just started following this coin yesterday when I saw the massive uptick in volume. Up about 25% but I'd like to make it a full double...

look here I am not an insider.... But the announcement could be huge... easily

BUY is my recommendation. I don't have any sell price -- take some off at $100

dan the man our cryptosavior - EOS is the real pedocoin tho

christ, why can no one in crypto have a fucking normaly shaped head

That's a haircut you can trust.

No this is what you want. Look at ETH.