PFR /sofuckingcomfy/ GENERAL

poorfag here, just tossed 1k into this baby and for the first time, I'm not even scared. this is a SURE 10x short term, even a brainlet like myself can see that.

>17 mil mcap
>76 mil circulating supply
>austically good project & developers
>not even on exchanges yet

fucking EASY money. thank you for shilling me on this one Veeky Forums. Thank you.

>not even on exchanges yet

#shillbot: 20 shill points have been credited to your account.

if it reaches localbticoin's volume then 25k tokens in a trust node will earn you around $1,200 monthly. this is a rough estimate, but i think it represents the potential well.

this will change the way people cash out.

sexy logo alone makes this a $1 billion+ project

Easy x100

Comfy hold, cant wait for it to hit exchanges!

Since you're all on EtherDelta already be sure to pick up a few HBT. Partnered and actively working with a big government-owned telecom company. Look it up unless you hate toshis

ED doesnt count as an exchange imo, look at how hard it is for normies to get onto it.

r/etherdelta is full of normies that dont understand gas prices or smart contracts, its a funny read.

Why have I never heard of this? Volume is pretty low though, even for ED

Can someone tell me what this coin does better than the 10 other decentralized exchange coins?

ED isn't a comfy exchange for sure.

This is a useless shittoken shilled hard by a discord group called "/shill/". they get points for every post and comment they make here, if they don't post every day they get banned. That's why there are Payfair posts here 24/7.

it's not because so many ppl like Payfair; it's jsut because 50 retards have to shill for it. ...most of the comments being positive about Payfair are all from the same group.

It's obviously nothing than a scam.
>20 shillpoints have been added to your account

Fuck off with your fud.

fake news
UFR is the shill scam coin that the discord is after. PFR is just good.


I'm not in that discord group. Im only here for the profits

>its the same old copypasta

already did a 4x ++ moon mission recently. if you're going to buy a shitcoin, at least one that hasn't moon, op

but user, its on a dip and its being held down by sell walls :( feels like you can't lose going in on this right now.

I've been wondering the same. Feeling pretty good about this one. Wish i had the balls to buy more than 2,5k worth

any new exchanges coming soon?

tg said there in talks with kucoin.

"Currently discussing with two large exchanges" -Nov 28th

"Although year end is approaching we are keeping ourselves busy speaking with potential new partners and building the tech. Yes, we are also chasing exchanges and hope to get things in place soon" -Des 8th

So do you have to have 25k for a trust node? Because I have about 22k, I'll pick up 3k more if that's the case

In talks since November 28? How is that good? It's mid-Jan.

this shit is going to moon so hard as soon as these sell walls let up

In my opinion it's a good sign when the focus is aimed at building the protocol instead of pumping the price. I'm waiting for an update from the founder any day now.

no, that was an example. There will be a community vote soon to decide how manky tokens per node.
Join the telegram so you dont miss it. just search "payfair telegram"
If i had to guess i bet we vote for 10k per node. but that's just a guess.


we're all gonna make it. I only have 4k but comfy as fuck.

can someone explain to a newfag HOW to go about obtaining these v tokens.

>join ed (create an eth wallet)
>deposit eth
>buy token

and then the tokens get "attached" to my eth? is that correct? and I can then transfer the eth to a place like myetherwallet?

yup. i always transfer my long holds out of ED. safer that way.

ok great, what if I were to send the eth to an exchange like binance where this token doesn't trade?

and how to sell these tokens when the time comes?

Don't send them to Binance, if you want to hold them outside, send them to MEW or something that accepts ERC20 tokens. When you want to sell, you'd have to transfer back to ED or hopefully another exchange once PFR gets listed elsewhere

and MEW should have a non zero balance of ETH as well?

you will eventually need some ETH to pay for gas when you want to transfer PFR out so yes

if you dont know what you're doing, Etherdelta is a damn minefield. to purchase PFR you'll need to:
-create metamask wallet on EtherDelta
-Purchase ETH thru your method of choice
-transfer ETH from your ETH wallet to your EtherDelta wallet

now you have some ETH in your metamask wallet. now you need to transfer it to the EtherDelta smart contract to trade it with tokens like PFR. Regular ETH can't be traded on Etherdelta.

Now you:
-click the 'deposit' tab
-deposit your ETH from 'wallet' to 'EtherDelta'. this is the smart contract wallet.
-IMPORTANT: make sure to leave 0.001 ETH in your metamask wallet to cover withdrawal fees!
-now that you have ETH in your EtherDelta Smart Contract wallet, you can click a sell order and buy PFR at a price of your choosing.

fucking ridiculous i know, but etherdelta is a true normie filter for a reason. this will become one of the top projects when it hits mainstream exchanges, ED just scares off the idiots while we accumulate.

took me a good couple hours of sitting down with it to figure it out but this has loads of potential. bought in at 10c holding to at least 3-5 $

ah, got it. thanks.

PFR seems like an interesting application of eth token, will be looking to pick them soon

yeah, that would filter out a good portion of the newfags. doesn't seem too bad, but just don't want to lose money over stupid shit like transferring crypto, there's potentially enough money to lose as it is lol

thanks for your help

I literally just did all that and it took me 5 minutes to figure it out. And I have exactly 1 days experience in cryptogambling.

yeah theres a bit of a learning curve the first time you use ED, but once you can work ED you can work literally any exchange with ease.

good luck user! all the gems begin on etherdelta.

BBT master race, all other low marketcap moon missions are bush league in comparison.

WARNING, THIS POST WAS FOR THE UFR SCAM. ...the discord shills just copy & pasing the UFR warning to all the other coins to make you think UFR is legit.


I was only putting on 4-10 GWEI each time and I had a recurring loop of a tx I couldn't replace the gas fee with or cancel that I never found a solution to, it eventually fixed itself. But now I just send about 30 gwei when making buy orders and i set the buy orders high because you essentially spend money by canceling an order

Yeah, BBT is seriously undervalued. Would probably get a bit of PFR if it was on another exchange

yeah haha, first time I bought off ED I had my gas at 4 gwei and my transaction took a few hours to go through, gave me a mini panic attack

you and me both I spent like 4 hours making sure my first purchase of pfr on the site went through. when I saw it in my wallet I went to sleep cozy, woke up with profits

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