"When using bank transfers, the ACH bank transfer system is used for payments with your bank account. The ACH bank transfer system typically takes 3-5 business days* (which may be as many as 7-10 calendar days, depending on the timing of weekends and other bank holidays) to complete after initiating a purchase."


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How long does binance take to buy and sell coins? Is moving eth into alts and back into eth instant? If not how do people day trade?

Yeah I understand this. I deposited $3910 on jan 11 and it says it will be in on Jan 19.

Only good thing is they usually have it in like a day and a half early.

I just want to buy some fucking link, kill me.

Planet Money episodes about the ACH

Basically they can't upgrade anything unless 75% of all US banks (by number, not size) agree
Small banks vote "no" because they hate change

It transferred litecoin and it took 5+ hours. I transferred eth twice and it took under ten minutes.

Yeah it's instant you faggot.

Im literally just sitting here and hoping to fucking god that LINK doesn't moon without me, god have mercy on my poor ass soul.

Just got into it with only 150 bucks. hoping to get a little bit out of link if it ever goes anywhere, or i'll just invest in another more lucrative coin.

Here is proof on how long it takes for a bank transfer.


It's a matter of a couple of hours for me.

Why would you buy bitcoin if you want LINK?

Cause you can buy it with bitcoin?

No, you can't. Not with $150 anyway.

Why not?

Use ETH.

i can't afford that shit my dude. i'm gonna have to just stick with the btc.

Because you can't buy LINK on coinbase, so you have to transfer the bitcoin and bitcoin has extremely high transaction costs right now, like $100. Furthermore even if you tranferred to binance or another exchange and have $50 worth of bitcoin left you still can not directly exchange bitcoin for link, but have to change into eth then link.

>tldr: you should have bought eth because low transaction fees of like a few dollars vs $100 dollar for bitcoin

This has to be a troll. You bought fractional amounts of bitcoin and you can do the same for eth.

You have got to be fucking kidding me. what do i do now?

Well you would sell your bitcoin when you get it and then buy eth and transfer that.

should have linked a debit card

FFS you know i didn't read any of this shit cause i FIGURED that you know, transferring directly from my bank account would be the fastest thing to do but fuck me and fuck logic.

It's alright. Depositing through debit/credit card has higher fees. Just buy ETH with your BTC once you get it.

Do you think ChainLink will stay low enough before then for it to even be a worthwhile investment for me anymore? I fucked up.

Yeah, I learned this the hard way. Put in my last bank order on the third and it arrived on the 8th. Slow af.

Honestly, you have two choices: Either deposit money directly from your bank accnt directly into GDAX and wait over a week (but pay no fee) or transfer money to Coinbase instantly using a credit/debit card (and eat a 4% fee) THEN transfer it to GDAX (for free).

All depends on if you're in a rush or not.

LINK is going to zero if you wait long enough.
>Ripple master race

So how high will ripple go?

I think it should go back to $3 and stay there for a while. I have about $7000 betting on this for what that is worth.

What's the best place to buy ETH with BTC?

How did you get here before your fair share of time on Reddit?

Jesus man did you do any research?
Use gdax, it is a coin base company.

Well here is another side to the coin user. My coinbase account was given the instant ACH rights right around the start of December. I made a small ETH purchase to scoop some alts and transferred it off right away. Used my secondary bank account at a small credit union to purchase which was a terrible mistake since I never used it. The bank refused the transfer, the account information disappeared from my account entirely and I was greeted with a message stating X amount needed to be paid in full. Paid the fuckers and the account is still stuck in limbo. Now if I log it shows please pay now $0. I submitted a support ticket expecting a few weeks due to the demand. Heading on 6 weeks nothing even after updating the ticket every other week. DESU my name is likely on a list now. Relax on a few days to transfer. Moved to Gemini until the IRS stuffs my corn hole.

>instant ACH rights
How do you get this? Lots of money?

Yeah this is why you should switch to Kucoin once your transfer goes through. More coins available and you earn kickbacks for getting in the referral pool. Invitation bonus 7KvuRx for the official Veeky Forums referral pool

Likely a data query across their user base. X number of fiat + number of transfers + number of failed transfers + verification status. Yeah nothing crazy though compared to some probably $40k. I've had credit cards fail before being rejected by banks who were blocking CB but this fucked my account entirely.

I buy a few hundred dollars of BTC every week, it's always a nice surprise when I get an email saying my Bitcoin is available

no quite frankly i was blinded with the idea of not wageslaving anymore.

Coinbase pays your withdrawal transaction fees