Poorfags get in here

r8 and h8

finally dumped my TRX today. Got out before it dropped any further and dumped it all into XLM.

How poor am I going to remain?


Poorfag here too famalam go half into LINK and try to find a promising x10 shitcoin

i hate trx, but now its going to moon cause you sold

guess the normies have me to thank then 8)

yup. 2 or 3 weeks, trx will moonshot past previous ath

XLM is going to 2$ by february, PFR is solid, good choices faggoon

You know the drill.

PFR is my potential 10x shitcoin bet. Got in at .10, hoping for 1.00 soon

Wise decision going with XLM
Now get some ETH and hold both for a month

3 digits with these coins choice, remain poor nigga

good man best of luck with your future gains and don’t be afraid to take risks in the future

Just brought for the first time for $1000 last Wednesday. What should my next coin? I was thinking upfiring

Really excited to get some decent gains so I can make the bigger bets.

>finally dumped my TRX today


R8 my memes

Ill let Daddy boggy pump me any day

never gonna make it you impatient fuck. tron was the only thing you had in your shitty blockfolio that would have helped you easily 100x your money. Why can't you newfags ever learn to hold a fucking coin? I've been holding btc and ltc for 7 years and I can buy whatever I want and fuck whoever I want now because patience is a motherfucking virtue. You're not ever going to get anywhere trying to get rich overnite fag.

worst idea ever buying a shitcoin that is being shilled by literal pajeets. Cash out and buy a fucking rope newfag

stinky linky

all I want is to accumulate more eng fun and bat. r8 me

Gotta accumulate that stinky linky so I can sell it at 40 cents

will i make it



lmao I'd rather not go down with the scamcoin shit

Had JUSTin not fucked TRX PR up so bad I might have held. Sold for a profit so I give none of the fucks

Consolidate to 2-3 coins

Anyone else go on Justin Sun's twitter just to read the tweets of all the butthurt normans that lost half their money by hopping on the hype train?

ETH and more XLM

Newfag here. How important is it to choose a trader and an exchange?


Why are you poorfags spread between so many coins? That's a good way to remain poor

I don't want to make a new thread for this so I'll ask it here: if I have 0.04078665 bitcoin how would I express it? I have four million seventy eight thousand six hundred sixty five satoshi?

"I have a small amount of btc."

I sold my ZRX and FOMO'd into QTUM right before ZRX mooned and QTUM dropped. I'll probably recover eventually but it feels bad.

Oh point oh four Bitcoin.

$200 appc worth it?