Veeky Forums the cooldown is arriving shortly. Bear market soon fellow stalker. 6 months to a year every time, with the difference this time around the amount of normie money being pumped in. What do you guys think the consequence of this will be? Less of a correction because of the support of cash influx? More correction because overvalued assets? Either way, I hope you faggots have been securing your profits. We're due for a correction based on the history of the BTC log chart.

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Norman money has virtually no impact on the market

i'm a fucking normie and I pumped $5k usd into btc last night

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much shorter correction if there even is any. wall street money arrives next week.

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You do realise it is tax season soon right, June is when bear season starts

Brainlet here, what do we exactly mean by bear market in crypto? Everything mostly stagnating for a long while, or things generally all going down during that time?

And for those who went through the last one, what's the best strategy to approach it?

Winter is coming OP.

Large crash inbound,
that'll be a good time to buy some graphic cards

The absolute state of biz.

>lol, he's trying to learn

learn from more sources than Veeky Forums and lurk moar

now multiply that by a million normies per night. all jumping into btc blindly and then eating out their gfs poo box right after. what does that get you?

bear market for bitcoin
bull market for altcoins

lightning network is a wildcard that could reverse this trend
but when it's released is tbd

The absolute state of biz.

Stop replying to my thread, dipshit.

I really don't have faith in lightning network. Especially if it launches with issues, BCash and BTC are going to tank.



>Smart money been in before 2017.
>Smart money would secure profits right now.
>Smart money would not get cucked by greed or FOMO in a bull market
>I is not smart money

Just drink your money away and kill yourself you fud faggot.

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Mods really should ban this level of cancer. Just go back to /b/ already. People like you are worse than Pajeets and discord spam.

Is this South Korea news disconcerting to anyone? Or the China news?

Pink eye outbreak?

No. There is absolutely 0 chance of SK/CN banning trading. They will regulate, but they couldn't ban them. 33% of SK population owns cryptocurrency. CN is making an absolute killing on crypto. They might ban privacy coins tho.

>Can put in whatever fucking numbers you want

Why would tax season have any affect on the market, and why do you think the market will crash in summer? Just because it did last year?

Literally what I did last night / today. Only I used pretend money on blockfolio because I'm trying to learn what I can in the next two weeks, when I'll have a thousand euros to test what I learned.

also, having a gf is overrated, especially if you're autistic. Eating her out isn't, tho.

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You can tell he just downloaded it because his playstore app is still open

I heard SK banned trade and CN banned mining

R8 mine

Wrong on both counts

SK is regulating, not banning
CN wants to audit miners and make sure they pay taxes, not ban them.


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I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
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