Let me explain something that most of you faggots on this board are too dense to understand

Let me explain something that most of you faggots on this board are too dense to understand.

XLM's inflation mechanism pays out the transaction fees on the Stellar network back to the holders once every week.

FairX will be doing millions of transactions daily over the Stellar network.

If you are not holding XLM you are literally a fucking idiot.

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Where do I have to hodl to get free lumies?

Im all in XLM, but inflation is paid only based on how much XLM you own

pic related, is how much I get on average a week


there's nothing more, it's that simple.

own XLM, earn transaction fees every week

that's called intrinsic value


CNBC Pushes Stellar as possible best coin of 2018

>Who is Stellar?

Stellar.org operates as a non-stock nonprofit organization. Our mission is to connect people to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and maximize individual potential. To that end, we don’t charge people or institutions for use of the Stellar network. Stellar.org covers operational costs in several ways: 5% of the initial lumens are set aside for operational costs, Stellar.org accepts tax-deductible donations from the public.

A transaction on the network consists of one or more operations. Payments, offers, and fees are all examples of operations that could make up a single transaction. Depending on hardware and network configurations, a conservative estimate of Stellar’s processing rate is 1000 operations per second.

There’s a nominal fee, referred to as a base fee, associated with each operation in a transaction. The base fee functions as a deterrent: Though nominal, it discourages users with malicious intentions from flooding the network with transactions (otherwise known as a DoS attack). The base fee is currently set to .00001 XLM—a fraction of a fraction of a penny. The sender of the transaction incurs the fee. No one profits from the base fee. The ledger collects the fees and redistributes them in the process of inflation.

Stellar has also partnered with IBM, a supporter of companies all over the globe.

id wait until the hype wears off tho, right now it and ripple are both crazy overvalued and will end up being hit the hardest over the next bear market.

you can hold it in any wallet that lets you set the inflation destination

works on the ledger nano as well

you are going to make it

Nice I never knew. how much % do we get a week?


how the fuck do you sign up for this shit

My wallet is binance, how fucked am I

dont let your emotions/bags overwhelm common sense

Tried to explain it yesterday, zero replies. These fags don't deserve to know.

Wait a second, how many XLM are you holding?

I have it all on binance. Those fuckers dont pay off the inflation? Fuckers!

it's 1% per year plus the number of XLM used during that week for transaction fees


.0002 roughly


Binance is not a wallet you idiot. You don't own your coins.

my xlm is on bittrex. how do i get the free lumies???

you are not going to make it

move to an offline wallet and set an inflation destination

Oh there you go, makes sense. Jelly.

Alright, I'm done playing day trader. I have bought high and sold low. I have literally seen 7% spikes in price immediately after selling XLM and then bought it back. I have lost money.

I'm getting my Lumens into a desktop wallet tomorrow. I backed up the key on a personal server and wrote it down. The inflation destination is already set for the public pool. I am holding until FairX is released.

How many fucking people keep coins on exchanges here, what the fuck.

Good job. Day trading is a meme.

I own 50 different coins and don't want to download 50 shitty wallets that will download a 1000GB blockchain each.

i followed the guide to set up inflation destination but i have not recieved anything, god damn it

Should probably start thinking about narrowing down your choices and put them on your own hardware wallet, so that you actually own them.

Happens every Monday, not instantly whenever you sign up for it.

So if you owned 1000XLM you would make about 0.2 a week, or 10 a year? So we're talking about a 1%/yr gain?

I think the diversification outweighs the exchange risk.

Well, bought 2k lumies at .20, I kept em on binance and 3x'd my stack to 6k during the dips last week. Poorfag just screwing around with my $500 investment which is now 4.2k, so not bad. Don't even have a wallet yet.

Yes 1% of your holding a year is earned free

sorry it is working actually, nevermind

the guide to set it up for the steallar online wallet is here


Kinda, I made 1k in 2 days doing it with 5k.

Good job. I think it's time to invest 60 bucks and get a Ledger.

I wonder if they're doing this to get a lot of people to put their xlm in cold storage and keep the prices steady?

thanks a ton user!

25.3 free lumens per week crew checking in

2 days might be due to pure luck. Trade enough and you'll get raped by the bots in the long run.

>Be poorfag
>Go to transfer off exchange
>fee is like 10% of what I am transferring
>Keep on exchange
Too poor.

if this goes x10 from here you can just about neet on that shit

They're doing this to compensate for inflation, which is fixed at 1% per year.

1% per plus transaction fees collected over the network

Cold storage isn't a big thing with Stellar. You can use their desktop wallet. Takes 5 seconds to move lumens from cold storage to an exchange

This. It's incredibly fast.


It's fucking insane how fast the XLM network is. I just sent some from my desktop wallet to my ledger and by the time I clicked over and hit refresh on the account viewer it was already there. Literally less than 2 seconds.

Yeah it's crazy. I can't believe my eyes when I go read corecucks posts on Leddit and it's normal for them to wait days or weeks for their TXs to go through.

Just buy some walton for fucks