Finally Doing Crypto

that's it guys today is the day.
I'm finally gonna cave into all the memes and do crypto.
I'm want to start off with 100$ (USD) and dump it all on ETH. Should I do this or do 75$ ETH and 25$ into whatver other shit?
Gonna get started on making a Coinbase today and Blockfolio..
how do I get closer to making it?

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Jesus Christ where have you been

>unironically thinking I haven't wasted my youth on this forsaken site

lost, but I finally want to get started, better late than never

Who the fuck cares what you do with 100$?

newfag here as well, tell me bad crypto tips as well so I lose money, thanks

just wanna move out :( halp

user needs to fuck off as if we give a shit about his peanuts

I'm just trying to get started faggots
if you guys stopped being jews about how you made your shekels maybe I wouldn't be asking such things..

so is 100$ all in ETH best then?

Yeah, if you wanna make $10 after a couple months you fucking retard

Go all in on a shitcoin with sub $20mil marketcap and hope it x10, then you might turn your measly $100 into a still shitty $1k, then you just need to catch a couple more 2-3x coins and you should be able to play a bit more

take your $100, go allin on some shitcoin, and don't you fucking dare shill it here you probable pajeet

what's a good starting range then for ETH?
don't have the money to go hire sadly
>tfw poorfag
I was just saying ETH because I read on here it was a safe coin to invest in
but for 100$ you're saying just gamble on some whatever shitcoin?

>wanting something safe
now I know you're a god damn street-shitter

From a poorfag himself



Dude fucking lurk more and then ask these questions. If you want to make chump change get your dumb Jewbase account and put it in any of those shit exchanges.
If you want to be risky but make actual gains put it all into an alt coin.

READ UP on this shit and on various approaches. I don't usually get upset at newfags but just observe what people do around here and learn gradually. Also if you're poor to the point where you cant afford to lose all of that 100 bucks, then get out. Crypto is dangerous, especially when you're first starting out..

look faggot, crypto isn't about putting in 100 bucks and getting 150 bucks in 6 months. you need at least 300 bucks to play. put it in a shitcoin with a low market cap and a good team and a lot of hype on plebbit/biz/twitter and try and get 1-3K out of it. then do the exact same fucking thing until you are at 10K. that's when shit gets interesting but you have a month before you get there and likely 3 months since you don't seem to have a fucking clue. lurk EVERY DAY on this site until you get a feel for how to sift through hundreds of shills and actually find 3-4 good coins getting shilled

you will not make it the first several times user, but you will learn quickly and harshly from the mistakes

$100? GEt a job, christ.

thanks my dude..
yeah I can do 300$, just that I've been lurking here the past week and always see conflicting advice. some say just go into ETH and hold others say go into shitcoin and see if it goes up

so that's why I'm a bit on the fence of either 2. but I can do 300.

U fag $100.....i wont even make a trade for less than $15K .....

>no idea what he's doing

Nice OP if you're lucky you'll make a whopping 20$ over the next 3 months

going into ETH with a couple hundred bucks will only ever get you 1K or so this year. dream a lot bigger. you want to find the next eth that will skyrocket 100x.

try to make 25 thousand dollars before june. that's conservative in this world assuming the market stays bullish. you just have to turn that 300 bucks into at least 1-2K, then turn that 2K into 10K. you do that by going all in on a single promising coin and then getting out after you've made 5-10 times what you put in. which means you have to find coins that aren't as established.

thanks user. I'll try and do a smart gamble with my 300. I have some shitcoins I got in mind
also, should I get a wallet like KeepKey or not yet?

I just put an extra $150 in Eth, shill me on something to buy on binance

Great time to start, enjoy getting JUSTed by the current bear market you fucking retard

how am i going to get justed retard?

Yeah, I guess he should just buy ATH instead right? ""Bear market"", yeah wait a week or two.

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@


I thought I was late when I jumped on the train back in July and bought bitcoin at 2,700 USD.

So yeah, it’s never too late (unless “the bubble” pops).

Put those 100 bucks in COSS. Guaranteed 10x by March.

PFR or UFR right now. All in and wait for a x3 in return. I was able to flip 50 into 1100 (down to 800 now because of the slow week). When you start with

FUN will 5x by Feb

All on neo. Thank me tomorrow

it's too late for eth. go all in on sumokoin or other high quality low marketcap coins. you need to start multiplying fast OP, else you'll go nowhere with your 100$.

Get into Sumokoin for a couple months to do the x3, then pick up the next most promising low marketcap coins.