Kek Roger is mad

Kek Roger is mad

just looks like a teenage girl tweeting lmao

Bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash bcash

god dammit this is such stupid optics from him

also, bcash isn't even a bad name

does it really bother him? or does he do it for fun?
he's a billionaire, he knows what the streisand effect is.

Cachies get so triggered by people saying bcash because without bitcoin in the name bcash is literally just another forked shitcoin, one of thousands of dead 0/1 sat coins.


hahaha, fucking bcash babies should have thought about that before trying to steal bitcoin's name.

cant wait for people to start putting copyright claims against and towards twitter for misusing the name

>typical bcash beta needs salesmen to look up to to make decisions for them

why are cashies so triggered all the time?

This is why bcash will always be garbage. It's surrounded by such scum people.

It's a shame Finney isn't around anymore to protect his name and coin from these vermin

Why does everyone hate Bitcoin Cash? It's just another dumb fork.

it's a loud and obnoxious fork



>Make advertising for bcash, but call it "bitcoin" instead
>Y everybody buying bitcoin instead of bcash!?!?

GG Roger.

pick one

Copyright claims on open-source technology. Lol. Listen here you communist soyboy, either compete on the market or shut the fuck up. Don't threaten your betters with prison time just because they have built a far superior product.

Bitcoin Cash is a "Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System". Bitcoin Cash is also a "chain of digital signatures". That is how Bitcoin is defined in the whitepaper. Bitcoin Segwit is neither electronic cash or a chain of digital signatures. Therefore Cash is Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash.

Ignorant arrogance and Dunning-krugereffect is a thing too. I've lost track of the number of people I've seen defending a position out of egotism long ago. I am right because muh bankroll is not convincing. I'm not very knowledgable about the coin but I'm not taking cues from him.

and bitcoin is trash. Btrash.

blegacy has nothing without bitcoin's brand. At least bcash works and has an interesting future.

Yeah this, why are they so autistic about it when the name is even bad.

>no future is interesting future

kek this tweet would be the greatest thing ever.


>Roger ver took the @bitcoin twitter handle
And people still say he's not a genius

It wasn't him, just another oldie in this space who left for awhile and came back to this disgusting world where a coin with high fees and corporate centralization (Blockstream) is calling itself Bitcoin. That's who most of the Cash people are, early adopters.

this. roger is a scammer in my books dude. that coinbase shit was rotten as fuck. get people to bid the price up to 9k and then take it offline so the rest of the market bids it up to 7k+. I just wonder how many bags roger dropped at 7k lmfao. prolly like 500 million usd worth or more.

Does Roger call the shots at Coinbase?

*stomps feet*
*Stomps feet*

Bitcoin is the real bitcoin cash


Bcash holders mad as fuck lmao