This is mooning hard as fuck the past few days in a terrible market. Should I dump before the announcement in a few hours or will it be good?

I know coins tank after announcements 99.99% of the time but just once can't I hold into an announcement and get rich...please just this one time...

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It's confirmed to be at a hotel with 900 attendees, not a pajeet announcement

What’s the announcement?

Is EOS sponsoring the event themselves though? I thought they were making it during a blockchain tech conference or something in Korea. If they are doing this all on their own though than yeah I guess this will be huge.

It is all themselves - the Seoul EOS meet up group will also be there

Partnerships. Not sure who it will be

I hope this moons I need a fucking mission I just saw Walton hit 30$. I went all in on it at a dollar for about 30k waltons and panic sold at 50 cents.

dpos... zzzz

because its fast?

bombs drop in 4 hours

Who here /staying up late/??

i fucking also sold at .50 cents im so fucking pissed


too late for me i wish

i just know i'm gonna wake up dumped on i just fucking know it

ecause its centralized and therefore cant compete against true decentralized networks that use better pow algorithms or normal proof of stake.

What was the announcement?

Seriously this went up 50% and a single thread on biz with no info?

What is the EXACT TIME of the announcement??

click on youtube link youtube.com/watch?v=zE_QRexLeco

countdown updates

>in a terrible market

dump after news they all tank.

Bought on Monday for $9.6

Not selling.. will sleep comfy

sell half dip shit

they're not supposed to sustain that much fucking hype people,. sell the fucking high and buy low