Do you invest based on technical analysis or events/news?

Do you invest based on technical analysis or events/news?

which is the superior investment strategy in crypto?

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neither you fuckwit

neither is superior. use everything you can.

spinning a wheel always wins

Rumors and hype generally drive price more than anything

then what

don't tell me you invest based on the tech

If I'm swing trading or riding a pump I use a combo of news/TA/fundamentals. If I'm investing for long term hold I go exclusively off fundamentals and shilling potential.

I invest in what Veeky Forums tells me to. Duh.

I use the shotgun approach. I invest in a lot of stuff that looks good to me. So my investments are scattered around.

100% technical analysis, 0% fundamental analysis

by the way I invest solely on my own very limited technical analysis and panic sell if something does worse than I predict

i'm up 500% in a month

because of the logo it has i mean if it has nice colors it is a buy/buy

I just funpost on Veeky Forums and then listen to my gut.

Business model.

Whatever the normies buy


You don't need technical analysis, just buy cryptos with cool names and logos.

It always works.

This unironically. I'm up 250k already.

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events/news aka tron

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TA + FA all the way!

you're stupid not to use both!

Gut feeling + very rudimentary so glad ie if it’s pumped I won’t buy, only a dip or deep red

i invest based on how cool the name is and how dope the logo looks

>100% technical analysis, 0% fundamental analysis


ive invested soley on Veeky Forums rec and ive gone from$300 to $2000. looking for a p&d coin to make it 200k

Mix of reading whitepapers and investing in tech and pure gambling because I like the logo or name like said. Overall the gambling has paid off way more than any research

FA for choosing what to buy.
TA for choosing when to buy.

I buy on cool fucking icons and logos and shit.

I do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says

I just immediately buy whatever new low marketcap coin gets shilled on biz and reddit simulaneously, then exit with 30%-50% profit.

I made 50k on bnty dbc ufr and kcs in two weeks. Granted kcs seems to be actually legit, but I had to stick to my strat.

Never looked at a whitepaper or chart. Started jan 1 with 5k worth of eth initial investment.

I will keep riding pnds and exiting early, and I have no intention of ever learning a thing about crypto.

I was going to do hsb also but couldnt get registered on this shit exchange it was on. Watch it dump 1 day from now.

Curious what is next. Colx scam is done. Will just wait and lurk and see.

Fucking getting rich from Veeky Forums and reddit what a joke.

>which is the superior investment strategy in crypto?
1. buy mincoin
2. wait

Whatever larp and memes look the best

If flashy website i buy 100K

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@

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