Is it dead?

so is bitcoin now a shitcoin or is it just after the normie hype?

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its been a shitcoin for years

edit: is it settling after the normie hype

it's nearing the end of a normal consolidation phase that was prolonged by fake news over Korea.

three more days.

Normies have come and gone, with very little impact to btc, most mover on to alts with better gains. There are no more big gains to be had in this coin.

It will never go 20k+ with the current pool of ctypto buyers. If you bought long ago, great! But for everyone else it's not really a great investment compared to other alts.

Wait so let me get this str8, you think that BTC will never go past 20?

Correct, screen cap this.

It's over.

During all 2017 Bitcoin was artificially pumped until normies invasion.

smart money already cash out, now to not make it too obvious it's slowly going down bouncing up and down, it can't go to $5k-$7k in one day.

It won't go over 20k again at least for the next 2 years.

okay I will. I'll see you in february. don't puss out, you'd better be here. I want you to re-read what you said when we are pushing 40k.

Pushing 40k on what fundamentals? The cultists on r/bitcoin are pretty much the only thing keeping this alive at the moment.

The same fundamentals that brought us this far.
Store of value supported by capped supply and proof-of-work network that progressively grows to handle increasing difficulty. Simple and effective.

At this point if bitcoin dies, all of crypto goes with it. so no it's not dead, not even close.

something about the coin actually has to change for anything to happen. And the solution has to be better than what other coins have to offer for it to get hype.

In terms of percentage gains, the more expensive a coin gets the lower your potential profits anyway. So Bitcoin is dead weight for anything other than dumb asses with no concept of how this shit actually works. BTC is fucking dead. Its been dead for a long time.


Except this is the first time in history BTC has reached such critical mass that it doesn't work anymore for the common person. Due to the cultish mentality of the team, it is not cheap or fast or decentralized anymore. It's changed.

Its dead in terms of gains. If a coin lives by gains then it dies from lack of gains. Bitcoin is fucking dead.

reddit and Veeky Forums are bored of it, but normies are hyped about it now. cnbc talks about it all the time

Bitcoin's fundamentals are digital cash. Store of value meme is really "shit doesn't fucking work".

normies are poor and cannot affect the market so much

but when big money decides it is time to pump the king you are gonna shit your pants

it's the gateway drug to the casino, there's more price action in the shitcoins, but also way more risk

None of that matters.
What are the fundementals of gold? Diamonds? Are they fast or cheap to move? Are they decentralized? Do you believe in "team" or entities that control the supply? Do they work for the "common person?"

Try and go on r/bitcoin's "new", you'll see the sheer amount of normies disappointed by its fees and slow as fuck TX times. Not to mention thei TXs getting stuck forever. They won't touch it again.

No, but gold was never intended as fast, cheap to move or decentralized. It is what it's supposed to be. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is not. Big difference.

It'll all be over soon user don't you worry.

Im not sure it can pump with so much confusion about scaling...

the dev's will eventually fix it and it will 10x

Bullshit, WE THOUGHT there was more risk last year. In reality the main alt coins have proven to be safer and better investments. Every major alt coin outperformed BTC. ALL OF THEM.

Not one of them randomly. ALL OF THEM. As in Bitcoin earned less than MOST top 100 ALT COINS. By a lot.

The only risky coin was Bitcoin. Hindsight is 20/20
Don't make the same mistake in 2018.

Gold does not "intend" to be anything. It simply is. It is humans who assign value to it. Not because it's "supposed" to be anything, but because of our own internal logic and psychology.

Satoshi may have had certain intentions when he designed Bitcoin, just as the founding fathers of many nations and companies had certain intentions when they created the United States, or Rome. But over time, the nature of the beast changes as it outlives its authors. Bitcoin is a substance, just like gold and diamonds. A digital substance. It is people who decide what a substance is worth, and not always for reasons that seem rational. But a keen mind will perceive what truly motivates people: rarity is an example of just such a quality. Realistically, it adds no function or utility to the substance that possesses it. Yet it is a feature of nearly all substances that are perceived as stores of value.

I hope they do, but honestly it looks like someone has big interests in keeping the fees the way they are.

Just as many people lost money in that volatility as won, probably more.

These BTC supporters are even more delusional than the normies with TRON this is painful to read

As soon as it becomes easier to buy altcoins without using bitcoin it will crash hard. That's like half the demand for this shitty old coin.

eventually they will realize that the gains from fixing bitcoin outweigh the gains from tx fees

I agree with all you said, but it's all irrelevant to what I stated. I'm saying that when people think of Bitcoin, they have certain expectations: fast, cheap, decentralized digital cash.
Instead, what they actually get is a very slow, very expensive, centralized digital gold.
The difference between expectation and reality is what turns people off. And by the way, this "Bitcoin is not SUPPOSED to be loke cash anymore" only came out as a cope for its problems.
I'm trying to help you see reality here, as an ex Bitcoiner who used to be completely brainwashed and unable to see problems that were right in front of me.

Zero of them lost money if they held Doge, Dash, ETH, LTC, XRP and pretty much any coin in the top 20 CMC right now that existed through the entirety of 2017.

Zero of them. And they made more than double sometimes as much as half a million for the same investment. Not one of the major coins died or lost value. If you bought January first 2017 Bitcoin was the worst investment hands down.

no will grow with crypto as a whole

And by the way I'm not saying Bitcoin is necessarily dead yet. Just that it's at a critical point and people involved in it refuse to see it.

Speaking of everyone's favorite dinosaur coin:
Next BTC difficulty adjustment is in an hour and a half.
It's going up another 15%.
Get ready for even worse fees and tx times.

I thought all that drama and FUD last year was based on changes to BTC which would decrease fees and delays, but here I am in 2018 using LTC for everything. I expect it will drop in volume and price until the fees and tx times are in line with other crypto.

the normies are the ones pumping everything else. the late adopters who missed out on bitcoin are the ones trying to convince everyone it's dead.

so what are you, an early adopter now rich thanks to bitcoin/ethereum, or a late adopter normie trying to catch pumps created by those of us early adopters?

soon BTC will eclipse us all alts. moon? no, BTC will be the sun.

Lots of people don't hold my dude, that's why they're called weak hands. Couple that with terrible entries and its not uncommon for someone to lose 40-80% on a very bad trade in this market. There's threads on Veeky Forums about it right now.

>I'm saying that when people think of Bitcoin, they have certain expectations: fast, cheap, decentralized digital cash.

Maybe a long time ago.
Do people really think this now? Who?

>"Bitcoin is not SUPPOSED to be loke cash anymore" only came out as a cope for its problems.
I prefer to think of it another way. The attitude towards it has changed because people still appreciate it for what it does well, they have just moved on to other assets to fill needs that bitcoin can't satisfy.
Bitcoin doesn't pay dividends and isn't fast or cheap to transfer which makes it a poor currency and investment vehicle.
It is, however, an amazing store of value and speculation vehicle, absolutely the best in history, and still hasn't topped out yet.

It'll go up once exchanges sort out registrations and let in a flood of new normies to bleed for fiat.

Jesus christ bros I'm new to this shit my transaction fee was 0.00120000 bitcoin thats like $20 what the hell

I thought this shit was supposed to be fast and cheap?

bubble gonna burst get out now, sell your BTC to XAU

I agree, it's a good store of value because of its security; but then again, its price per unit might keep decreasing over time due to its current problems not being addressed.
Then your store of value turns into a depreciating asset.

>Lots of people don't hold my dude

The fact you dont realize this is a shit argument is awesome to me. So your argument is that bitcoin was better to hold and never trade because trading is hard. In the context that holding and never trading alts is more risky.


Coinbase sends each BTC transaction separately instead of batching them. Even a 1 minute delay to batch transactions together would drastically reduce their network usage without having a noticeable effect. Because of all the normalfags using Coinbase to buy BTC, it now accounts for over half the network's traffic, resulting in drastically increased fees due to Coinbase taking up so much space and overpaying for transactions.
Of course, what does Coinbase gain from this? It is affiliated with BCH, who in turn are affiliated with a large mining group who benefit from Coinbase jacking up the fees. By buying ETH/BCH for a low price, weakening Bitcoin, and then having them flip BTC, Coinbase can also make an immense amount of profit.

Most people's risk tolerance can hardly stand Bitcoin and its the least volatile. That's what I'm saying or ETH. Most shitcoins swing far too hard for most people to want to hold through. People have weak hands on BTC and ETH ffs. So idk why you think people aren't selling losses in this market.

Then your coin sucks and is not a store of value.
Simple as that. Acting like giant babies crying and whining that the world is super unfair and that people are being big meanies and taking down muh shitcoin because its so vulnerable to attacks! WAAAAAAHHHH!

Your coin sucks bro
Upgrade to literally anything else.

I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
Take a look@

No. You've been saying this for years. It's going to keep mooning

I fucking screencapped your dumbass

You probably have ADHD and no patience. Just fucking hold.

>Most people's risk tolerance can hardly stand Bitcoin and its the least volatile.

Sure, I held my BTC over most of 2017 because I too was a moron just like you. But the difference between me and you is that I am looking back and going "Hey that was dumb, lets see how I can improve my situation in 2018"

Its called learning from past events. Your argument is that you think its a good idea to continue to be a complete money hating idiot now that we know they situation has presented itself to be clear that BTC is inferior to alts.

Adapt you fucking idiots ADAPT!! Why wont you fucking learn!!!

fuck it, I can unironically call anyone holding BTC a poor fag right now. My gains have been so much better that its laughable to hold BTC at this point.

>he thinks I'm holding Blockstream Core

That doesn't matter. I'm not talking about you or me, I'm talking about the market, dingus. I never at any point said anything about what you're doing in your folio.

A lot of people can't afford Bitcoin and try to come up with reasons it sucks so they can play with shitcoins. They get mad when their shitcoins gets dumped because of BTC movement and it increases their anger. They simply don't understand the market and are newbies. You also have stupid people who cashed out around 7k and trying to FUD the shit out of it because they're retarded.

I fucking hope it goes down to 5k just so I can keep buying it up

Bitcoin will be everywhere one day. Fuck it's still used all over Tor as well. 48% of Bitcoin transactions happen on Tor. As long as drugs are illegal and people need illegal guns Bitcoin is going fucking nowhere. It's going to keep it'll hit 30k this year easy.

oh wait you have BCH?

carry on then. I am talking about the Segwit shitcoin. BCH might do something eventually.

It's nowhere near over. It's still getting started

Segwit coin is dead.

BCH can be argued to be "just getting started" though.

Segwit coin is fucking dead though.

btc is legal currency in japan
btc currently has largest adoption
btc will continue to have large adoption
lightning network isnt a meme even if it is its still the gold standard

since the summer people have been saying btc is dead but its in a bear cycle rn and alts are in a bull cycle, it was the reverse couple months ago and in the summer it was like how it is now, the cycle will continue

btc bull run soon

Will someone buy my BCH for $9500

Have you ever used it? BTC is trash. Litecoin is infinitely better and it's still trash.

Don't you think they would have done that by now. You'll always need BTC or ETH to buy shitcoins

pump it

The Lightning Network becoming usable can give BTC one more big pump.

35k spike Feb14 - Green Valentine

>The Lightning Network becoming usable

I highly doubt it. So far, they've only did a one transaction test. That's fucking nothing. That also have no timetable for release.

Inb4 it's not a product. It's a fucking product when you have to pay money for it and a for-profit company maintains it.

There's a whole Testnet of shit happening with the lightning network, and the main net nodes are starting to grow even though its a pre release product. If it's implemented successfully BTC will absolutely crush 98% of alts and surge to 30 - 40k no worries as more and more organizations begin to adopt it with near instant transactions and minimal fees

yes shitcoin dont buy get something else like eth or cheaper coin like vtc verge or iox

I have ETH transaction pending for almost 9 hours already. Your argument is weak just like your hipster shitcoin, ETH fag.

No you don't have an ETH transaction pending for 9 hours. The current speed for an average ethereum transaction is well under five fucking minutes. Even if you deliberately set a very low gas price (6 fucking gwei), you'd still be on the chain in under thirty minutes. Only 7% of all transactions sent are sent with less than 20 gwei.

I hate you and your lies.

lol shill harder hippie

Grandpa is waking up

testing another one with only two

and i just set one more with 0.1 gwei but it wasn't picked up yet

BTC fell from 90% dominance to 32%. I'm sorry you blockstream/core shills, but your coin fucking sucks. It has all 100% media attention from its name, its history, and it's still shitting the bed.

I don't know what is worse, Blockstream killing the coin, or the few BTC users ignoring that it is dead and believing it has a future.

Grow up and buy BCH and ETH, you ignorant cunts.

It's *not* digital gold though. Want to see what digital gold should look like? Here; https:// wake up the next morning and you know your digital gold is going to be worth the price of actual gold, it's a proper store of value, not this fake cope masquerading as a selling point because BTC cannot get its shit together and has been sabotaged by blockstream. Every day now we hear bullshit about the arrival of lightning when the simple routing problem at the very core of how the protocol will work has not yet even actually been solved. It's like promising to power the world with nuclear fusion on research reactors that don't actually give a net return on energy invested but hey look a tokamak and a motherfucking plasma, normies amazed.
Anyone in this space who knows what the fuck they are doing should not be holding a significant amount of BTC long term period.

>BTC fell from 90% dominance to 32%
Mostly because of ETH and other shitcoins. I bet at the end of the day ETH miners turn their fees(which are pretty high) into BTC lol.

What in the actual fuck else do you suppose is going to eat market share if not the competition you fucking brainlet? Of course other coins took the share, that doesn't mitigate the core point that BTC is sabotaged and thus fucked, and you are being promised rainbow farting unicorns to fix it, and you are stupid enough to lap it up.

Like it or not, Bitcoin is the brand that brings the herd in. There would be no alt bullrun right now if Bitcoin hadn't bulled from 4k to 9k by thxgiving

>BTC is sabotaged

And why would anyone would sabotage it, what's their end game?

>what is monero

To sell side/off chain products. Or even more nefariously to cripple it long enough for bankers to get into position. After all a bunch of retards just gave their crypto away for free (XRP).

How about not losing the power that they've accrued and used to control the world over the past hundred or so years? I don't know, shit, maybe that's motivation enough? Who the fuck are AXA and why are they invested in Blockstream? Who the fuck is Henri De Castries and why is he intimately involved with both AXA and the Bildeberg group? Follow the fucking money son.

Flippening incoming, BTC will die a slow death. ETH to 20k in 5 years.

Pic related is the Corecucks who think BTC has a special magical property they can't explain which makes it "digital gold".

IME, I only hear retard normies mentioning BTC

>highest market cap by far

>" is it dead?"
>"is it a shitcoin?"

this. altcoins will get slayed like always and BTC will rise again. prolly still a couple weeks of shitcoins mooning before BTC goes to 40k.

It will wreck us all in a week or so I'm sure.

I hate the coin but you have to remember how much is behind BTC. It's not just some normies and hodlers, there is a HUGE industry behind making sure BTC stays up.

Goddamn fucking straight. I'm tired of being polite about this shit, every honest cryptocurrency that remains will and absolutely should feast on the corpse of BTC. BCH, ETH, ADA, SKY, ENG, XZC, XMR etc are all going to have an absolute field day when the great mass of people finally realise that BTC is nothing but a hollowed out shell, a victim of a wasp parasite injected into it long ago, shambling about only in the terminal phases of its death and sucking up the money of complete fucking idiots who don't know a proof of work algorithm from an ECDSA curve.

>Follow the fucking money son
Im confused. Are you in support of investing in bitcoin because of the implications of such companies having a stake? Or against it? Because if the point is to follow the money... Buy bitcoin. Friendly reminder that altcoins only have so much money in them because its the best way to shake btc out of 'traders'.

Would you have used Microsoft Linux if it were released when Microsoft was losing market share hand over fist to Linux distributions in the server space? Why would they release such a thing if not to sabotage the product and promote their own offerings as it obviously fails? Why do you suppose the sabotaged zombie BTC will be treated any differently from the party that has effectively co-opted it? They don't want the world on BTC, and they don't want cryptocurrency advocates gaining wealth or power, they are just manipulating idiots who can't see their transparent play into throwing away the actually valuable decentralised hard supply limited assets they do have in chasing this wreck of a shitcoin. Every time they see some clueless fuck who counts their portfolio in sats they probably piss themselves laughing.

Blockstream Core failed. They were suppose to get LN and all the sidechain products up and running before all this congestion hit. There might be others interested in Blockstream running Bitcoin to shill their products, but most people who do commerce do not want this at all and in the meantime BTC doesn't work at all.


>They don't want the world on BTC, and they don't want cryptocurrency advocates gaining wealth or power, they are just manipulating idiots who can't see their transparent play into throwing away the actually valuable decentralised hard supply limited assets they do have in chasing this wreck of a shitcoin
You are delusional. The true future of cryptocurrency isnt some ancap retard paradise, think darker.
Crypto is the perfect tool for control over a single global economy. Take over the space while its early and mold into their image.. Not to risk it heading in a direction they cant control.


That's like arguing that there would be no netflix without blockbuster. Sure it helped to popularize the video rental industry, but they could not keep up with the times. Eventually consumers had better options, and blockbuster died. We are literally witnessing that with bitcoin now.

This would be Microsoft windows re-branded as Microsoft Linux. I know the smart city totalitarian dictatorship play as well as the next conspiracy theorist, and it won't work, for the exact reason that BTC is already at 32% market dominance. People reject their control, they have rejected it since time began, their entire sorry career is an exercise in re-asserting that control only to have it thrown back in their face, time after time after time. And that's just what's happening here, already near 70% of the market has stopped believing in their bullshit, how long do you think it will take the rest of them to figure it out? Clock's ticking motherfucker, and surrender to totalitarian dictatorship is not an option to anyone with a functioning pair of balls.