There is no "final" bubble coming, it's not a ponzi or pyramid scheme and it's not a replacement for fiat or banks...

There is no "final" bubble coming, it's not a ponzi or pyramid scheme and it's not a replacement for fiat or banks. Crypto is meeting the demand for a global-24 hour financial market. It's the inevitable result of globalization. Eventually you will be able to trade anything and everything on it.

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Crypto will replace NYSE in 5 years.

Cool, just bought 100k!

I'm starting to agree, user. I think we've finally broken free of the curse. It feels as though Ethereum is no longer tied to Bitcoin...

There's now hundreds of millions of people getting addicted to the ability to participate in financial markets. This is not going away.

>he thinks the New World Order will directly benefit him

1 word, 9 letters, and it'll destroy everything you are hodling so dearly right now.


Better plan your exit strategy

how long we got?

Im meaning to look up more on the hashgraph data structure. Sounds like it will blow Blockchains out of the water

Unironically the only form of globalism I'm okay with

>it's not a replacement for fiat or banks.

thats where ur wrong

Hell yes! Crypto is here to stay!!!

You need to buy EGAS and hold it long term, it has huge potential. 13M Max supply and it costs pennies right now. Great concept and active twitter. mooncoin material.
Take a look@

Just bought 1 crypto, thanks!

buy omg

Makes sense to me. Crypto is easy and convenient to trade

doesn't actually work (and it's also patented, lol)

hashgraph doesn't actually solve the double spend problem... this is why IOTA needs to have a coordinator node running proprietary software. The network is fundamentally not secure, so it can't be decentralized.

Hashgraph is a joke amongst experts (i.e. people who can actually independently find flaws in crypto systems)

Crypto is a precursor to the mark of the beast, your moon missions are worthless unless you submit and take the chip accepting eternal damnation. Will it all be worth it Veeky Forums?

As long as I'm an early adopter

It’s always been said that when the time comes we would accept it with open arms.

They got us good those luminatis did

just going to point out that there's no point in sticking microchips in people when they already carry them around willingly (and buy a new one every two years)

>mark of the beast early adopter
>almost rolled 666

Damn user that woulda been post of the night

It’s called the nano-nano S ledger. and people will gladly accept it under their skin when they realize they can lock in the price of LINK at ATH when putting it under skin

>off by 2

But everything is a bubble/ponzi scheme.


Crypto Speculation
Social Security
Us Dollar
Western Civilization/White Supremacy
Physical Health and Attractiveness

the aayyys controlling the reptilians controlling the pedo jesuits controlling the jews controlling the masons controlling the banks controlling the politicians mean well user.

it's just the jews controlling the masons controlling the banks controlling the politicians that we need to take care of eventually.

Well it does say either right hand or forehead. Guess what’s directly pointed at peoples forehead.

And decentralized distributed ledgers in theory are unhackable. Mark of the beast should be similarly unhackable. Also you will want it. Tokenized world wills make us all rich as fuck. You want that don’t you /biz

as long as it moons 1000x so I can buy my LAMBO and some jordans. get me yo!

That's not even the biggest of the issue.

The big issue is that cryptocurrency is going to collapse due to the people that are in it.

Won't even need the direct approach from big firms, they'll just post the (sponsored) news, and the (normie) community will do the rest.

Hashgraph will in fact kill the crypto , but not in terms of tech. Moreso In terms of mental fud.

>Tfw Satan knows how to lock in your prices

Does Hell have an ICO

how long do we have senpai?

Also can’t buy or sell without it. Xrp can freeze you out. Some wallets will get marked as worthless if “dirty” coins come in and out of them. Blockchain isn’t as anonymous as everyone thinks it is. If they can bust pirate Roberts. They can trace blockchain.

>24/7 financial market
Who's gonna be the first crypto trader to drop dead from staying up 23 hours a day while on drugs

>he's not taking the opportunity to become the jews in the New New World Order

Remains to be seen. Next gen blockchains won't go down without a fight, and if they reach mass adoption before hashgraph alternatives can take the stage it will be an uphill battle

this fella beat ya to it

I'd say this is the last year for serious gains, we are now at a point where the crypto teams are battling it out to secure partnerships and work their way up the ladder to become government regulated protocols.

At the end of 2018 we will probably see a harsh thinning out where a top 20 will remain to be implemented economically and thereby given a use of case fiat value.

At the moment the entire market is hype and fud. similair to how after a big announcement or a mainnet launch a price reaches an ath, where shortly after it corrects down. Well , the entire crypto market is excactly that.

Exactly, then a new Intergalactic Imperium shall begin when the bankers and their chains have been incinerated. Then the next boom of technology and infinite frontier begins.

fml. literally arrived a year before it ends? fuck. I REALLY hope it doesn't and that you're wrong.

I agree with you on that, but then we better start cutting out all that is decentralized out of our portfolio, as i highly doubt that would ever be widely implemented by a government, economically.

this whole thread reminds me of the lunatic people who were writing crazy shit about bitcoin being the literal mark of the beast in the end of times...

but now that it put us in a position to profit from it i dont know what to think.


yeah , me too.

If you want to put your balls on the table for a : draw your sword and rest your freedom from me '' type of deal.

I suggest you read into Agoras token, Tauchain.
If Ohad pulls this off, and speculation has it that his TML is to be released this year.

You'll be laughing your life long to the bank.

accumulating OmiseGo