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as soon as we sell, user.. as soon as we sell


When it starts going up again

when did u buy at, user? 10k sats? I just bought some bags at 7.3k sats.

Bought at 4200 sat but expected it to be a real moon mission not some sideways shitcoin action

Sold my VEN at all time low when I heard about the delay and decided to pick this up. I already want to kill myself.

Although I guess its in a dip now so that gives it a little more growth potential, so with news getting closer and closer hopefully it will start rallying again,

Im about to drop 15 million bags soon.

Can you impatient faggots just calm your pussies down. End of January will be good for icx just hold and turn your fuckin phones off and go get somw sick because we know you're all homo fags

>tfw holding this and XLM

Literally "my portfolio does nothing for months" the coins LOL

But at least I'm still holding NEO and ETH so it's not all that bad.

>Sold my VEN at all time low when I heard about the delay and decided to pick this up. I already want to kill myself.
The biz way right? Sell low buy high

>south korea literally hinted they are considering a ban on crypto
>is confused why ICX isn't attracting investors
>being this retarded

What delay? They didnt mention a delay...rebranding will still start this month! The tweet was to tell everyone that theres gona be a massive event for the rebrand!!

i have 600 USD left to buy sum shit, i'm between going all in BAT or ICX please shill me properly.



Also it's not even on Korean exchanges yet and still pretty early, the fact that the price is holding up as it is rather than crashing to around $6 is a good sign.

The population of Korea is on the verge of ANARCHY over this, there is no way the government would ban it especially with an election this year.

guise...? This will go up right?

when is the fucking minaert coming, srsly

Just be patient you fucking mongoloid. Can you fucking people hold a coin for more than a couple minutes without screaming, "It's all ogre!" This is one of the best projects out there right now. You patience will be rewarded. It may be hard for you to accept, but hold till at least February 1 before jumping ship.

January 24th, then a summit on the 31st:

Holding a lot of ICX,, along with VEN and BNB. All are doing poorly after their recent pumps 2 days ago. But I dont want to sell low so just miss other moonshots.

Would have done better keeping Ether at this point

all have good futures tho m8

This. I'm holding 40k since $2.25. This is such an easy hold. If you are feeling doubtful there is a ton of great YouTube info. That bitesizebitcoin guy is very bullish for a reason

sold this shit and managed to got in the wtc moon mission, no regrets.. yet.

Exactly why I now want to kill myself.
Eh, I actually had sold my ICX to buy VEN in the first place and reversed the trade with a +15% increased stack of ICX so I still profited on the trades in that sense. But I definitely didn't handle the situation optimally lol.

I only got this to increase my ETH stack
mfw it's dropping in vitashis like crazy

Looking at half the retards here, I am sure I would have a lambo soon even though I started pretty late.

1) Who the fuck buys any coin at an ATH on the day it sees its biggest rally ? You deserve to lose your money you fucking neanderthals if you buy a coin when it is seeing its biggest rally or the day it is listed on a fucking exchange.

) People hate free money literally. Fucking Pajeets chasing a 10x moonshot every goddamn day. Have some patience you fools.

3) And for the record, ICX is still worth the 400$ you got to invest anyway. The mainnet launch is a couple of weeks away and it is not priced in yet. 2 weeks are like two fucking years in crypto because of moonshot chasing pajeets like yourselves.

This coin is fucking dead, only people saying good things about it are in denial because of their bags.

The korea news killed this coin instantly, it may recover but it will take a long time, you are better off just going to ether and coming back later.

>please sell off, i want to acquire at a lower price
I see through your Jewish tricks, Poo Bear.

No thanks, if i wanted some heavy bags i would go any other coin, ICX is the heaviest bags of all, guaranteed 1 month of no mooning.

Hope it drops even further so I can buy it cheap!

ICX is not some shitcoin that will "moon" within 24 hours.

I'm losing so much money in ICX. Looks like biz fucked me again

You forgot priced in meme :^)

This lost me like 50 ETH just holding... seriously. Rather just hold ETH at this point if it's going sideways for the next week or two and buy back in then.

Exactly the same situation for me /b/ro

If you trade in ETH pairs it's better to sell IMO anyone who only looks at fiat value is going to get fucked. I already made 10k in 5 minutes just trading this for ETH, at least then I can buy the dip.

>ETH goes at it again
how low are we dipping this time?

when i pick it up

Sure think, bucko. My bags are SOOO heavy: I've only made $10,000 from it in the last week.

All because of that fucking piece of shit sandnigger cumdump that decided to post some fake news for attention. The only attention that motherfucker deserves is a bullet right between her eyes. ICX almost 80k, now 68k, ENG almost 60k, now 48k. With the money I lost I could've hired the best killer in the world to serve her head in a splatter for my amusement.

I'm this guy even though my ID is probably different. Just wanted to update you faggots that I reversed the trade and actually PROFITED since ICX ended going up and VEN went back down. I only went from 8020 VEN to 8040 but I just wanted to close the trade and didn't feel like fucking around trying to squeeze %ages out of it.

Surprised nobody with crypto hasn't put a bounty on her head yet, the amount of salt from ICX holders and other holders of alts was amazing.

Seems to be stabilising at around 7200-7300 vitashi. Would love it to go above 7700 vitashi, I need some ETH back for a fucking car.