Wtf this shit keeps mooning

Wtf this shit keeps mooning
You told me Ethereum was stable
You told me to use eth pairs to trade
Everything is bleeding against eth

Exit all alts

I'm hoping for a correction back to 1100 or 1k. Shits getting out of hand. This is mooning too early in the year.

its only up 7%

how can you lose money on that, did you buy high again?


I'm 90% eth 10% neo now so not losing but it's frustrating that every single alt gets outperformed by Ethereum
Whales just went full retard

>he doesn't believe in the flippening

The "correction" was the last 2 days. This thing will only go up now.

>he didn't know you were suppose to trade alts to acquire more eth

it was stuck at 300$ for almost 3 months, and its still 0.5 away from its ATH eth/btc ratio of 1.5

ethereum has been severely undervalued for a long time, so this is the correction its been waiting for, an upwards going one

You told me btc was the future

>I'm hoping for a correction back to 1100

like the one that happened yesterday?

ETH will correct, and the correct value is $10000

Trade alt to obtain more alts.


didn't that happen yesterday?
I lost a good chunk of my stack on that btw because I though the correction was gonna be deeper and sold too low only to panic buy yesterday when trend reversed
kill me please

Coinbase is the main access point to cryptocurrencies for the general public, and any coins listed there are going to have inflated prices due to the presence of "normies" who want to invest in cryptocurrencies, but don't want to open multiple accounts, research coins for days, and go through several transactions just to buy one coin. Of the coins listed in Coinbase, etherium has the most varied use cases, has the best development team, has the clearest roadmap forward to deal with issues (notably transaction speed), and is overall the best option. It's going to keep going up as long as:
1) coinbase stays the main access point of the public to crypto,
2) it stays the best coin listed on coinbase,
3) crypto isn't banned en masse by the world's governments.

Then why is t litecoin @ 500$ then


I think mostly because its' creator recently cashed out in a very public way, this created a bad impression that's going to take a while to forget.

You told me Charlie lee was real satoshi

>listening to Veeky Forums


ETH is has the best fundamentals

Futures soon

Casper soon

Sharding eventually

Peter Thiel just gave Vitaly $100k to keep doing what he's doing (Thiel is a secret whale)

You're foolish to not hold mostly ETH.

Pretty much sold the rest of my alts to at least have 200 ETH (and I will slowly accumulate more each month), I can easily see it to 5k by the end of the year. I don't think any alts will outperform that. If you're a richfag you might as well be 99% in ETH at this point.