Upfiring /UFR/

The subject of some recent controversy on Veeky Forums UFR (Upfiring) is very near the end of it's correction phase and is expected to pump within the next few days.

Anyone with a general understanding of TA can see this to be true. Upfiring remains at an ultralow marketcap of 26M, and regardless of how you feel about the project, it's most likely a good investment to make as chances are it's going to 2x-3x relatively soon.

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will stick to my mincoins


solid gains to be had anons.



It's risky to swiing trade UFR , I am hodling UFR !Already in gains , can't wait for more !

>being this desperate


Unironically this.

It's forming a triangle, coming from a downtrend.

Extremely bearish.

Bag hold and lose your money or gamble like at the casino instead of trading.

Fuck your shitcoin, fuck you and your pajeet discord

I can't wait till your "ingenious leader" dumps on you, fucking lemings

bruh, you have no idea what you are talking about

a bull pennant is forming and you see it "coming from a downtrend" even tho it 3x'd coming into the triangle

FUD harder man, not a single knowledgeable person buys your shitty troll for a second

already dumped those heavy ass bags. too much shilling on both sides. prove you are not a discord pajeet

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

you guys are retarded. i'm in their shitty discord, i told you guys as often as i could that it was a shitcoin and what their plan was.

I'm currently hodl UFR, hopefully you're right for the pump.

Jesus fucking Christ. Your discord hierarchy is dumping/going to dump on you retards who bought in high. It's the same story every time. Get the fuck out before its too late, this is a sinking ship

Next week I'm gonna be laughing at you.

>muh discord
I love this meme. Is discord also responsible when bitcoin goes down?

everyone knows about the fucking discord group at this point you fucking faggots stop shilling your shitcoin

Who gives a fuck about the UPF discord group. It is like 100 people. Crypto marketing shill groups are everywhere. Do your own research or don't faggot. Is the tech good? Yes.

>b-but muh discord muh pajeet

>Is the tech good? Yes.
Its not bad, but the coin is overvalued now with the discord pumps and shilling. And you know damn well that discord group is far bigger than 100, enough to weaponize their collective autism and shill.the fuck out of UFR. Do yourself a favor and bail before you lose even more

>And you know damn well that discord group is far bigger than 100
Which discord channel? I've asked that question a couple times and never got a response. I know a couple 1000+ pnd groups and none of them are shilling for it right now. They only shill for super small coins.

He is Calling the Phase where the scam was obvious CORRECTION PHASE. Made my day.

Yes user. We control all the coins.

How stupid are you? Descending wedge means failure.

Coming from a downtrend??.

Haha man do you even have eyes? It's coming from an uptrend. It pulled a 10x, so of course it's going to correct and consolidate.

And it's not gambling because the fundamentals are there:
- Tiny as fuck marketcap
- Tiny as fuck supply
- Only on small exchanges currently when it is added to a big exchange soon price will skyrocket
- This project is extremely unique and has so much potential, if it reaches the market cap of a similar project such as siacoin it will 80x!
- The project has an active development team who knows what the fuck they're doing

>11 shill points have been added to your account

gonna be extra comfy when we reach 100M market cap

these retards FUDing literally have no idea what they’re talking about. any semi-intelligent Veeky Forumsnessman can easily see the potential this coin holds. it’s low market cap and roadmap for 2018 alone speak for itself. you decide if you want to get rich or not

I'm ready to moon next week

Holding some of these, gets shilled a lot, but still has a tiny mcap.

See the potential when this hits a bigger exchange.

It's literally a no brainer at this current price, sell me your bags