Ways you made money as a kid

>Ways you made money as a kid

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stole 20 dollars from my church
i'm goin to hell

i stole 100$ from the temple(jewish)

I told my neighbor how to jack off his dog

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
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>coat toothpicks with cinnamon
>sell them as cinnasticks.

your people call that taking initiative

I'm going to hell
>BADU4JAY what did keg mean by this?

kek, literaly woke my brother up laughing out loud.
if i had 100k $ i would of given you 1k

Take valuables out of peoples backpacks and sell them on Craigslist at school
Steal money
Raid the local donation box/shed thing and steal shit to resell
Stealing shit from Walmart and Best Buy
Conning people on Craigslist

Yeah a lot of stealing

Beatgin fags like OP for their school money

I have just the religion for you BROTHER

>be about 10 years old
>go around the local square playing "music"
>I have some weird string instrument while my brother of 7 is playing his little djembé
>go around with a cup to collect money from people sitting in the café's

i cringe every time i think about it again

In elementary school we used to pick flowers and make little bouquets out of them.

Then we just showed up at random houses, rang the bell and asked people if they want to buy these hand-made flower bouquets.

Since we were cute little kids, everybody thought it was adorable and gave us money which we then immediately invested in candy.

I went door to door selling knee pads.

Are you by chance one of the darker skinned people?


>get scammed on a guitar amp on craigslist
>only works on a few settings
>take it to the pawnshop
>give them the same schtick the guy gave me
>sell it at a profit

all went well

little did you know you were merely one link in the chain of a thousand amp trades

I see you were cute then and you're still cute now!

On a schoolcamp in 4th grade me and my aspie friend went crazy on the superball vending machine. 2 DKK per ball and I probably spent around 150 DKK total.
When I realized how stupid I had been I started selling the least cool ones to the other kids for 3-5 DKK per ball and made a little profit.

In 7th grade I went to footbal camp and on the way home I bought Pepsi Twist in the border shop which is not being sold where I live. Paid less than 2 DKK per can and sold them in class for 10 DKK - 11 DKK if they didn't have the money before next day

I lived in New Zealand in the late 90's, before they adopted the plastic money Australia already had at that point, my friends and I printed a few $20 notes off using a bubble jet printer on a specific type of paper that we then repeatedly crumpled and folded to give it a more realistic texture and look, and then used these a couple of times. Feel bad now for the few store owners we used them on. We'd planned to use them at this big concert thing (they'd have this concert at the domain where the war memorial museum was every year for christmas) because they would have huge lines and it would be dark at the time - thankfully we didn't do this because it turned out later one of those maori gangs was running a lot of the stores.

I had tried to get into selling CD-R copies of popular albums, with the printed cover art and everything (CD's would cost $30 or so at the time and that was a lot of money), but the friend who'd agreed to be part of it lost interest at some point and I didn't have the social circle he did.

Didn’t need money. Magically got whatever I wanted directly cuz law of attraction master.

We used slugs as kids to scam the soda machines. Tried it in a video game and it jammed the thing up lol. My brother actually used one with a string in it to retrieve it.

Had a juice stand with my best homie who lived next door to me growing up, it was great